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Tips & Secrets Oct 2013

More Tips and Secrets of Homeopathy from the masters.

Saving a Limb

When a limb has been partially crushed, it may sometimes be preserved by

cold applications, or by putting- ice upon it and by giving internally Arnica,

alternating sometimes with Aconite . This preservation is possible even when

mortification has already taken place, by giving first China, and afterwards,

when the skin begins to turn black, Lachesis. The surgeon alone can, however, judge what is best to be done.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician -Constantine Hering, M. D.


Did You Know?

Hahnemann’s wonderful and thorough acquaintance with all branches of knowledge can, notwithstanding his natural gifts, be only accounted for when we learn from Hartmann that his health was such that he could work through every other night, and this he doubtless frequently did.  Besides his many translations of scientific works, we are indebted to his industry for the translation from the English of the History of Abelard and Heloise


History of  Homoeopathy –  Its Origin, Its Conflicts  – Wilhelm Ameke, M.D.


Two Keynotes of Ferrum

Ferrum is one of our best remedies for cough with vomiting of food. It is also one of the very few remedies having a red face during chill, and has more than once led to the cure of intermittent fever on that symptom.


Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics –  W.A. Dewey MD


Terebinthina in Hemorrhage

Terebinthina is one of our best anti-haemorrhagic remedies. Hematuria, hemoptysis, and haemorrhage from the bowels, especially in typhoid, and even in purpura haemorrhagica it may do splendid work. One of the chief characteristics for its use is the smooth glossy red tongue.


E. B. Nash, M. D.  Leaders In Homoeopathic Therapeutics



A healthy male adult excretes about two and a half pints of urine in twenty-four hours.  It is of a pale amber or straw color, remaining clear after standing, and precipitating no sediment, but having a peculiar ammoniacal smell. Red scanty urine denotes inflammation. Urine clear and abundant indicates nervous affections. Urine depositing a sediment indicates biliary derangement.

Urine turning milky soon after being emitted (especially in children), denotes the presence of worms in the intestines.


Eaton’s Domestic Practice For Parents And Nurses –  Morton M. Eaton. M. D.


Prolapsus Uteri

Dr. Williamson and others have found Podophyllum a valuable remedy in prolapsus uteri, following parturition, especially when there was also a numb, aching pain in the region of the ovaries, particularly the left.


Lectures On Materia Medica – Carroll Dunham, M. D.


69th Congress of  Liga Medicorum

The 69th Congress of  Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis

meets in France from July 16th to July 19th  2014, at the “Palais des Congrès”, Paris.   It will be a unique opportunity to meet homeopathic doctors from the whole world and to share your knowledge and expertise.



Ten Tips from : ‘Hompath WildFire Software’ .


Remedy Clinical Condition Clinical Tip Author
Vipera Communis Chronic Nose Bleed Effective in chronic nose bleed even when the condition is lifelong. Dr. M.L.Tyler, M.D.
Syphilinum Crying infants Crying infants when they develop this propensity immediately after birth and continue to cry. Dr. Swan & Dr.S.R.Phatak
Symphoricarpus Racemosus Nausea of Pregnancy When a pregnant woman has no constitutional symptoms at all, and upon examining the case, you find nothing but the nausea, overwhelming deathly nausea with continued vomiting day and night, a single dose of SYMPHORICARPUS RACEMOSA will help.Dose
Single dose
Dr. J.T. Kent, M.D.
Sulphuricum Acidum Alcoholism SULPHURIC ACID, one part with three parts of alcohol,10 to 15 drops, thrice daily, if taken for three or four weeks subdues the craving for alcohol. Dr. Hering, M.D.
Staphylococcinum Chronic Dysentry STAPHYLOCOCCIN is indicated in chronic dysentery. It cures this condition quickly. Here, a dose of antipsoric remedy can be given to complete the cure.Dose
One dose
Dr. Sukerkar, D.F.Hom (London)
Staphysagria Violent Abdominal Cramps STAPHYSAGRIA is sometimes to be substituted for COLOCYNTHIS in the effects of violent emotion in women and children when the violent abdominal cramps fail to yield to the latter remedy. Dr. E.A.Farrington, M.D.
Sulphur Acne vulgaris & rosacea. Given in rotation with Ant-c 30 and Arn 30 after every 3 days for 2 months and then rotaion, 200 weekly Dr. Balbir Singh
Viola Tricolor Asthma in children VIOLA TRICOLOR is an excellent drainage of a child skin. It has proved to be an excellent pulmonary drainage in infantile asthma. Dr. Julian
Uva Ursi Cystitis and Urethral Stones UVA URSI finds no equal when cystic and urethral symptoms are referable to stone in the bladder. You have as symptomatic of the drug, burning, scalding urination, the flow of urine stops suddenly as if a stone had rolled in front of the internal orifice Dr. Farrington, M.D.
Uranium Nitricum Diabetes My own experience leads me to believe that URANIUM NITRICUM is best suited to cases of diabetes originating in dyspepsia or assimilative derangement; while PHOSPHORIC ACID excels it where the starting point of the disease was in the nervous system. Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.



