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Tips & Secrets 39 – July 2010

Another compilation of Tips and Secrets – some sent in by our readers and some chosen from homeopathic archives.

Naturopathic treatment for high blood pressure

Nat-mur 6X four times a day and Equisetum mother tincture–five drops in water, three times a day. Don’t combine with Rx blood pressure drugs, you could cause electrolyte imbalances.

Robin Murphy’s course notes -Thanks to Elaine Lewis, DHom

Caution in Treating Multiple Stings

Be careful not to check the inflammation from the stings or bites of insects too quickly, when they are numerous ; the consequences are the same as when an eruption of the skin is too suddenly checked ; rather give Aconitum and some hours later Arnica. If not better the next day, Natrum muriaticum.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician -Constantine Hering, M. D.

Retrospective Prescribing
A child had measles when he was 5 years old; now he is deaf in one ear. You take the case, give the indicated remedy and it doesn’t work. Then you give him the remedy he needed at the time he had measles, even though there are no symptoms of the remedy present.

Organon Philosophy Workbook – Robin Murphy, ND

Natrum Sulphuricum

Mentally we have anxiety, irritability, desire for death, aversion to life and the things that generally make life pleasant and agreeable. So great is this satiety of life the patient has to use restraint to prevent doing herself harm. Great sadness, despondency, with irritability and dread of music—music makes her weak, makes her sad or melancholy. Cheerful or happy after stool, which is so characteristic of Borax, is also found under Natr-sul.

Natrum Sulphuricum and Sycosis, -Dr. J.T. Kent, – from The Homeopathic Physician, Vol. VI, page 275

Writing Frequencies into Water

Frequency information can be imprinted into a glass vial of water by succussion. This is what creates a homeopathic potency. Frequency information from a patient’s body also can be imprinted if the vial is held in a clenched fist while succussing the protruding end. Imprinting can take place through the glass of a vial containing water by immersing it in frequency imprinted water.

Physicist Cyril W. Smith

Acalypha Indica

This is a well known remedy for hemorrhages, especially for the lungs, rectum, etc. It is worthy of trial in all hemorrhages, especially those having a morning exacerbation. With the lungs, expectoration of bright red blood in the morning and dark clotted blood in the evening.

Materia Medica – William Boericke

Calcarea Sulphurica

Hering tells us that Calcarea sulphurica resembles Hepar, but acts more intensely and more deeply, and is often useful after Hepar has ceased to act. It is chiefly useful for inflammations and suppurations; for effects of blows, etc. For the eye, after an injury by a splinter, like Aconite, Silicea, and Symphytum. For otitis, after a blow on the ear. The pus discharged is thick yellow, as is also the nasal discharge.

The Southern Journal of Homeopathy January 1888 – C.E. Fisher M.D. Editor

Worse After Sleep

Any conditions resulting from improper elimination are worse after sleep, especially is this true of uremic headaches or headaches resulting from constipation.

Text-Book of Homeopathic Materia Medica- George Royal, M.D.

Aconitum in Toothache

Aconitum is indicated when:
(a) There is throbbing pain in the tooth accompanied by great restlessness and anxiety; or when there is fever, rapid pulse, dry glistening skin.
(b) There is repeated epistaxis and great dryness and heat of the skin. The medicine should be given in water every hour until relieved.
(c) There is difficult teething in children with the characteristic dry, hot skin.

Hahnemannian Advocate -H. W. Pierson, M. D., Editor – 1902

Belladonna in Amenorrhea

Belladonna has menstrual suppression with congestion to the head, but its chief use is in amenorrhoea suddenly due to cold, with bearing down and throbbing pains in the hypogastrium and painful urination.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D. (1901)

Belladonna in Conjunctivitis

Belladonna is applicable at a very early stage of conjunctivitis. But as soon as the secretion of muco-pus commences, Belladonna ceases to act any more. We must then have recourse to some other medicine, e. g.,Pulsatilla, Euphrasia, Mercurius, Sulphur, etc.

Sarada Prasad Roy, MD. The American Homeopathist -ED. Frank Kraft, M. D, 1901

Vaccines and Tamiflu

In 2007 Japan authorities banned the anti-viral drug Tamiflu after determining it was THE causal factor in teenager suicides.
Canadians by a wide margin refuse flu vaccines, yet they have only one flu-associated paediatric mortality a year.

From: Canada Knocks Out Flu, U.S. Public Kept in the Dark – David M. Burd

Hair Loss

Alopecia may originate from various conditions. If there is total atrophy of the hair-follicles, the hair will never grow again; if it is only a partial atrophy, the hair grows thin. If from a transient deficiency in the nutrition of the hair-follicles, as occurs in several illnesses, hair can grow again as soon as the disturbance passes away.
After acute exhaustive diseases – Thallium, Phos acid, Lyc, Mancinella
After great grief and anxiety – Phosphoric acid
During pregnancy – Lach, Sep
After childbirth -Sul, Lyc, Calc, Canth, Carbo veg, Nat-m, Nit-ac, Sep, Sil, Hep
During menopause – Sep
With great dryness of the hair – Kali carb, Nat- m,
After chronic headaches -Hepar sulph, Phos, Sepia, Sil
For bald patches – Aloes, Arsenicum, Phos, Vinca minor.
Hair comes out in handfuls – Phos, Mez, Sulph, Lyc

Special Pathology and Diagnostics with Therapeutic Hints – C G. Raue, M.D. and Homeopathic Medical Repertory – R. Murphy ND

How to Get a Radiant Personality

Americans get the most medical radiation in the world. U.S. heart attack patients get the radiation equivalent of 850 chest X-rays over the first few days they are in the hospital . A chest or abdominal CT scan involves 10 to 20 millisieverts. Mayo Clinic researchers reviewed medical records of 251 people given heart scans in 2007 and found that only a quarter of them were clearly appropriate.

