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Tips & Secrets 34 – February 2010

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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

A useful article about Tips & Secrets 34 – February 2010.

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Some Remedies for Elderly Dogs

Arnica 200x – One dose weekly, if simply everything is slowing down, if he is displaying circulatory problems in that, now and again, he will suddenly fall over.

Laurocerasus 2x-4x , 3 times/day –  The dog plagued by troublesome cough as a result of chronic cardiac damage. Deep red to blue discoloration of lips and tongue (cyanosis).

Crategus Tincture – 5-10 drops,  3 times a day – Dogs with breathing difficulties associated with even slight movement, dry cough and general lassitude. The old dog with heart problems.

Homoeopathic Medicine for Dogs – H.G.Wolff  – MVSC

Apocynum Cannabinum

Dropsy alternating with diarrhea is a great keynote of Apocynum.  Dropsy following hemorrhage.  Prostrated, chilly, anemic, great thirst with scanty urine and dry skin. The first sign the remedy is working is increased flow of urine, after having been scanty.  It is worse from cold (opposite apis).

Graphic Pictures of Selected Remedies – J.N. Shinghal


Translation Needed!

Patients must not be expected to describe their sensations in the bald language of the repertory. A patient will more likely say, “The pain is worse when my hat is on,” than he will say  “The pain is aggravated by pressure”.

The Prescriber – John H. Clark M.D.  –  Thanks to R.C. Thompson – UK

Phytolacca and the Moon

I have removed a great many suspicious lumps or tumors in the breasts, some of years’ standing, by giving a dose of Phytolacca c.m. once a month during the wane of the moon. What has the moon got to do with it?  That some diseases have their aggravations in certain times of the moon I know, and certain remedies act better then.

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics  – Dr. E.B. Nash

Two Kreosotum Cures from M.L Tyler

Never forget Kreosotum in cholera infantum, whch seems to arise from painful dentition or in connection with it. I have seen some of the finest effects ever witnessed from any remedy, from this one.

An old woman dying of bronchitis – breath and sputum so fearful smelling it was almost impossible to go near her bed.  Two to three doses of Kresotum 200 and she made a good recovery.

Homoepathic Drug Pictures – Dr. M.L. Tyler        -Thanks to  G. Aronowitz – U.S.


An hysterical remedy with rheumatic symptoms. Insomnia, excitable, restless, irritable with mood swings.  Worse at rest and better moving about. Sciatica worse sitting and standing- better walking about or with the leg raised on a chair. Pain in heel and Achilles tendon.  Aggr from milk.

Desktop Guide – Roger Morrisonm M.D.

The Limits of Cinchona

Cinchona is useful only when debility or anemia comes from loss of fluids. You may use it for the results of hemorrhage from mouth, lungs or uterus, or when long lasting diarrhea has exhausted the patient. It may even be used when the condition has proceeded further than a simple debility and hydrocephalus has developed.

Clinical M.M.  – E.A. Farrington  M.D.       – Thanks to B. Pecheux – France

Magnesium in Eye Diseases

While at the New York  Ophthalmic Hospital my attention was called to the use of Magnesia carbonicum in the treatment of blepharitis marginalis.  Cases have since been reported in which the same remedy (200th) has not only cut short a crop of styes but eradicated the tendency to their recurrence.  My only successful experience with Magnesium has been with the sulphate in the case of a boy, aged 16, whose right lower eyelid presented three small warts, non-polypoid in character. Subjective constitutional symptoms were absent, but the enlargement of the tonsils and of the cervical glands gave evidence of a dyscrasia. Magnesia sulph. 6x caused the complete disappearance of the verruca.

The Medical Advance 1887  – H. H. Crippen, M. D.

Hecla lava and Pyrogenum

Case 1: A lady was suffering from the beginning of an ulcerated root of a crowned tooth.  Hecla lava hastened matters, caused pointing of the abscess and lessened the unbearable pain in 24 hours. Silica 30 then cut out the pus and wound up the case.

Case 2:   A clergyman, victim of one of these so-called specialists in quinsy. They tried to suppress the trouble, and failing to do so, had amputated one tonsil. Rheumatism set in of a violent type. Ascites, oedema of legs from knee to feet. Sluggish kidneys and a weak heart. Such was the condition in which I found him and the case seemed hopeless indeed. Believing that the meddlesome treatment of his throat had infected his system with pus, I prescribed Pyrogen, two doses a day. Surely enough he began a gradual but sure recovery.

