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Aggression in Sows


The subjects of this case study are three sows. All three of them displayed the same symptoms and the same homeopathic medicinal product was administered to treat them. The product worked successfully in thirty minutes in all three cases.

The three sows farrowed for the first time. They were restless during farrowing whenever a piglet went too near.Therefore the farmer secluded the piglets and returned them for nursing upon completion of the farrowing. However, the sow attacked the piglets instead of nursing them.


Two of the sows were in separate pens. They were lying on their sides, but when the farmer put a piglet beside them respectively, they immediately stood up, started shaking and backing away. When they could not go any further, they suddenly attacked the piglet with murderous glares.


The third sow was in the pigsty. When the farmer put a piglet inside, she fixed her gaze on it, and then with a sudden movement attacked it and bit it in half.

What did we see?

The case was analysed with the help of Sankaran’s levels of experiences, and the following notes were made.

Active reaction: jumps up and trembles (panic), flees, fixation, bites or attacks

Sankaran says “The Sensation and the Action are the same (equal), but opposite.” The sows’ sensation could be determined based on this.

Sensation: aggression, terror, the sense of being chased, and murderous intent. So, the sow did, to the piglets the things she felt deep down were being done to her.

This observation led to the Solanaceae plant family. The situation was acute; thereforeBelladonna seemed like the appropriate solution. Since the sows were on the sensational level, the potency was 10M.

The following rubrics confirms the appropriateness of the choice in medicine.


MIND-BITING-delirium, during

MIND-ESCAPE, attempts to


MIND-KILL; desire to

Source: Radar 10, Synthesis 9.2.1 (by Shroyen)

Application: the two sows in the pen received the dissolved homeopathic medicine through the mucous membrane of the vagina. The sow in the pigsty received the dissolved medicine in the nose and mouth from a syringe at a distance of 1.5 metres.

Result: all three sows calmed down in thirty minutes and started regularly nursing the piglets.

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