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A Remedy as Catalyst for Change

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Last year we adopted two female kittens from the local animal shelter. The black striped one, Mitzi, was three months old. The orange kitten was seven months, and we called her Bella. Bella had been abandoned in an apartment by a family who moved.

Bella was very thin from the outset. In the next couple weeks she went downhill, becoming emaciated and very frail. Our homeopathic vet said Bella was near death and looked “ephemeral”. Based on this and the possibility of fluid loss, she administered Cinchona 30. Within two days Bella looked stronger and in a week, she was running up and down the stairs.

Over the next few months Bella experienced another transformation. She went from being bone thin, to obese. She stopped playing, kept to herself and scampered off if we tried to pet her. Failing to groom herself, her fur became dirty and unkempt. She just lay around the house. She seemed to be in pain while urinating and had frequent urging. Bella then began passing blood-tinged urine on our rugs. On examining her, I discovered a hard layer beneath the fur of her abdomen. It may have been adhesions or scar tissue from her spaying operation.

The symptoms I repertorized were :

  • Obesity
  • Dirtiness
  • Indolence
  • Indifference

The two remedies that covered all the symptoms were Sulphur and Capsicum. Capsicum had ailments from homesickness and grief, which could certainly apply to an abandoned cat. It also had aversion to company and desire for solitude. It covered the bloody urine and frequent urging.

I made a water potency of Capsicum 30 and gave her one dose. After two days she went back to using her kitty litter and no longer seemed to be in pain. When the problem returned a week later, she got another dose (succussed). The remedy then unleashed a cascade of healing.

Over the next month, Bella started grooming again and totally cleaned herself up. She began playing with us and with Mitzi, and became very affectionate. In two months she lost all that weight and became slim and trim. That hardness beneath her abdominal fur disappeared and she’s soft as cotton now. She follows me everywhere and loves to be petted.

What magic we are privy to!

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