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Tips & Secrets January 2013

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Two Tips from Vassilis Ghegas


Abrotanum in Metastasis

With incurable cases of uterine cancer with metastasis think of Abrotanum. This is the remedy of metastasis. Mostly there is an alternation between pain in the joints and diarrhea, or anal loss of blood. E.g. – pain in the joints or bones which is relived when the patient has diarrhoea  (Kent p.1046: extremities, pain, rheumatic, diarrhoea checked).

Vassilis Ghegas –  “The Classical Homeopathic Lectures” Volume A (May 1987)


Sulphur Homeopaths

Many homeopaths are Sulphur types –e.g. they do not want to go to another homeopath for treatment; they have the feeling that nobody will ever find the remedy they need, except themselves. They think they know what they need and thus take the complete material medica, one remedy after another.                                     

LIGA Moves Seat to Hahnemann’s House

The International Council of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) is moving its statutory seat from Geneva, Switzerland, to the original house of Dr Samuel Hahnemann in Köthen, Germany. The house is where Hahnemann practiced from 1821 to 1835 and where he wrote The

Chronic Diseases in 1828.



Grief and Sorrow


When contempt of persons, heretofore esteemed or loved, is shown in acts or words, sometimes with a temptation to kill such persons, give Platinum.


When fits are caused by grief or mortification, give Ignatia first. If this does not relieve, give Opium during the attack, and after it, Phosphoric acid.


When mortifications have produced a derangement of intellect and

all things appear larger, Hyoscyamus :  if much smaller, or very little, like playthings,  Platinum .


The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician -Constantine Hering, M. D.



Three Tips from Dr. Douglas Borland


When Kali Bich Fails

The Kali Bich recurring migraine attacks are characterised by disturbances of vision, pains in small spots and the typical stringy vomit.  Iris has almost exactly the same symptom picture, and occasionally you will come across a patient you think it is typical Kali bich, but whose migraines do not clear on it, and you will find it clears on Iris.


The post operative cases in which Raphanus is indicated are those in which there are signs suggesting intestinal obstruction, where there is a good deal of irregularly distributed abdominal distension, pockets of wind which the patient cannot move –up or down.  They very often complain of icy cold knees. The mental attitude is best described as a feeling that they are finished and their number is up – and almost an acceptance of this. In post operative cases of this kind,  Raphanus is often much more useful than Carbo Veg. or Arsenicum. In bad cases, it is certainly more useful than Lycopodium.

Hepar Sulph

Hepar Sulph is often neglected in digestive disturbances and many cases in which we ought to give Hepar Sulph are given Nux Vomica instead. Mentally they are very alike. They are irritable, snappy, hasty in their movements, impatient and very chilly.  One thing that always suggests Hepar sulph is the fact that not only are the local gastric symptoms relived by food, but the patients themselves feel a hundred percent better after a meal.

Dr. Douglas Borland – “Digestive Drugs for the Alimentary Tract” -1921


Differential Diagnosis – Pulsatilla and Ipecac

The distress in Pulsatilla comes on while the food is still in the stomach; with Ipecac it is while the stomach is empty; the tongue, too, with Ipecac is clean, in Pulsatilla coated.


Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics – W.A. Dewey M.D.


Zincum in Eruptive Diseases        

Zincum is indicated in Scarlatina and other eruptive diseases, when the patient is too weak to develop an eruption, and as a result there are often brain symptoms, such as meningitis, with sharp pains through the head.


Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics – W.A. Dewey M.D.


Some Tips from the Old Masters


(Contributed by Dr. Pankaj Titar)



Weak Ankles

Weakness of the ankles from childhood finds a good remedy in Natrum carb.

Dr. E.B. Nash

Stiff Back  

Causticum: Painful stiffness of the back and sacrum, especially on rising from a chair.

Dr. E.B.Nash

Rheumatic Stiff Neck

Belladonna is the best remedy for stiff neck of rheumatic origin or from cold.

Dr. E.A. Farrington


Sulphur dreads the cold in hot weather and the heat in cold weather.

Dr. Constantine Hering

Kent on Potency

Never leave a remedy until you have tested if in a higher potency if it has benefited the patient.

Dr. J.T. Kent

Coccus cacti in Paroxysmal Cough

Coccus cacti suits almost any paroxysmal cough when the attacks are violent, but not very close together, and are attended by much redness of the face and a general sense of feeling too hot. If irritation of the kidneys, with scanty, thick heavy urine, passed pretty often also attends, it is doubly indicated and the results will be brilliant.

Dr. Boger C.M.
Acalypha indica

Acalypha indica is indicated for haemorrhagic broncho-pulmonary disease especially with burning GI symptoms.

Dr. Furman T. Kepler


Ruta is the medicine for complaints from straining flexor tendons.