A. G. Downer Princeton, IL. 1902

Bellis Perrennis

Bellis Perennis has long had a reputation for being superior in the treatment of soft tissue injury. In major operations I used Arnica along with Staphysagria pre and post operatively for many years – Staphysagria for its remarkable effect in dealing with pain in a cut wound. I changed to Bellis Perennis with Staphysagria, and so far as I can judge this was an improvement. ”
“Dr. Grimmer said that Bellis Perennis has given us as many cures of cancer of the breast as any other one remedy. If you get the specific history of following an injury, it competes with Conium. In Conium the breast is apt to be painless, whereas Bellis Perennis has more or less pain.”

“In Bellis Perennis, in dysmenorrhea, the pain extends down the anterior aspect of the thigh during each period. Sepia covers cramping pain in the uterus during menstruation, and pain in the uterus extending downwards but not specifically in the anterior aspects, a difference which I have found useful in the treatment of dysmenorrhea.”

“When Sepia symptoms predominate, I have used Bellis Perennis on a number of occasions. Although complaints of Bellis Perennis may typically come on after a ducking in cold water when overheated, Bellis Perennis patients are very often worse from heat. Sepia patients are almost always worse in cold weather. ”

Tutorials on Homeopathy – Dr. Donald Foubister – Thanks to Firuzi Mehta – India

Alcoholic Patients – In Addition to Homeopathy

Alcoholics are always hypoglycemic.  Part of the recovery is to eat regular meals to keep the blood sugar from dropping.

Next the meals should be high in protein — lay off the carbohydrates, especially sugar and white flour products as they will just encourage him to want to drink.  Get into protein shakes.  All people who are convalescing need to be doing this:

A cup or two of raw milk in a blender – (Hopefully you can get raw milk.)

One banana

One tablespoon or two of protein powder (they’re now saying whey protein is the best)

One tablespoon of lecithin granules

Half a tsp. of powdered vitamin C

One teaspoon of coconut oil

Some chunks of pineapple–not from a can!

Mix it all up in a blender for 30 seconds.  He or she should do this three times a day.  This will stop the craving for alcohol.

Elaine Lewis DHom – U.S.


This distressing complaint comes on from the motion of the vessel in riding in boats and a few people are affected in the same way by riding in the cars, or from swinging.  Glonoine 3 has proven to be efficacious in several ocean voyages. Give every half hour, till relieved. Usually, we found one or two doses relieved. We have found that seasickness may be avoided by taking a dose of the pellets when first feeling the fullness in the head.

Eaton’s Domestic Practice for Parents and Nurses  -Morton M. Eaton M. D


Hiccough is often of little account, lasting but a few moments ; but in other cases it is persistent for days. In slight attacks a little sugar, or a drink of water will often arrest it ; but in severe cases more is required.

Belladonna – Is specially indicated when there is a flushed face in those children who are teething, and hence liable to spasms. Some sore throat is also a strong indication for this remedy.

Ignatia  – Is indicated by restlessness, loss of sleep, general prostration, headache, etc.

Veratrum album – Is indicated by great prostration.

Nux vomca – Is useful where there is present indigestion, irritable mood and where the attack seems to be due to weariness, loss of sleep, excessive debauch, or  occurs after lingering illness.

Eaton’s Domestic Practice for Parents and Nurses  -Morton M. Eaton M. D

Trigger Finger

I had trigger finger for which I had tried a couple of remedies without success. I visited a specialist who explained why the finger wasn’t working , but refused his offer to slice open my finger. The problem was solved when I finally took  Ruta grav 30c once daily repeatedly.

Thanks to  Wendy Marsden- DipHom

Cough – When All Remedies Fail

“The last remedy to use when all others fail, or when you have to give your patient rest and the chance to sleep at night is Codeinum phoshoricum D2-3,  15-20 drops two or three times a day  It is not recommended for children. Dry, torturous cough with cramps or titillating cough day and night, torturous cough in the last phase of tuberculosis (palliative).”
“Wilhelm Eichsteller – Der praktische Homoeopath”

I used this remedy in the C5 potency in a case where Sticta and Drosera failed. The patient could sleep through after he took the remedy once at night, after awaking from the cough. Certainly this is only a palliative remedy and when no other remedy really helps this one could at least help to restore the energy of the patient  and keep him away from allopathic medicine.

