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Alex the Cat

Alex the cat is brought back to joy with a well reasoned prescription.

On June 15th 2012 I received a question about Alex, a neutered male cat who had been used for breeding. At the breeder he lived in a henhouse and was not used to living in a homely environment. The lady who adopted him tells me he lived with them for 3 weeks now and the first days he was terrified to come out of his traveling cage, afraid to even move. Slowly he came out of his cage and did not hide immediately when someone entered the room.

He likes to be petted, but only when he’s in a safe place. Sometimes he comes out of his safe place to lie on the bed. The problem started when his new owner shaved some of his fur because it was stuck together. He starts licking his fur obsessively. He has bald places and he’s also wounding himself.

There is not much known about his history, only that he went from his original breeder to the breeder where he came from. When his owner picked him up he was really dirty and smelled like urine so badly they really had to wash him. He had always lived in his henhouse. His skin looks normal, except from the wounds he made by licking. He is social to the other cats in the house and at night he plays with them.

When one of the owners enters the room he’s staying in, he does not panic, even lets them pet him very briefly, and then he carefully finds his way to a safe spot. He really lost his faith in humanity, but the owners can see he’s a very sweet cat with a sad look in his eyes.

From the repertorisation I did not get very far. This cat really seemed sad because of the way people treated him in the past. Therefore I was looking for a grief remedy for this poor shy boy. Staphysagria was the remedy I thought of. My sense was that he was in grief and that bad things happened to him in the past due to humans. It’s also a remedy that let’s things happen to them. Alex didn’t like to be washed or shaved, but he let it happen. Staphysagria tends to hide, which Alex does, and also Staphysagria is not able to show his feelings. Alex gives the impression that he likes to be loved, but is not able to open up to the love his new owners want to give him. We decided to give him Staphysagria.

On the 18th of June Alex received his first dose of Staphysagria. That night, when the owner was lying on her bed, Alex came up next to the bed meowing at her. She was able to pick him up, put him on the bed and cuddle him and he stayed on the bed with her for some time. The next day he got his second dose and the same thing happened. He also did not lick his fur anymore.

Because he’s doing so well we decided not to give him a dose of Staphysagria on the third day. That day he tended to hide again when one of the owners entered the room. We decided to give him a dose of Staphysagria every day for a week now.

On August 2nd Alex’s owner told me he is doing really well. His wounds are healing and he does not lick his fur any more. He likes to cuddle up on the bed and even dares to get on the owners lap. The owner stopped giving him Staphysagria since a few days ago.

On the 21st of August the owner told me Alex was still doing better. When she comes upstairs he comes running to her to cuddle. His fur has grown back. He now also dares to sit on the cabinet and look out of the window.

Up until this day (3rd of February 2013) Alex is doing great. He enjoys being cuddled and does not feel the need to hide from people. His owners are very happy with the sweet cuddly cat he has become.

Alex before Staphysagria:

Alex after Staphysagria:

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Manoe Hoekstra - After working in hotels and restaurants for years I wanted to do something else, follow my dream and work with animals. For almost seven years I worked as a veterinarian’s assistant in a small practice for companion animals. After two years I felt I wanted to be able to do more to help animals in a more natural way. I decided to enter the four year program for homeopathy for animals in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. I fell in love with this profession. It’s wonderful how we can heal animals in such a soft and natural way. I graduated in September 2012 and started my little practice. I’m also still working as a veterinarian assistant.


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