Homeopathy as Information

Homeopathic physicians need to understand that their remedies are not functioning at the traditional electric, magnetic dipole, atomic, molecular level of the body but, rather at the magnetic information wave level within the physical vacuum which interpenetrates all the atoms and molecules of the human body.


William A. Tiller, Ph.D.


Gratiola   (Hedge Hyssop)

Useful in mental troubles from overweening pride. Confusion when lying and on waking, delusion he is small. Morose, dread of eating. Acts especially on gastro-intestinal tract. Vertigo during and after meals; hunger after meals.


Materia Medica of the Mind – H.L. Chitkara



An arthritic remedy with the keynote of amel from cold application. Craves apples. Left wrist/ carpal tunnel pain. Mental torpor, difficulty in thinking.  Forgets names of persons. Thoughtless staring in morning.


Desktop Guide:  Roger Morrison   / M.M of the  Mind- H.L. Chitkara


Distinguishing Scarlatina from Measles

The eruption in scarlet fever generally develops itself in from 24-48 hours, that of measles rarely sets in before the 3rd or 5th day. In Scarlatina there is also

an absence of catarrhal symptoms, as congh, sneezing, and watering eyes. The greatly accelerated pulse, heat of skin, and high temperature, also denote the approach of scarlatina.


An  Epitome of The Homoeopathic Domestic Medicine – Joseph D. Laurie MD


Coccus cacti

The principal use of this drug is in whooping-cough with morning aggravation. The child awakens in the morning and is immediately seized with a paroxysm of whooping-cough, ending in vomiting of clear ropy mucus, hanging in great long strings from the mouth. That is a symptom which you all should remember. Coccus cacti when administered in the beginning cuts short the whole disease.


A Clinical Materia Medica E.  –  A.Farington, M.D


Veratrum Viride in Bronchitis

Veratrum viride suits violent cases from the first where there is high temperature, full, hard, rapid pulse, and great heat of the body. It differs from Aconite in having no anxiety and no restlessness. When the arterial turgescence is over its period of usefulness is past


Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – W.A. Dewey MD


Stomatitis (Aphtha)

Aceticum Acidum :  Violent burning pain in stomach and chest followed by coldness of skin and cold sweat on forehead. (30C)

Ichthyolum : Bad effects of Alcoholism when nothing will stay in the stomach. Early morning diarrhea. Nausea. (30C)

Panacea Arvensis :  Poor mans mercury – sensitiveness over gastric region with hunger but an aversion to food. (6C-200C)

Rhus Glabra :  Aphthous stomatitis. Spongy gums. (Q)

Sulphurosum Acidum : Ulcerative stomatitis. 200C

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip  Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal, Allen College Of Homoeopathy


Some Remedies for the Spleen

Aconite : In inflammations of this organ the chief remedy is Aconite, which often arrests the disease in a short time, even if the patient vomits blood, or which at least modifies the disease so that Arnica will remove the rest. [Jahr.]

Ceanothus : Dr. Hale considers the spleen as the special seat of action of this drug. Dr. Burnett recommends it to be given whenever there is complaint of deep-seated pain in the side, even when no tenderness or enlargement of the spleen can be made out.

Arnica : Has proven a useful remedy following injuries; splenitis with typhoid tendency. Apathetic and does not consider himself very sick , vomiting of blood  pains in the spleen.

Arsenicum : Splenitis, acute or chronic,  induration of the spleen especially in malarial fevers. Diarrhoea, stools watery, bloody, undigested.

Bellis Perennis :  Region of spleen so swollen that the false ribs seem forced out.

Bryonia : Severe pain in the region of the spleen, increased by movement and especially by walking, but subsides when at rest. [Bayes.]

Capsicum — In chronic splenitis Capsicum generally proves one of the most efficient remedies, both if the spleen is simply very sensitive and likewise if it is swollen and indurated, particularly after fever and ague. [Jahr.]

Carbo  veg : Pressing pinching in the region of spleen; quick, lightning-like stitches; abdomen bloated. So weak can hardly walk. [Lilienthal.]

Nux moschata : Enlarged spleen, loose bowels; stitches in spleen, must bend double ; abdomen enormously distended ; dropsy.” [Lilienthal.]

Ranunculus bul : Sensation of soreness in the hypochondrium, especially to the touch ; pulsation in left hypochondrium ; abdomen feels sore and bruised.  This” remedy was thought highly of by C. Von Bonninghausen and C. Dunham, as a spleen remedy of value.


A System of Medicine Based Upon the Law of Homoeopathy Vol 2- Ed. H.R. Arndt MD

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