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Tips & Secrets –June 2013

Our editor share’s his latest Tips & Secrets of homeopathy.

Preventing Cancer Cures

Over the past 100 years there have been more than a 100 successful cures for cancer. Royal Rife and William F. Koch were two men who created such cures. Rife died in prison and Koch spent several million dollars staying out of jail. He died broke and broken after being found not guilty by three different juries in trials that were carried on for over three years by the FDA.

Bishop Jim Humble


This Yellow is not jaundice

The Snake poisons produce a staining of the skin yellow. This is not jaundice,

and must not be confused with that affection. It comes from the blood,

and is due to the decomposition of that fluid, and not to the staining of

the skin with bile.

A Clinical Materia Medica  E. A. Farrington, M.D


Adhered Placenta

Some women develop adhered placenta at each delivery. Hydrastis has the power to stop that by giving it in 3x, three drops daily from the fourth month onwards.

Clinical Tips in Homoeopathy –Dr. P. Rajagopalarao


Hypericum in Laparatomy

Hypericum given at intervals of 20 minutes for 12 hours or longer seems to control the pain of laparatomy.

Clinical Tips in Homoeopathy –Dr. P. Rajagopalarao


Ten Tips From : ‘Hompath WildFire Software

Croton Tiglium Aphonia CROTON TIG. has complete loss of voice from drinking cold water when overheated. Dr. H.M.Edwards
Damiana Aphrodisiaca Insomnia DAMIANA is an excellent remedy FOR INSOMNIA. It should be given in Q,  15 – 20 drop doses, every 2 hours. In severe cases, it may be given every half an hour and the patient will sleep after 2 doses. Dr. R.B.Das
Diphtherinum Post-diphtheric Paralysis If your apparently well indicated remedy fails in post-diphtheritic paralysis, think of DIPHTHERINUM; it has been found to work well in many of the cases. Dr. H.C.Allen
Doryphora Decemlineata Urethritis DORYPHORA is indicated in urethritis in children under 10 years of age, when the trouble has been provoked by local irritation. In these cases, think also of HYOSCYAMUS. Dr. Farrington
Elaterium Officinarum Intermittent Fever Mental insanity coming on after suppression of intermittent fever. Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar
Equisetum Hyemale Pregnancy Complaints A specific for retention and dysuria during pregnancy and after delivery. Homeopathic Treasury
Ferrum Aceticum Bronchial Asthma Indicated in cases of Asthma aggravated by sitting still and lying down. Dr. Prabhakar Shetty
Gelsemium Sempervirens Alcoholism For the ill effects of Alcohol withdrawal causing convulsions. Dr. Prabhakar Shetty
Gnaphalium Polycephalum Rheumatism Indicated in cases of rheumatism accompanied by loose stool. Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar
Hecla Lava HECLA LAVA is useful for the neuralgic pains after tooth extraction. The 30th potency works best. Dr. Hughes


Aluminum Silicata

The brain seem not to work, or work very slowly, as if clouded all the time. There is no moment when Alumina Silicea individuals feel their mind is clear. Only in the evening is there a bit of amelioration.  “I have become an invalid” is a usual expression.

Materia Medica Viva – G.VIthoulkas

Six Tips from Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea


Bacterium Coli: Recurrent urinary tract infection. Burning micturation, aggravation during and after urination (200C)


Calc Renalis :  After Berberis in renal calculus cases. Gravel and renal calculi. Reccurent stone formation, in a Calc-Carb constitution, to remove tendency. (30C)


Equisetum Hyemale:  Severe dull pain in the bladder, as from distention not > by urinating. Frequent urging with severe pain at the close of micturation.(30C)


Polygonum Sagittatum:  Stone in Kidney with great debility; difficulty in passing the stone.Q


Staphysagria:   Retention of urine after prostate operation.(200C)


Urea Pura:  In renal failure when urea goes high up. (30C)

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip

Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal – Allen College of Homoeopathy,


Some Note on the Kali’s


Kali Bromatum in the adolescent is often useful for acne appearing at that period.

Kali arsenicum for exophthalmic goitre. They are quarrelsome, discontented, jealous; the mental symptoms recur every third day.

Kali ferrocyanatum rivals Sepia in the uterine sphere. These people are chlorotic and debilitated; they suffer from dysmenorrhœa, dyspepsia and fatty degeneration of the heart.

