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TIPS & Secrets – March 2021

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips from the masters and important news. This month, tips from E.B. Nash, W.A. Dewey, J.H. Clarke, Douglas Borland and others.

Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipped 42,000 Years Ago. The Consequences Were Dramatic

19 FEBRUARY 2021

A global period of upheaval 42,000 years ago was the result of a reversal in Earth’s magnetic field, new research has found. According to radiocarbon preserved in ancient tree rings, several centuries’ worth of climate breakdown, mass extinctions, and even changes in human behaviour can be directly linked to the last time Earth’s magnetic field changed its polarity.  These changes were accompanied by a weakening in the magnetic field,  to as low as 6% of its strength today.

Australians Voice Heard on Complementary Medicine

“On 16 February 2021, the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) announced that it has abandoned it plans to restrict medical practitioners who provide complementary and unconventional medicine and emerging treatments.

Health professionals and the public strongly disagreed and under the significant weight of 13,000 submissions, the MBA has withdrawn its proposed changes.

Over 12,000 of these submissions were sent by the public via the Your Health Your Choice platform, which flooded the Medical Board with peoples’ positive experiences with integrative medicine on a scale that the Medical Board could not ignore.”

Some Tips from W.A. Dewey, MD

Selenium in headache

Nervous headache over the left eye, worse from the heat of the sun, and especially useful in headaches due to excessive use of tea.

Ipecac in headaches

Sensation as if the bones of the head were crushed or bruised. There is a sick headache over one eye, with deathly nausea and very pale face.

Chininum sulph

There is great sensitiveness of the spine in the dorsal region. The last cervical and first dorsal vertebrae are very sensitive to pressure.


Hemorrhage from any part of the body of bright red blood, and occurring after mechanical injuries. Hemoptysis, epistaxis, or hemorrhages from the uterus or bowels.

Cina in children

Children awake in a fright, scream, tremble and can- not be quieted; they are proof against all caresses; are cross, irritable, nervous and peevish; they want to be rocked.

Arnica – Skin

Arnica produces a peculiar form of erysipelas, a dermatitis with much itching and soreness, dark blue in color.  Boils with great soreness.

Kali sulphuricum  – eyes

In ophthalmias where there is a profuse discharge of pus; ophthalmia neonatorum, crusts on the eyelids.

Belladonna with pale face

In summer complaints, dentition, colic, where there is irritation of the brain, startings in sleep, the face may be very pale.

Belladonna in Labor

Pain in back as if it would break, labor pains come and go suddenly and no progress is made. There is a spasmodic condition of the os which retards labor. The os feels hot to the touch.

W. A. Dewey, M. D. – Essentials Of Homoeopathic Materia Medica and  Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Regarding the Allopathic use of Tuberculin

I heard one of our scientists, who had been a student, and for years a co- worker, with Prof. Koch, say:

“Tuberculin should be used with great care. If it is used as a test in the advanced stage of the disease, it hastens the process, and death follows in a few weeks; and there is no telling how many we have sent into eternity. In the sensitively weak, we have terrible aggravations. “

Frances D. Bloomingston, M.D., H.M., Chicago, Ill.  –  Homoeopathic Nosodes –(Reported in The Homoeopathician Jan. 1912)

Caution with the nosode Tuberculinum

“When suppurative processes have taken place in the lungs, much caution must be used in administering it”. – Frances D. Bloomingston, M.D).   “Do not prescribe simply on a tubercular history, and do not repeat very often. – Samuel Hahnemann (Organon § 245.)

The Homoeopathician Jan. 1912

Some tips from E.B. Nash, MD

Apis tips

In all inflammatory affections and in intermittent fevers, if you find the patient alternately dry and hot or perspiring, think again of Apis,  No remedy has this alternation so strong as Apis.

Apis: The sensation as if every breath would be his last is very characteristic, and occurs not only in dropsical troubles of the chest, but seems also to be a nervous symptom.

Restlessness – Ars vs Rhus. tox

The Arsenic restlessness goes with extreme prostration and reduced vitality. Rhus tox. on account of the aching pains, which make him want to move for the temporary relief he gets from the movement. Arsenic wants to move from place to place, but is not relieved.

Glonoine vs Belladonna  

Glonoine is more intense and sudden in its onset, and, on the other hand, subsides more rapidly when relieved. Glonoine is better adapted to the first stage of inflammatory diseases of the brain, while Belladonna goes further and may still be the appropriate remedy after the inflammatory stage is fully initiated. Belladonna is better by bending the head backward, Glonoine worse. Belladonna is made worse by having the head uncovered, while Glonoine must have the head uncovered.

Camphor vs Veratrum

In collapse, Camphor has the collapse with painless stool or even no stool at all, while Veratrum has the collapse as a consequence of the very profuse evacuations of stomach and bowels. Both have great external coldness, but Veratrum has a very marked appearance of cold sweat upon the hippocratic face.

Colocynth quick acting

No remedy produces more severe colic than Colocynth and no remedy cures more promptly.

The anger remedies or – for ailments brought on by anger

Aconite, Bryonia, Chamomilla, Colocynth, Ignatia, Lycopodium,

Nux vomica Staphisagria.

E. B. Nash, M. D. – Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics

Kali brom in acne

Kali bromatum 200 may cure acne when apparently indicated remedies fail.

Dr. D.M. Foubister

Three Tips from John Henry Clarke, MD

Promote Milk in Pregnancy

To promote the flow in pregnant women who have had poor milk in previous confinements, Calcarea phos. 3X, gr. X., h.s.s. for two or three months before term.

Baryta in Aneurysm

Many cases of aneurism have been cured with Baryta carbonica, mostly in lower attenuations. It corresponds to the atheromatous condition

Bed Sores

Glycerine or glycerine cream, is one of the best preventives of bed-sores. When sores have formed, apply Hypericum Oil (made by extracting Hypericum in hot olive or linseed oil)

John Henry Clarke, MD

Echinacea purpurea

For carbuncles with profuse sanguine-purulent discharge, marked rise in temperature and large sloughing. They also come in crop, mostly about the neck, sometimes on perineum.

Dr. George Royal

Calc Sulph

Calc Sulph suits abscess, boils, where patient feels very hot, wants the fan or air conditioner (opposite Hepar s.)

Dr. Jawahar Shah

Baryta Carb or Mur?

If you get a typical Baryta carb. child who has got an acute tonsillitis, you are wiser to give a dose of Baryta mur. rather than Baryta carb. during the acute phase, and very often you will need an intercurrent dose of Psorinum after Baryta mur. before you go back to Baryta carb.

Douglas Borland, MD

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