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If we see a case soon after the swallowing of poison, this poison must be either removed or neutralized — acids by alkalies and alkalies by acids. Chronic consequences require: after acids: Calcarea carb., after alkalies: Nitr. ac., after ethereal oils : Nux vomica, Arsen., after metals: Hepar.

(Editor’s note: This is not meant to be complete. Be sure to contact a poison control center)

Special Pathology and Diagnostics with Therapeutic Hints – C.G.Raue, MD (1882)


Homeopathy in Romania

The practice of homeopathy in Romania is legal and has been clearly regulated since 1981. Only medical doctors can lawfully practice homeopathy after completing the 3 year course and after passing the full license examination. Over 2500 physicians have since completed the course.

Dr. Atena Ioana Antonescu



Forced Vaccination brought to you by Pharma

A law passed in California recently (SB77) removed the personal and religious exemption to vaccination of school children. The medical exemption still exists but most people will not be able to use it. Essentially, it’s forced vaccination of all children. The organizations that lobbied for the law were funded by Pharmaceutical corporations Astra Zeneca, Merck, Novartis, Monsanto, Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur, and BioCSL. The law was bought and paid for by Pharma.


Some Tips from Dr. T. F. Allen

Ammonium Carbonicum – Generally useful in great prostration with falling temperature. Poisoning by charcoal fumes (Arnica, Bovista.). Patients requiring this drug are generally listless and lethargic.

Valeriana Officinalis – Hysteria, with dread of being left alone, very restless and excitable.

Aloe Socotrina – There is always great accumulation of flatus, which presses downward and causes distress in the lower bowel.

Jaborandi – Mumps, especially when there is metastasis to the testicles.

Pareira Brava – Cystitis, constant urging to urinate, with violent pain and straining, < from midnight till morning. Strangury, ability to urinate only when on the knees and pressing the head against the floor. The urine scalds the whole length of the urethra. With the cystitis severe pain in the thigh (Berberis in the hip).

Ammonium Causticum – Spasm of the glottis (or paralysis), with suffocation, the patient gasps for breath.

Uranium Nitricum – Numerous cases of diabetes are reported cured with this drug. Excessive thirst, emaciation, and, perhaps, also tympanitis. Enormous appetite but the patient emaciates.


T.F. Allen – Handbook of Materia Medica and Homeopathic Therapeutics



Canada to Restrict Info about Homeopathic Remedies

In Canada, Minister of Health Rona Ambrose stated that, as of July 2016, Health Canada (HC) will require stiffer “not-a-vaccine” labeling on nosodes, and will “no longer approve specific health claims on homeopathic products for cough, cold, and flu for children 12 and under, unless those claims are supported by scientific evidence.


Pterygium – Therapeutic Hints

Argentum nit. – Pink color, discharge from the eye, inflammation better in the open air, unbearable in a warm room, with pain at the root of the nose.

Arsenicum – Dryness and burning in the eye or acrid lachrymation and discharge.

Calcarea carb. – rFom exposure to wet and cold.

Zincum – Thick and vascular, conjunctiva injected, lashes inclined to turn inward. External canthi sore and cracked, eyes feel sore in cold air, better in a warm room. Itching and lachrymation at night. Green halo around candle-light, rush of blood to the head over face, followed by perspiration over body. Pressure across the root of the nose and supra-orbital region. (Dunham.)

Still other remedies have proved useful : Chimaphila, Laches., Nux mosch., Psorin, Ratan., Spigel., Sulphur.

Special Pathology and Diagnostics with Therapeutic Hints – C.G.Raue, MD (1882)


In pneumonia there comes a period when the febrile symptoms subside, the patient himself feels greatly relieved. Either there is an increase in the process of absorption…. or else there is a disposition to get rid of the pneumonic infiltration by a purulent degeneration. No remedy yet proven, corresponds so well to these indications as Sulphur. Sulphur increases the process of secretion and absorption. Upon these grounds we apply Sulphur for the removal of pneumonic infiltration and of serous exudation of old as well of recent deposits.

Hahnemannian Monthly Volume-II Jan – Dec I917



When we find in a family a case of infectious typhoid fever, the same remedy, which has been given the patient in accordance with his symptoms, will also be sure to protect those in the house from infection, as it destroys the natural disposition thereto.

For Homoeopathic Prophylactics we see the following of much utility: Scarlet fever (Belladonna), Smallpox (Variolinum), Cholera (Cuprum acet. 3x). Measles (Pulsatilla). Diphtheria (Mercurius cyan), Whooping cough (Drosera), Sea sickness (Apomorphinum), Yellow fever (Crot.), Tuberculosis (Tuberculinum), (Gonorrheaa (Medorrhinum).

Hahnemannian Monthly Volume-II Jan – Dec I917


The Purpose of GMO’s

“The commercial purpose of GMOs is not to feed the world or improve farming. Rather, they exist to gain intellectual property (i.e. patent rights) over seeds and plant breeding and to drive agriculture in directions that benefit agribusiness. This drive is occurring at the expense of farmers, consumers and the natural world.”

Jonathan R. Latham, PhD –Plant biologist and GMO researcher

Scotland, Germany, Latvia, Greece to Ban GMO’s

First Scotland opted to ban GM crops from its country, citing fear of GMO crops contaminating its food supply, then Germany followed suit. Now, both Latvia and Greece have booted Monsanto from their countries and banned the only GM crop presently allowed to be grown in EU countries, Monsanto’s MON810 GM Maize.

