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Tips & Secrets – May 2020

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips and Secrets from the masters and important news. Tips about biliary calculi, capillary bronchitis of infants, Rhododendron, Rhus tox in iritis, and much more.

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Tips from E. A. Farrington, M.D. –  Clinical  Materia  Medica

Biliary calculi
Berberis is an excellent remedy for biliary as well as renal calculi.  The patient cannot make the slightest motion, and must sit bent over to the right side to take the pain from the sore region.  The remedy to permanently cure biliary calculi is Cinchona.  Unless some symptom calls you specifically to another drug, put your patient on a course of Cinchona and have him continue it for a number of months.

Ipecacuanha is one of the best remedies we have for capillary bronchitis of infants.  There is a great accumulation of mucus in the chest.   The cough is spasmodic and usually attended with vomiting of phlegm.

Apis in tubercular meningitis
Apis is one of the best remedies in tubercular meningitis.   It is very similar to Sulphur.  Both remedies are indicated in cerebral symptoms arising from the repercussion of some eruption—Sulphur, if it is a chronic eruption, and Apis, if it is an acute one.

Phosphoric Acid follows Ignatia
Phosphoric acid is one of the best remedies we have for the bad effects of grief, particularly for the chronic effects of disappointed love.  It is here particularly indicated after Ignatia. Ignatia suits the acute symptoms and Phosphoric acid the chronic.

Iris versicolor in Cholera
Iris versicolor is one of the best remedies we have for cholera morbus, coming preferably at two or three o’clock in the morning, with vomiting of food and sour  and bilious matters, and purging at the same time.  It differs from Veratrum album in the absence of coldness and symptoms of collapse.

Digitalis – Seminal Emissions
Digitalis is one of our best remedies for involuntary seminal emissions during sleep, without dreams even.  The emissions are followed by great weakness.

Aconitum Caution
In hypertrophy of the heart, Aconite is indicated by this numbness and tingling in the fingers.  It is in uncomplicated hypertrophy of the heart only that you should give this remedy.  In hypertrophy from valvular disease it may do great harm.

Senna – Exhaustion
Senna is one of the best remedies in the materia medica for simple exhaustion with excessive nitrogenous waste.

Spigelia in Catarrh
Spigelia is one of our best remedies for catarrh of the posterior nares.  The symptoms indicating it are profuse discharge of mucus through the posterior nares;  nasal mucus passes off only through  the posterior nares.

Rhododendron – Rheumatism
Rhododendron is particularly useful in chronic rheumatism affecting the smaller joints.  It is one of the best remedies for what has been termed rheumatic gout. It is especially indicated in a rheumatic hard swelling of the big-toe joint, often mistaken for bunion.

Rhus tox in Iritis
Rhus tox is one of the best remedies we have for ptosis in rheumatic patients after exposure to dampness. You may use it in conjunctivitis caused by getting wet (also Calc ost.).  Rhus may also be used in iritis when either of rheumatic or traumatic origin.

Nux in Prolapsus uteri
Nux is a remedy which has caused and therefore can cure prolapsus uteri.  It is to be used when the disease is of recent origin, and has resulted from a sudden wrenching of the body.

Juglans cinerea headache
Juglans cinerea is one of the best remedies in occipital headache.  The pains are of a sharp, shooting character.

Terebinthina dropsy
Terebinthina cures dropsy dependent on congestion of the kidneys, as indicated by dull aching in the renal region and by the smoky looking urine.

Allium cepa
Allium cepa cures ulcers on the heel when developed by friction of the shoe or stocking.

Causticum in Colic
Causticum may be called for in colic after the failure of Colocynth. The pains are of a griping, cutting character, and are relieved by bending double.

Iodine is useful in dropsy of the knee, and has followed Apis well, especially in scrofulous children.

Tellurium is useful for ringworm over a great portion of the body in intersecting rings.

Pothos Foetidus
Pothos foetetidus is a remedy you ought to remember in asthma.  It is useful for asthma that is worse from any inhalation of dust, as, for example, the inhalation of the dust in a hay-loft.

Sabina is useful for condylomata which itch and burn, especially in women.

Sarsaparilla for Gravel
Sarsaparilla is useful for gravel in children, when they scream or cry with pain after passing urine.  Then there is found a grayish sand in the diaper.

Acetic acid
Acetic acid is useful in dropsies when the face and limbs have this waxen or alabaster appearance.   It is especially indicated when the lower parts of the body, the abdomen and limbs are swollen; hence it is useful in ascites.

Veratrum after Fright
Veratrum is also to be thought of when after fright, there is great coldness of the body with diarrhoea.

Mercurius corrosivus 
The throat symptoms of Mercurius corrosivus are very violent. The uvula is swollen, elongated and very dark red. There is intense burning in the throat, accompanied by violent constriction of the throat.

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