Kali iod. is one of our great goitre remedies and it also has atrophy of testes and mammæ. Life seems insupportable to this patient; he awakens at night to dread the return of dawn.

The Principles and Art of Cure by Homœopathy  – Herbert A. Roberts, M.D.




A very useful remedy in marasmus. Emaciation yet with good appetite.

Ill effects of suppressed conditions, especially in gouty subjects.  Cross, irritable, anxious, depressed.  Face wrinkled, cold, dry, pale. Blue rings around dull -looking eyes.


Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica – William Boericke, M.D.


Swelling of the Head in Newborns


The head of the infant at the birth is invariably more or less swollen, and this swelling usually subsides of itself. If it should last, Arnica will materially assist.  Sometimes there is considerable tumour of the fontanel which is more serious than the former swelling, but which is rarely alarming. If it continues more than a day or two, administer Rhus Tox.


The Parent’s Guide: Containing the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood and Their Homoeopathic Treatment.  – Dr. J. Laurie


Tarentula Cubensis


I have used Tarentula Cubensis with success in syphilitic buboes, painful boils, and all kinds of abscesses where pain or inflammation predominates. Its power to relieve pain in these cases is wonderful, acting we might say as an anodyne.


British Journal of Homoeopathy  Ed. –  R. E. Dudgeon, M.D.,



This remedy is often useful in cases of very violent neuralgic pains about the teeth or face, particularly if the pain be in the left bone, running towards the ear; also neuralgic pains at night in the teeth. Affections of any kind appearing on the external head, principally right side ; teeth in left side; forehead; shin bone.

Notes of Lectures on M.M.  – H.N. Guernsey, M.D.


Oleander Keynote in Headache


The characteristic symptom of Oleander is headache relieved by looking sideways or cross-eyed.  Headache with vertigo; pressive pain from within outward. Stupefying pressure at the malar bone, penetrating into the brain, and extending to the root of the nose. Violent pressing pain in the temples when swallowing.


Headache and its Materia Medica  –    B. F. Underwood, M.D.  1889


Testing Homeopathy


In 1828 trials of homeopathy were instituted at Naples. The result was this : of sixty patients, fifty-two were perfectly cured and six improved – two died. These trials caused great excitement in Naples. The allopaths had spread the report that there were numbers of dead and dying in the homoeopathic establishment, so that the King of Naples sent the Crown Prince to make investigations. He found none either dead or dying.


History of  Homoeopathy –  Its Origin, Its Conflicts  – Wilhelm Ameke, M.D. (1885)


Asthmatic Attacks of Infants


Asthmatic attacks of infants, with spasms, danger of suffocation and bluish face yield to Ipecac. If occurring during sleep, with screams, dry and husky cough and anxiety to Sambucus. If the spells seems to be excited by some abnormal condition of the heart to Laurocerasus or Moschus, and in cases of tall slim children to Phosphorus.


Do not start cases with end stage remedies


In treating  heart cases, do not begin too soon with Lach, Hydrocyanic acid, Arsenicum.  If you give them too soon, you weaken the patient. Begin rather with

Aconite, Spongia, Spigelia, Bry, or Phosphorus

E. A. Farrington – Clinical M.M.


Warning on Mercurius


In 2nd stage Tuberculosis with ulceration and copious purulent expectoration, fever  and emaciation, Mercurius should never be employed.


Science of Therapeutics  – Dr. Carroll Dunham

Echinacea Purpurea


For the condition of the body which sets up the boil habit, Dr. Ramey considers Echinacea specific.  Even serious cases, he says, can be definitely cured with an ounce and a half of tincture taken in 10 drop doses 4 times a day.


Dr. P. Rajagopalarao


Dulcamara Inimicals


Dulcamara should not be given before or after Acetic Acid, Belladonna or Lachesis.


H.C. Allen – Keynotes and Characteristics




Principal remedies

1) Baryta c. bell. hep. ign. lach. merc, nitr.-ac. nux-vom. sulph.

2)  Calcarea canth. cham. gran. lyc. sep. thuj.


Suppuration and ulceration of the tonsils:  

Baryta-c. bell, ign. lach. lyc. merc, nitr.-ac. sep.


Induration:  Baryta. calc. ign. sulph.


Inflammatory swelling which threatens to terminate in suppuration :

1) Aconite bell.,    2) Hepar lach. Merc   3) Ignatia  nux-vom. Sulph


The Clinical Guide or Pocket Repertory for the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Diseases- G.H.G. Jahr

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