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Abscess in a Sheepdog

Written by Barbara M.

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Silica is one of my favorite remedies and if you have ever suffered the pain of an abscess you would understand my fondness for this remedy. I have used it myself for abscesses and have successfully treated several breast abscesses in clients. Most recently however, was the treatment of an abscess in a friends Old English Sheepdog.

The dog has had abscesses before that would typically end with the Vet lancing the abscess and then treatment with antibiotics to destroy and prevent any infection. During this last episode the dog was taken to the vet and the vet told my friend that the abscess hadn’t “ripened” enough to lance and wanted her to bring the dog back in a few days. The dog was in pain and was panting a lot and the area was swollen and red, the least touch of the area caused the dog to whine and my friend felt that warm applications made the dog feel better.

Based on the symptoms I told her to give a dose of Silica 200c and we got off the phone. About 5 minutes later her husband called saying that the abscess opened and about a ¼ cup of pus came out of the wound. The dog seemed more comfortable and my friend and her husband were very excited. The wound healed nicely with no further treatment needed.

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