Dr. C.C. Boericke

Lack of Response to a Remedy

When notwithstanding the carefully chosen remedy and the patient’s faultless diet, the sick condition has not at all changed, the cause usually lies in want of receptivity, which we must seek to remove either by repeated small doses or by medicines recommended for deficient reaction.

Dr. Boger C.M.
(The Tips above were contributed by Dr. Pankaj Titar)

Apis in Synovitis

Apis acts on the synovial membranes, giving a perfect picture of synovitis, particularly when it affects the knee. There are sharp, lancinating, stinging pains shooting through the joint, with aggravation from the slightest motion.

Clinical Materia Medica –  E. A. Farrington, M.D.


Repertorizing Humiliation

In Kent based repertories and repertory programs you won’t find  “humiliation”. Instead, look under :  Mortification  /  Honour, effects of wounded / Embarrassed / Reproach, ailments from/ Indignation / Scorn, ailments from / Weeping from mortification/

A Modern Guide to the Mental Rubrics of Kent’s Repertory –David Sault


Three Tips from E. Harris Ruddock  MD


Iris Versicolor seldom fails to relieve sick-headache attended with vomiting of bilious matters, when the headache assumes the form of Hemicrania of the right side.

Mercurius Iodatus Ruber (Mercurius Bin-iodide): glandular swellings, also when such swellings occur during, or follow Scarlet Fever.


Plantain given internally in the first centesimal potency has cured many cases of toothache and earache. As a local application the tincture is of value in all kinds of neuralgia when painted on the painful part or along

the course of the painful nerve.

The Homeopathic Vade Mecum of Modern Medicine and Surgery – E. Harris Ruddock  MD – 1869



Sulphur is perhaps the remedy most often indicated in this affection, especially if chronic. The skin is rough and hard and the acne is associated with comedones.


Sanguinaria is another useful remedy in acne, especially in women with scanty menses and irregular circulation of blood.


Thuja is one of our best remedies for acne facialis.  Calcarea picrata is also a useful remedy for acne; clinically it has been found one of the best remedies.


Antimonium tartaricum : Obstinate cases, with tendency to pustulation, are curable with this remedy.


Practical  Homoeopathic Therapeutics -Ed. W. A. DEWEY, M. D. (1901)


Dr. Pulte and Cholera

Dr. J. H. Pulte, M.D returned to America, as the Asiatic cholera made rapid strides toward the West. During its prevalence in Cincinnati, in 1849, Dr. Pulte had the satisfaction to see the homoeopathic treatment triumphant beyond any other; through his exertions and counsel, a uniform prophylactic and curative system was recommended to the Homoeopathic Society, and generally adopted and followed by the people, which, under God, saved thousands of lives.


The Pioneers of Homeopathy – Thomas Lindsley Bradford, M. D.,


Repertory Time


Many of our repertories use 24 hour time. Here’s a little quick reference.

00:00 12:00 a.m.*
(start of day)
01:00 1:00 a.m.
02:00 2:00 a.m.
03:00 3:00 a.m.
04:00 4:00 a.m.
05:00 5:00 a.m.
06:00 6:00 a.m.
07:00 7:00 a.m.
08:00 8:00 a.m.
09:00 9:00 a.m.
10:00 10:00 a.m.
11:00 11:00 a.m.
12:00 12:00 p.m.*
13:00 1:00 p.m.
14:00 2:00 p.m.
15:00 3:00 p.m.
16:00 4:00 p.m.
17:00 5:00 p.m.
18:00 6:00 p.m.
19:00 7:00 p.m.
20:00 8:00 p.m.
21:00 9:00 p.m.
22:00 10:00 p.m.
23:00 11:00 p.m.
24:00 (midnight)*
(end of day


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  • once i hurt my right thumb in the door of car while closing it..very agonising pains with much throbing & oozing of blood,..belladonns200 taken releaved immediately for next24 hrs..pains returned bell.200 repeated…after4days Arnica200 single dose dissolved clotted blood & complete cure

  • Great tips and secrets especially about Sulphur homeopaths, too humorous.

    About Coccus Cacti, the cough while sleeping, not while lying down but even after the baby is slept and cough makes him/her awake is good keynote to prescribe.

  • Hypericum 200 has worked wonderfully. Once my mother-in-law jammed her fingers in the car door. The fingers got blue but no bleeding. repeated the dose twice in 30 minutes. No pain and no swelling after an hour.

  • Four days back I suddenly felt severe pain in my right calf muscle followed by pain in right knee and then right shoulder. I could feel some pain in the left knee also. There was no specific cause. I was not able to fold my leg (knee pain) and movement was also not possible without support of my hands. My tongue was clean and no other symptom that was specifying the remedy (though I am a pulsatilla person). While going to bed I took a single dose of Rhus tox200, this resulted in too much of restlessness and chilliness in the legs but I felt better. Now the pain though slowly but is almost gone.

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