Hungary Destroys GMO’s

Hungary has destroyed 1000 acres of maize that was found to be grown with genetically modified seeds. Hungary is a nation where genetically modified seeds are banned along with other genetically modified ingredients.



U.S. Attempts to Ban the Labelling of GMO’s!

The U.S. House of Representatives just voted to ban states from passing GMO labeling laws. The law would also allow the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to label genetically engineered material as “natural”. The law will soon be voted on by the Senate.

Rhus in Suppuration

Rhus tox. is a very useful remedy in acute suppurations, especially in suppurative conditions about the eye. It has proved curative in abscesses about the parotid and axillary glands. The pus is bloody and serous, the pain is intense, and the swelling is dark red. Rhus corresponds very closely to septicaemia.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics, W.A. Dewey MD


Psora alone never causes structural changes. The shape of the psoric face is that of an inverted pyramid. Hair and scalp are dry and lusterless. It becomes gray too early, or white in spots. It kills the psoric patient to stand still. He must walk instead of standing, even if he is on his feet but a brief time.

The Principles And Art Of Cure By Homœopathy – Herbert A. Roberts, M.D.


Some Children’s Constitutional Types

Baryta carb: The children who do not grow, but pine away, with swelling of glandular structures.

Calcarea carb: Fat babies with large heads, wide open fontanels, which are often covered with dirty or scurfy skin. Fair complexioned. They are lively, precocious. Their head sweats profusely during sleep, especially on the occiput. Stomach and bowels are large, sensitive to pressure. Bowels inclined to be loose. Feet damp and cool. Dentition slow and troublesome.

Calcarea phos: Flabby, shrunken, emaciated children; skull thin and soft, with fontanels wide open; will not stand anymore; do not learn to walk; want to nurse all the time; great desire for salt meats and potatoes; after eating and drinking, bellyache; retarded dentition with cold tumors, emaciation and loose, green and at times slimy stools.

Lycopodium: The children sleep apparently soundly, but scream out suddenly in sleep, stare about and cannot easily be pacified.

Silica: Rickety children, sweat much about the head, especially forehead and face; claw their mouth during dentition and are prone to abscesses, glandular swellings and a fetid sweat of the feet.

Sulphur: These children who do not like to be washed, have pimples, boils and other eruptions on head, face and everywhere. They pick at the nose, have red lips, crave sour things, feel faint in the forenoon, may have diarrhoea early in the morning. Sleep is restless, start when falling asleep, cry out during sleep or murmur, moan and whine, or snore; their feet are cold in the morning and hot in the evening. They run about, but do not like to stand, sit hunched and walk stooping.

Thuja: These are children of sycotic and syphilitic taint. They are rather thin than fat, are prone to eruptions which, on healing, leave purple spots. Their teeth soon turn black and decay at the gums. The salivary glands swell. There is sometimes thrush or ranula. Offensive discharge from the ears, soreness of penis or vulva and about the buttocks, frequently recurring morning diarrhea, pain in the left iliac region, fetid foot-sweats; often the uncovered parts sweat, while the covered parts are dry and hot. Their parents, one or both, have a greasy skin, and warts and moles, and crave salt, and the little one will by and by show these hereditary symptoms.

Special Pathology and Diagnostics with Therapeutic Hints – C.G.Raue, MD (1882)


Warning – Merck’s Gardasil Vaccine -HPV

As of Dec 13, 2013, there were 29,918 vaccine reaction reports to VAERS about Gardasil vaccinations. They included: sudden collapse, disabling fatigue, Guillain Barre Syndrome, facial paralysis, brain inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis lupus, blood clots, optic neuritis, multiple sclerosis, strokes and 140 deaths.

Five Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington

Rhus vs Baptisia

The distinction between Rhus t. and Baptisia is not always easy. Rhus has restlessness, caused more by rheumatoid pains than by muscular soreness alone. The tongue, under Rhus, has a red, triangular tip. Delirium is of a muttering character under Rhus, unaccompanied, by these delusions respecting personal identity. Neither are the putrid discharges of Rhus tox. quite so offensive as those of Baptisia.

Oleum jecoris in TB

Oleum jecoris aselli (Cod-liver oil) is known as a great remedy in scrofulosis tuberculosis and debility. There are chills running down the back, hoarseness, and soreness through the chest. How many times you will see these symptoms as the beginning of tuberculosis!


The Graphites patient is sad and full of grief. She has an anxious, apprehensive state of mind, which compels her to move about from place to place. She has forebodings of some imaginary accident or mishap which is about to take place. It makes her anxious and restless and she cannot be kept quiet.

Mercurius Looking Like Calc

Mercurius is indicated in scrofulous children who have unusually large heads with open fontanelles. They are slow in learning to walk, the teeth form imperfectly or slowly, the limbs are apt to be cold and damp, and there is a damp, clammy feeling to the limbs. You may distinguish it from Calcarea, Silicea and Sulphur by these characteristics: The head is inclined to perspire in the Mercurius case, but the perspiration is offensive and oily.

Selenium after Typhoid Fever

We may be called upon to use Selenium for the sequelae of typhoid fever. When the patient begins to walk about, there is such great debility of the spine that he fears that he will be paralyzed.

E. A. Farrington, M.D. – Clinical Materia Medica


Organic Farmers Complain

A third of U.S. organic farmers have had their crops contaminated by genetically modified crops, and over half of those growers have had loads of grain rejected because of unwitting GMO contamination.

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