Thanks to Gabos – Germany

Tests for Minerals are Unreliable

Blood tests for Ca, Mg and Fe don’t reveal the truth, since they test only a momentary aspect of the blood and depend on many factors. The problem with this “lack” of minerals” is that it is mainly in the cells and not in the blood.  So if the patient has an apparently good level of calcium, for example, he still might need Calcium to restore it at the cellular level. I’ve found that signs like Weihe pressure points, face color, nail variations, muscle cramps or other body symptoms are much more accurate than blood tests.

Internal Fissures ?

A patient suffering for 4 years with the symptom “contant odor of urine through the skin” was cured within 1 week with Acidum nitricum C12 taken 3 times ( and then Solidago C5 once.) The remedies were only given to clean the blood and help the kidneys and not as simillimum.  I realized afterwards that Nit-Ac might have healed a fissure of the bladder which caused urine to get into the body causing the odor.

Thanks to Gabos – Germany

A Vote for Ferrum Phos

Take Ferrum phos. at the first sign of a cold!  This has worked so well for me that a tube of Ferr-phos 30c is in the drawer by the side of my bed for night time emergencies like sore throats. This morning at 5 AM, I woke up with a severe coughing fit!  It seemed to come from an “itchy” spot in my right lung.  I said, Oh my God!  This is really bad!  Who knows what it could have been the beginning of?  I got up, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.  My saliva was really thick!  I then went to the refrigerator and pulled out the heavy artillery–Ferrum phos. 200C!  A sip of that and two hours later, I was 80% better.  I took another dose around 10 AM after succussing the bottle 10 times, and I’ve taken nothing since–it’s all gone!

Thanks  to Elaine Lewis, DHom – U.S.

Bowel Nosode in Anticipatory Anxiety

I had tachycardia (anxiety?) in the night, mostly after midnight. I took the bowel nosode Dysentery co 1M, only 1 dose (in water). I am comfortable for the last 2wks and it’s still holding.

Editor’s note: Dysentery the Bach bowel nosode with the keynotes : nervous tension, anticipatory anxiety, palpitation from anticipation.   Physically, it has specific action on the pylorus, causing spasm and retention of digested contents. Wakes midnight to 1a.m. with pain in stomach relived by vomiting mucus. Duodenal ulcer with nervous tension.

Thanks to Nyak  M.  – India


Homeopathic Dilution in Solid Media

During potentization, water molecules retain an imprint of the original substance. But how does potentization work when sugar is ground with solids (triturization)?   Here is one answer:

Solid media are generally used whenever in­soluble substances are used as homeopathic agents (Yasgur, 1998). Vigorous movement of an aqueous system leads to the mechano-chem­ical effect in water, and the grinding of sugar crystals in an agate mortar has a similar effect. When breaking a crystal, the pestle is hitting a smaller crystal beneath, initiating synchronous vibrations along lined-up bonds in the crystal. As in a water cluster, these lined-up vibrations stabilize into a domain with radicals generated within 1 fs. The domain and radical again sta­bilize each other. Since we have a solid phase, many of the reactions of the generated domains are much slower than in the liquid phase, but otherwise the mechano-chemical effect in sol­ids is very similar to the one in liquids described above.

Domains of Water Molecules Provide Mechanisms of Potentization in Homeopathy          Czerlinski, and  Ypma


Editor’s note:  In taking the whole case, these local symptoms may be of use:

Acid fluor – Itching of the head and falling off of the hair ; the new hair is dry and breaks off.

Aloes – The hair comes out in lumps, leaving bare patches; eyelashes also fall out; frequent frontal headaches.

Ammonium Mur –  Large accumulation of branlike scales, with falling off of the hair, which has a deadened and lustreless appearance, with great itching of the scalp.

Arsenicum – Bald patches at or near the forehead. The scalp is covered with dry scabs or scales, extending sometimes even to the  forehead, face, and ears.

Carbo veg – Falling off of the hair, occasioned by severe illness or after parturition.

Helleborus – Losing hair from the eyebrows or pudenda.

Kali Carb – Dry hair, rapidly falling off, with much dandruff.

Vinca minor – The hair fails out in single spots, and white hair  grows there; spots on head oozing moisture, the hair matting together. .

Homoeopathic Therapeutics  – S. Lilienthal, M.D.  –  Thanks to Rose Bintz – Canada

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