Veterinary Homeopathy

An Osteochondritis Dissecans

Written by Jacques Millemann

Homeopathy saves a dog from surgery.

Case presentation

Iona is a black New Foundland male with pedigree, born on 8/8/1993. On December 2nd 1994 her owner, Mr. Michel D… coming from Evette-Salbert in the region of Belfort, presents me his bitch, hoping to avoid surgery planned two days later, because she has an osteochondritis dissecans* at the bottom of her right scapulum.


Iona is a long-limbed, fine built female , gentle, playful, very sociable, apparently at ease with herself. In a dog group she doesn’t escape, but neither does she look for a fight. Half an hour after starting, she limps heavily. This began 9 days ago, whilst she was playing. She was playing the fool and suddenly she came back limping and crying. She kept crying a whole minute.

Now when starting she is somewhat stiff. She stretches herself a little but doesn’t really limp along. She was fed with industrial food for giant dogbreeds with too much proteïn (38%), Calcium and vitamins. She likes water and somewhat rough playing. She happened to knock down her masters while playing. When the wind is blowing strong, she raises her snout and shows interest.


According to her playful and cheerful disposition as well as to her longlimbed and elegant constitution, I prescribe three doses of Calcarea phosphorica 9 CH, one a week and Symphytum 5 CH , three granules morning and evening for 10 days.

Follow up

I lose touch with Iona because her master lives more than 200 km from here. On June 21, 1996 I get some news by phone. The dog was not operated on and has never limped since.

* Osteochondritis dissecans is a joint condition in which a piece of cartilage, along with a thin layer of the bone beneath it, comes loose from the end of a bone.

Soultz-sous-Forêts 7/11/2011

Jacques Millemann, Dr vétérinaire


About the author

Jacques Millemann

Born April 27th, 1935, Jacques Millemann received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the National School for Veterinary Surgeons (Alfort, France) in 1960. He settled as a rural area veterinary surgeon in Soultz-sous-Forets (France), catering to pets and cattle. Disappointed in mainstream medicine he began experimenting with homeopathy and published his first clinical cases in 1976. Fluent in German and English, he became a tutor for the French Homoeopathy Society and joined the International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy. He tutored in Switzerland, Germany, Austria etc.
Jacques retired from practice in 2000 and now, as member of the IAVH, is coordinating the writing of the first International Veterinary Materia Medica, which includes clinical cases, using the research of internationally renowned veterinary practitioners. The first volume was published in France and Germany and the second in Germany. He also collaborated with Dr Philippe Osdoit in writing L"™homeoopathie Veoteorinaire-de la theoorie et de la pratique (Veterinary Homoeopathy "“ Theory and Practice), published by Marco Pieotteur in Belgium and Sonntag in Germany.

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  • Cher Jacques
    Votre cas. Est précieux
    Et me rappelle que j ai vu ce soir un jeune de
    14 ans souffrant d une Osteochondrite depuis
    6 mois.
    Je lui ai donne lesmemes remèdes.
    J espere qu il guérira aussi vite!

    J aurais besoin de ton Numero de téléphone.

    Pour te parler de mon épagneul.
    Merci et a bientot
    Dr Elisabeth wissler koenig
    Medecin généraliste Homeo a sarreguemines

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