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Tips & Secrets – July 2021

Homeopathy Tips from the Masters and important news. New nosodes developed, Earth heating faster, grand characteristics of remedies, 23% develop post covid symptoms, tips from E.A. Farrington

Dr Rajesh Shah develops 5 new nosodes
New Delhi/Mumbai [India], June 7 (ANI/PR Newswire): In breakthrough research by Indian homeopath Dr Rajesh Shah in collaboration with clinical pharmacologists at Mumbai’s BYL Nair Hospital, five new homeopathic drugs have shown anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects in a laboratory model. The research paper was published last week in a peer-reviewed, a Pub-med listed British Homeopathy Journal. (

The five new nosodes were developed from typhoid (Salmonella typhi), pneumonia (Klebsiella pneumonia), gonorrhea (Neisseria Gonorrhea), gastrointestinal infections (E Coli) and from fungus (Candida albicans) by Dr Rajesh Shah.

Planet is trapping double the heat it did 15 years ago -NASA
The planet is trapping roughly double the amount of heat in the atmosphere than it did nearly 15 years ago, according to an alarming new analysis from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

23.2% of covid-19 patients had post covid symptoms
In an analysis of 2 million COVID-19 patients, the largest of its kind so far, the nonprofit organization FAIR Health revealed that 23.2% of patients—more than 450,000 people—who had contracted the coronavirus sought treatment for at least one “post-COVID condition” a month or more after their diagnosis.

Most frequently reported symptoms were pain, dyspnea, hyperlipidemia, malaise and fatigue, and hypertension. Also, headaches, heart palpitations, loss of smell or taste, brain fog, and depression or anxiety, according to the CDC.

Some Grand Characteristics of Remedies – William H. Burt, M. D., – Circa 1895

Carbo Animalis
In all female diseases, great prostration, can hardly sit up, during menstruation, so weak can hardly speak. Menses too early, with excessive exhaustion.  Great weakness of the ankles when walking.  Aggravation from cold, in bed, after midnight.

First stage of meningitis of children; fever exacerbates morning and evening; frequent starting from sleep, grasping the head and bending it back into the pillow. Flashes of lightning-like sparks before the eyes, with photophobia, pupils dilated.

Graphites is especially adapted to females with a tendency to unhealthy corpulence, with deformed nails, menstrual irregularities, obstinate constipation, and great sadness.   Aggravation: At night, during menstruation, from light and motion. Burning blisters on the side of tongue. Lips and nostrils sore and cracked.

Hamamelis Virginica
In acute phlebitis, locally and internally in potency, of great utility. Neuralgia of the testicles, worse nights and in damp weather.

Aphthae that appear suddenly, the whole buccal cavity covered with white fungous growth, limited to the mouth and fauces. Very nervous, cannot sleep well, starts at the least noise. Also, ill nourished people, flesh soft and flabby, the least scratch of the skin becomes a running sore, with great irritability.

Hepar Sulphur
Chronic bronchitis, violent and loose cough, copious expectoration of muco-purulent substance, much hoarseness and soreness of the chest; dyspnoea, with suffocative attacks.

Rumex crispus
Sense of excoriation behind the sternum, with raw pain under each clavicle while hawking. The most violent cough a few moments after lying down, especially at night, from breathing cool air, so that he has to cover his head to breathe.

Great coldness of the external surface, sudden and complete prostration of the vital forces, long-lasting chills, extremities, cold and blue, with cramps, rattling in the throat, hot breath, husky voice.

Constant desire to urinate, with complete strangury; the tenesmus vesicae is fearful. Urine high-colored, scanty, constant desire to void it, but only passes a few drops at a time, associated with intense burning pain, urine bloody.

Great melancholia. The most joyful things distress her, life is wearisome, but she greatly fears death, which seems near at hand. The characteristic pain of Platina is a cramp-like, squeezing pain, a kind of crushing together. It begins, gradually, increases in severity, then gradually ceases.

Characteristic Materia Medica MemorizerWilliam H. Burt, M. D., – Circa 1895

Brain Inflammation From COVID-19 looks eerily similar to that from Alzheimer’s
The SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t just cause enduring damage to the lungs and the heart. A large number of patients who contract COVID-19 also report long-lasting neurological issues, including brain fog, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, hallucinations, headaches, and loss of smell or taste.

Syphilis on Rise
Sexually transmitted diseases are at an all-time high, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There were more than 2.5 million reported cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis in 2019. The sharpest increase was in cases of syphilis among newborns, which quadrupled between 2015 and 2019, the CDC said.

Some tips from E. A. Farrington, M.D.  – Clinical  Materia  Medica

Spigelia may be used in worms. It causes the following symptoms: Strabismus from abdominal irritation, jerking over the eyes, paleness of the face,  with blue rings around the eyes.  The patient feels faint and nauseated on awaking in the morning when there is hunger, which is relieved by breakfast.

Coccus cacti
The principal use of the drug is in whooping-cough with morning aggravation.   The child awakens in the morning, and is immediately seized with a paroxysm of whooping-cough, ending in vomiting of clear ropy mucus, hanging in great long strings from the mouth.  That is a symptom which you all should remember, for with this condition present Coccus cacti has, when administered in the beginning, cut short the whole disease.

Mygale lasiodora
The Mygale lasiodora is a large black spider, native in Cuba. It is  one  of our best remedies for uncomplicated cases of chorea.  The patient has constant twitching of the muscles of the face. The head is jerked to one side. An effort to talk is made, and words are jerked out.

Terebinthina, like Cantharis, has marked action on the kidneys, but it differs from that remedy, in that the urine is always dark, cloudy and smoky, from admixture of blood.  This is due to congestion of the kidneys.

E. A. Farrington, M.D.  –  Clinical Materia Medica

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