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Tips & Secrets Nov 2013

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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips & Secrets Nov 2013

Magnesium Muriaticum

If we find a child who develops a liver problem and the parents confess to having many arguments, or even one serious argument in front of the child, that child likely needs Magnesia muriaticum.

Desktop Guide – Roger Morrison


Three Cautions

Lachesis should not be repeated too often. A dose should be allowed to exhaust its action before the next dose is give.

Psorinum should not be used higher than the 30th in asthma.

Do not give Ignatia at night, as it causes restlessness. Give it in the morning.

Caution on the Use of Remedies – M. Fayazuddin


A Bit of History

Provision for homeopathic medicine in Britain has always been part of the National Health Service since it began in 1948.

In the United States in the early 1900’s there were 22 homeopathic medical schools and over 100 homeopathic hospitals, 60  orphanages and 1,000 homeopathic pharmacies.  Today in the U.S. there is only one homeopathic medical school and there are no homeopathic hospitals.

Louise Mclean -Little Known Historical Facts about Homeopathy


Two Remedies in Allergy

Natrum muriaticum covers allergy to egg, starches, milk, honey, ragweed pollens, onions, wheat, animal food etc.

Sulphur covers allergy to feathers, chocolates, feathers, hair dyes (which produce eczema). Tuberculinum 200 should be used for ill effects of hair dyes when Sulphur fails.

Select Your Remedy – Dr. BIshamber Das


Some GMO Facts

GM crops in the U.S. include soy (94%), cotton (90%), canola (90%), sugar beets (95%), corn (88%), Hawaiian papaya (more than 50%), zucchini and yellow squash (over 24,000 acres).

Some current field trials include:  Corn engineered with human genes (Dow), Sugarcane engineered with human genes (Hawaii Agriculture Research Center), Rice engineered with human genes (Applied Phytologics).

The rules of the World Trade Organization (which the US and other 150 countries are members of) explicitly prohibit countries from banning GM products.


 Fluoridated Water

There are more people drinking fluoridated water in the United States than the rest of the world combined. Most developed nations do not fluoridate their water. According to the National Research Council (2006), “it is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.”

Fluoride Action Network :


Aspects of the Face


A delicate appearance, with long-fringed eyelashes and brilliant eyes, often serves to point out the tubercular diathesis.

The pallor of anemia is very important; it is waxy in chlorosis and pasty in diseases of the kidneys.

A puffy appearance about the eyelids along with anaemia is very generally an indication of albuminuria.


Special Pathology and Diagnostics with Therapeutic Hints – C.G.Raue, MD (1882)



Schussler’s Tissue Salts


Magnesia Phos –  Hiccough -Idiopathic or reflex, after other remedies have failed

Kali mur –  For that condition of the blood that favors embolus.

Calc Phos – Non- closure of foramen ovale.

Natrum mur –  Hay fever with watery discharge from the eyes and nose.

Kali mur – Burns of the first degree, also those of the second. Can be applied externally.


The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler – Boericke and Dewey


Joseph Pulte Redeemed


In the 1800’s Joseph Pulte began his homeopathic practice in the US.  The people were so angered by a homeopath being in town that they pelted his house with eggs.  When the Cholera epidemic swept through, Pulte didn’t lose a single patient. In the next epidemic in 1849, people crowded to his door and stood in the street because the waiting room was full.

Some History of the Treatment of Epidemics with Homeopathy  – Julian Winston


beating-heart.gifSome Remedies in Palpitation

Palpitation – Sighing ameliorates – Arg M.

Palpitation – after coffee – Nux v.

Palpitation bending the chest forward – SPIG, kalm.

Palpitation during digestion – LYC, Sep

Palpitation after foot sweat – Ars, Silicea

Homeopathic Medical Repertory – Robin Murphy ND


Three Delusions

Delusion – Sees bees – Pulsatilla

Delusion – Death is approaching – AGN ANTHR bani-c mosch PLAT zinc

Delusion  – There are conspiracies against him – ars cygn-c-b kali-br lach plb PULS salx-f

The Complete Repertory – Roger van Zandvoort, Eduard van Grinsven


Carboneum Sulphuratum

Very useful in patients broken down by abuse of alcohol. Lack of vital heat. Diminished sensibility of arms, hands and feet.  Hallucinations of sight and hearing.  Changeable mood. Better in open air. Sensitive to warm, damp weather.  First attenuation

William Boericke – M.M.