Marilynn Marchione, Associated Press The Associated Press Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yellow Discoloration

A yellow discoloration of the skin and eyes is a frequent manifestation in new-born infants but, generally speaking, this is of but little import, and will pass off of itself when the secretion of the bile becomes better balanced with the requirements of the digestive organs. In cases which last more than a few days, one globule of Mercurius may be given, and repeated after an interval of forty eight hours.

The Parent’s Guide: Containing the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood and Their Homoeopathic Treatment. – Dr. J. Laurie

Ammonium Phosphoricum

Ammonium phosphoricum has been successfully used in the treatment of constitutional gout when there are nodes or concretions in the joints. It is not to be used for the acute symptoms, not for the twinges of pain, but when the disease has become systemic, and when concretions of urate of soda appear in the joints.

From lectures delivered at Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia – E.A. Farrington, C. Bartlett, S. Lillienthal – 1887.


Ambra grisea is a remedy for sleeplessness from worry and business troubles. The patient goes to bed tired, but immediately becomes wakeful. It is especially suited to thin, spare men who are nervous and subject to nervous chills.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D.


During the hot weather of summer, people are sometimes so much affected by the heat, that they fall down suddenly as if struck by apoplexy, or they first stagger, try to support themselves and then sink down.
Glonoine – Eyes fixed, without expression, glassy, pupils contracted; pulse scarcely perceptible, or so quick that it can hardly be counted ; loss of speech; sometimes retching, face pale, white or yellowish-red ; cold sweat ; body cold ; head hot to the touch.
Aconitum – The heat is over the whole body, the pupils small, color of the face changing; pulse large, hard and full; the patient shows signs of distress and anxiety by different movements, as starting, putting the hands to the head, grinding of the teeth, rolling of the eyes.
Belladonna – Eyes fixed, half open, or turned upwards; pupils large, or very small, or both of different size; face red ; head and whole body hot; involuntary escape of urine and faeces; pulse full and hard, twitching or trembling of limbs, putting of hands to the head.

Monthly Homoeopathic Review -Ed. -John Ryan MD -Vol 2 1858 – London

Pathognomic and Characteristic Symptoms

A pathognomic symptom is the distinguishing symptom of a disease or condition, e.g., the peculiar rash and odor of measles, the primary and secondary fever of smallpox, etc. A characteristic symptom is the distinguishing symptom of a drug. It is to the drug what the pathognomic symptom is to the disease, e, g,, agg. of all the symptoms by means of sleep under Lachesis.

Love for Animals

Aethusa, Carcinosin, Medorrhinum, Phosphorus, Sulphur

The 4th Edition

It is not forbidden to think logically in homeopathy. With all that turmoil about dose ( 1, 2, 3 granules..) let us not forget that the greatest prescribers, such as Lippe, Nash, Guernsey etc. followed the 4th edition of the Organon with  such success as we can only dream of! The potency is important but there is always the danger paying too much attention to that and not focusing on the simillimum.

Dr. Eddy Thielens – Belgium

Vinegar Chips

Last week, I was sitting with a friends having a few snacks, one of which was potato chips garnished with onion and vinegar.  After a couple hours there started irritation and scraping sensation in the naso-pharyngeal  zone and soon after onset of cold developed. My head and eyes felt heavy. The nose started running. I was thinking of choosing between Gelsemium and Arsenic. Then I suddenly thought about those vinegar chips and took Acetic acid 30.  Immediately I felt the cure coming. The scraping sensation of the throat started improving.  Load on eyes and head became lighter. Water from nose stopped and in a couple of hours I was pretty normal.
For skeptics or agnostics (as I always call them) it not only proves the efficacy of the remedy but also the law of ‘ Similia Similibus Curentur’. A malady produced by vinegar had to be cured by vinegar.

Avinash Agnihotri –  Toronto

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  • Re: “…imprinting can take place through the glass vial…”
    We can hold our ground here, as this phenomenon was documented by Cyril Smith as well as Endler and Shulte (highly potentized homeopathic preparations of thyroxin were found to influence biological systems even through a layer of glass.6,7)

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    But lets be careful in mentioning treating acute problems like toothache, flu with multiple doses, especially BELLADONA , ACONITE NAP they do start proving when given in multiple doses to children.

  • After (the unfortunate) first vaccinations, my 4 month old son devpd high fever, became dark skinned, wailing like a dog every 10 mts. 5 pills of belladona 30 in a spoonful water reversed every symptom back to normal in mere 2 mts. Beleive it or not.

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