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A Case of Oral Melanoma in A Dog

Dr. Kavita Chandak treats a case of oral melanoma in a dog.  Calcarea carbonicum and Cadmium iodatum were among the remedies used.

In June 2022, a woman from Dominican Republic contacted me regarding her dog’s oral melanoma and other potential tumor in his spleen.

She wrote:

Dante (her dog), spends most of the day lying down but when it is food time he is eager and eats extremely fast. He dislikes hot weather, even though likes to sunbathe every day. We have not allowed him take sunshine because melanoma can get worse.

He does not like to stay alone. Always wants to be around my husband or myself at home but he is brave, not fearful. He is dominating and attacking other dogs, feels himself boss! He does not like to take baths, he likes to be dirty!

In October 2020, we had to move to Dominican Republic and could not bring him with us.  Dante spent 9 months with my father in law. They are not dog people and he spent most of the time in a small apartment waiting for a walk at the end of the day.

He got sick in June 2021 while my father-in-law was taking care of him. He a got fever and did not have appetite. It was due to to some GI infection and he received antibiotics and some extra medication. We were able to bring him to Dominican in August 2021.

Unfortunately, as soon he arived he got bitten by a tick (September 2021). He got doxycycline for 1 month and he recovered well. We gave him also a complex B and some probiotics. I was forced to use Nexgard for first time in his life to prevent new bites.

However, it is so toxic that we used it just one month and stopped but got he another bite and that time used Ledum 200C or 1M helped. Unfortunately, we had to travel for 3 weeks and the person who was taking care of him demanded the Nexgard again, so in first week of April he received another Nexgard caplet.

When we returned, he had an ulcer in his right eye and had to have a superficial keratectomy. During the eye treatment, we noticed the mass in his mouth and the oncologist did a cytology and said it was an oral melanoma.

Two different oncologists saw Dante. The first one made:

  1. A fine needle aspiration of the tumor and of the local lymph nodes
  2. Three x-rays of the chest

Based on that and on physical exam he was sure Dante had an oral melanoma

That was not spreading to other sites.

The second oncologist recommended a cytology of the oral tumor but we did not do it because it required anesthesia for that, and again general anesthesia for two potential extra surgeries (remove the oral tumor and remove the spleen). He did some blood work and urine tests. 3 weeks ago, the vet said that urine density is high; he may land in kidney issue.

Considered rubrics for homeopathic treatment-


Calcarea carb 30 CH –morning

Cadmium iodatum 30 CH-evening

Advised for a month.

Why Calcarea carb?



MIND – COMPANY – desire for

MIND – AILMENTS FROM – emotions – sad

MOUTH – TUMORS – malignant


URINE – SPECIFIC gravity – increased

GENERALS – HEAT – sensation of

Why Cadmium iodatum?

Cadmium has been used as antidotes to various irritating and injurious conditions that could lead to malignancies. Irritations in the gastrointestinal tract due to faulty and adulterated foods, chemicals in the water such as chlorine, and aluminum poisoning from the use of aluminum cookware have all been treated with these remedies. (Nexgard creates irritation in GIT).

Cadmium affects glands, lymphatics everywhere in the body. (Cervical gland, thyroid, tonsils, mammae, testicles, spleen, ovaries).  It is hot remedy having significant role in malignancies especially spleen cancer. One distinctive mental symptom is hatred. Dante is a hot blooded patient, having tumors in mouth and spleen, H/O GIT infection, biting-attacking other dogs, made me choose Cadmium Iodatum.

Follow up after a month-

She wrote that he keeps eating with ravenous appetite and waiting for more food after every meal. He has good energy and disposition. Always excited to go for a walk and sleeping well. Not thirsty but panting more frequently. Unfortunately, the oral tumor keeps growing fast.


As the general condition was good, I suggested continuing the same medicine.

Follow up after three months-

She wrote, I think we are having very good news with Dante. His energy is wonderful and he has returned to a playful doggie. However, the most relevant is the change in the oral tumor! It has shrunk and the color is very different. Now it is smaller and pinky! Please see the pictures attached.

Prescription- same.

Follow up after five months-

She wrote I started taking homeopathic classes, as Dante’s recovery is a miracle!

Prescription- No medicine for a while.

Follow up after eight months-

She wrote the tumor is much smaller and different in color and shape. It is pink now!

Prescription– Placebo.

I insisted she do lab investigations for Dante.

She wrote: We even forgot that Dante has tumor!

Follow-up after nine months-

They did ultrasound. Spleen tumor has not grown in size.

She wrote:  Regarding the melanoma in the mouth, it is smaller but came back to black-purple, like a blackberry again.  We have seen that in the past, last time it was pink, small and then turned blackish. Let us see this time.

The oncologist just said that the behavior of the tumor in the mouth and in the spleen are very atypical and refused to even hear about his homeopathic treatment and he insisted on doing surgeries to remove the mouth tumor and the spleen one. It is very sad to find people so mind blinded but the important thing is that Dante is doing well!

We appreciate very much your support with him and being able to spend more time with our beloved Dante in health.

I asked her for the exact location of the oral melanoma.

She wrote- It is located behind the last inferior molar in the left jaw.


Benzoic Acid 30 C in morning, Cadmium iodatum 30 C in evening and Calcarea iod 30 C in afternoon.

Why Benzoic Acid?

MOUTH – TUMORS – left side – Last molar; behind


Follow up after 10 months-

She wrote: Tumor is the same. His mood is good, hungry as always, excited for his walks.

Update 10.5 months: “Dante’s tumor changes constantly. Now, it looks like grey instead of purple-black and has some pieces pink.”

Prescription- same.


A diagnostic paper though works, as evidence just could not be the parameter of healing!  Homeopathy says the general well-being is the confirmation of healing!

I decided to continue the same medicines until there is no detoriation.

In few cases, palliation is recovery!  Animals cannot talk but we have to understand them. From teaching autism for many years, I learnt how to perceive what the patient himself doesn’t say. Totality is the best option to enter in such cases.

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