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TIPS & SECRETS – July 2020

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips from the masters and important news. This month, tips on renal calculi, Sulphur in TB, Ammonium causticum for Aphonia, Trillium pendulumn and menstrual flow, Bismuth in gastralgia and much more.

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Some Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington 

Renal Calculi

It has been stated that it was nonsense to talk about relieving the pains from the passage of renal calculi by homoeopathic medication.  The ureter is a narrow tube and the stone is frequently large, and it is said that this cannot be passed without pain.  This is a mistake.  The indicated remedy may so lessen local irritability, that the pain attendant on the passage of the renal calculi may be greatly modified.

Apis vs belladonna

Belladonna is too often mistaken for Apis in laryngeal affections.

Apis has the more oedematous swelling, with consequent dyspnoea.

Belladonna has more spasmodic constriction.

Sulphur in TB

In tuberculosis affecting the lungs, Sulphur is indicated only in the beginning.  I would here caution you as to how you use the drug.  If carelessly or wrongly given, it may precipitate the disease which it was your desire to cure.  You must not repeat your doses too frequently, and you must never give it unless you are certain that it is the remedy, for the tendency of Sulphur is to arouse whatever lies dormant in the system.

Acids Produce Pseudo-Membranes

Another quality of the acids is their tendency to produce pseudo-membranes.  Thus we find some of them indicated in diphtheria –  Muriatic, Phosphoric, Sulphuric and  Nitric acids,  for instance.   Here, again, caution is necessary. As these acids, particularly the vegetable acids, may cause croupous deposits, do not permit a child convalescing from croup to partake of acid fruits.   When the child is susceptible, any one of these acids may tend to produce this disease again.

Sulphur Aids Sepia

Sulphur is often needed to aid Sepia in a chronic case.  The complementary relation lies in the common power of  the two drugs  to correct abdominal congestion and other vascular irregularities.


Dr. Dunham, and after him, Dr. B. F. Betts, have made comparisons between Murex and Sepia which are sufficient guides in their differentiation.  Murex, like its relative, causes uterine congestion, epigastric “goneness,” cystic irritation, muscular debility, and mental depression.  It differs, however, in that it causes sexual excitement, “desire so violent as to fatigue the reason.”

Aloes and Headache

Aloes cures a headache which, like that of Nux vomica, is situated over the  eyes.  It is attended by a sensation as though a weight were pressing the eyelids down.   Relief comes from partially closing the eyelids.


Spigelia is one of our best remedies for catarrh of the posterior nares. The symptoms indicating it are profuse discharge of mucus through the posterior nares;  nasal mucus passes off only through  the posterior nares.

Baptisia has proved itself one of our best remedies in diphtheria when it has assumed a typhoid type. The mouth is excessively putrid.  The membrane is dark  and exhibits  a gangrenous tendency.

Belladonna in Stiff Neck

Belladonna is one of the best remedies in rheumatic stiff neck, caused by cutting the hair, getting the head wet, or sitting with the head and neck exposed to a draft.

Phosphoric acid -Disappointed Love

Phosphoric acid is one of the best remedies we have for the bad  effects of grief  and  depressing emotions, particularly for the chronic effects of  disappointed love.   It is here particularly indicated after Ignatia.  Ignatia suits the acute symptoms and Phosphoric acid the chronic.


Hyoscyamus is one of our best remedies for hiccough occurring after

operations on the abdomen. Stramonium and Veratum album for hiccough after hot drinks, and Arsenicum and Pulsatilla after cold drinks.

Ammonium causticum for Aphonia

Ammonium causticum is one of the best remedies in the whole materia medica for aphonia, especially if there be present the burning rawness in the throat.

Trillium pendulum

One of the best remedies I know of for ordinary profuse menstrual flow, coming  frequently and yet without any decided constitutional character by which to judge the case, is Trillium pendulum, especially if the flow exhausts the patient very much.

Kali bichromicum

Kali bichromicum is one of the best remedies for the chronic effects of excessive indulgence in beer and ale.

Nitric Acid in Phthisis

Nitric acid is very often indicated in phthisis after Calcarea ostrearum or Kali carb.   When, however, the Calcarea condition has run into the acid debility, Nitric acid is one of the very best remedies to follow.  It does not often cure, but it relieves and prolongs life for years.

Apis in Pleuritis

In pleuritis with exudation, Apis is one of the best remedies we have to bring about absorption of the fluid. Apis and Sulphur will cure the majority of these cases.

Rhus and Bryonia

Rhus tox is complementary to Bryonia, a fact discovered by Hahnemann in his  experience with an  epidemic  of  war-typhus. Many lives have since been saved by the exhibition of these two remedies in alternation; i.e., an alternation which  consists in giving  Bryonia when  Bryonia symptoms are present, and Rhus tox. when the patient manifests symptoms calling for that remedy. This is a legitimate  alternation

Restoration of Eruption

We often find Antimonium tartaricum indicated in cases of suppressed eruptions Particularly is it called for when the eruption of scarlatina, measles or variola does not come out properly, or has been repelled; then we have great difficulty in breathing.  The face is bluish or purple, the child becomes more drowsy and twitches.  There is rattling breathing.   All of these symptoms indicate a desperate case.  Antimonium tartaricum will frequently restore the eruption and save the child.

Grindelia robusta

Grindelia robusta is a wonderful remedy by reason of its action on the pneumogastric nerves. It seems to produce a paresis of those nerves, so that when the  patient drops off to sleep he stops breathing and, of course, is aroused by the

desire for oxygen.

A Bad Omen

In typhoid fever when Opium is called for, the body is bathed in a hot sweat.   This sweat is not critical.  It is of bad omen.  It is a symptom of approaching death in that it is a result of paralysis of the sweat glands.


Staphisagria is a good remedy for an oozing foetid eruption; the hair falls out. The eruption is worse on the occiput. Scratching seems to change the place of itching.   It is particularly indicated for sickly children with pale face and dark rings around the eyes.

Bismuth in gastralgia

Bismuth is the remedy for pure gastralgia, that which is not associated with any catarrh, or with any of the symptoms of indigestion. The epigastric pains may be burning, griping, or lancinating, and associated with dull pain in the back, and spasmodic vomiting.

Causticum -Roaring in Ears

Causticum is a good remedy for buzzing and roaring in the ears, or tinnitus aurium, when sounds reecho unpleasantly in the ears. A voice which is of an ordinary tone, sounds loud and reechoes in the ear with unpleasant confusion.

Dr. E.A. Farrington  – Clinical  Materia  Medica

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