Pediculosis  (Louse Infection)


Head and pubic lice may be killed with tinctures of either Staphysagria, Quassia or Sabadilla.   Rub well into the hair and skin once daily.

Internally – Sulphur 6 morning and evening / Ledum at midday

The World Traveller’s Manual of Homoeopathy – Dr. Colin Lessell


The Thin Calc

The adult Calcarea Carbonica patient can be so thin that you do not think of them as the pale fat- faced Calcarea carbonica

Classical Homoeopathy – Margery Blackie


Avoiding Surgery

In the nasal tract, polyps will yield to Calc Carb, Sanguinaria, Phos or Teucrium.

Gall bladder surgery can be indefinitely postponed very often with Calc c., Bryonia, Chelid, Podo, Mag mur, or even Colocynth.

Ovarian cysts yield to Colocynth, Lycopodium, Lachesis, Podophyllum or Thjua

Lycopodium and Sepia prevent hernia development better than trusses.

Many prolapsed operations can be averted by Sepia,Murex or Lilium tigrinum

Even in strangulated hernia, Nux vomica will sometimes relax and reduce the hernia while the operating room is being prepared.

Homoeopathy as Art and Science – Dr. Elizabeth Wright Hubbard


Homeopathy in Allergies

It is typical for patients who respond well to homeopathy to be able to go back to eating or being exposed to substances that bothered them prior to treatment.

Ritalin Free Kids – Judyth Reichenberg–Ullman


Cimex Lectularius

It has one characteristic symptom which has been verified:  “Sensation as if the tendons were too short.”  There is sometimes actual contraction as if the legs cannot be stretched out.

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Dr. E. B. Nash


Vitamin C in Vaccination

Vitamin C seems to play an essential role in protecting children against adverse effects of vaccination. Dr. Archie Kalokerinos witnessed a twofold increase in child mortality among Aboriginals after vaccination.  When he gave vitamin C, he reduced the mortality to practically zero.


Autism Beyond Despair –  Cease Therapy –Dr. Tinus Smits


Some GMO Victories
Mexico banned genetically engineered corn. Citing the risk of imminent harm to the environment, a Mexican judge ruled that, effective immediately, no genetically engineered corn can be planted in the country.


They Don’t Want You to Know

Some of the companies which have spent money to fight labeling of GMO foods keep are:

The Clorox Co. (owner of Burt’s Bees brand)
The Coca-Cola Co. (owner of Odwalla)
ConAgra Foods
Dean Foods Co. (owner of Horizon milk)
Del Monte Foods Co..
General Mills, Inc. (owned of Larabar)
The Hershey Co..
Hormel Foods Corp.
The J.M. Smucker Co.
Kellogg Co.
Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Nestle USA, Inc.
Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
PepsiCo, Inc. (owner of Naked Juice).
Welch Foods, Inc

Learn more:
Ocean Robbins –



Some Remedies in Indigestion – Dr. Subrata Banerjea


Abies Nigra :  Dyspepsia originates from excessive intake of tea and tobacco. In dyspeptic problems of the aged.  Sensation of something sticking in the oesophagus. Distressing sensation about stomach, as if everything was knotted up. < after eating. (30C)

Alfalfa :  Distension and rumbling sound in abdomen; Floating tendency worse after eating.  Frequent passing of watery stool. (tincture)

Alnus Rubra :  Indigestion occurs from intake of protein food such as fish, meat, lentils etc. (tincture)

Arundo Mauritanica : Coldness in stomach, longing for acids; movement as from something alive in abdomen.  Flatulence pain at pubic region greenish stool; diarrhoea of nursing children. (6C, 30C)

Asclepias Tuberosa : Fullness of stomach; Flatulence after meals.  Stool smell like rotten eggs. catarrhal dysentery, with rheumatic pains all over. (tincture)

Butyric Acid : Poor appetite.  Much gas in stomach cramps below the navel region, < at night.  Bowels irregular.  Stool accompanied by pain and straining.30C

China : Slow digestion. Ill effects of tea, milk and fruits disagree; flatulence, belching of bitter fluid, gives no relief. < after eating > bending double. Pain in chest after eating; lump like feelings in chest which are upwards. (30C)

Condurango :  Indigestion from imperfect secretion of gastric juice.(Q, 30C)

Cyclamen : Anorexia, distension of abdomen after eating; Nausea when seeing food; ghee and bread are disagreable; disturbed digestion and all things  taste salty. < after fatty food. Desire for lemonade. (30c)


Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip  Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal, Allen College Of Homoeopathy


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