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Antimonium Crudum in Lovesickness

Written by Christian Loehr

The author recalls how a so-called human emotion was used as a guide to the suitable homeopathic remedy for a cat.

These cases are just proof that there is no difference in animal and human minds and that we can develop similar symptoms. The only important thing is “OBSERVATION”.

Some years ago I had two cases of anorexia in young people: a girl of 14 and a boy of 17. Both were desperate because they fell in love, but it was unrequited. Both refused obstinately any kind of food and talked only of the desire for death. I could promptly give them the proper remedy, thanks to a previous experience with a cat of mine.


Menelik was a kitten of about two months when I found him on the road. I think he was abandoned, because it was evident he was used to people and to being caressed. In Italy, especially in the region where I live, people sometimes take in animals for the enjoyment of their children, but when they realize the animal has his own needs, they easily abandon him.

A few days afterwards he developed a rhinotracheitis, very common and dangerous for cats. He promptly recovered with IPECAC according to the symptoms he presented. When he was eight months old, before I could sterilize him, as I always do to avoid my cats going on the road looking for females and being in danger from cars, he disappeared for a week. When he came back, he was in a very miserable condition and he presented an ugly infection in both testicles. I promptly decided to take him to the veterinary for sterilization.

When he returned home he was in a condition of great prostration, which I thought was due to a previous infection, anesthesia and surgery. Two days later he had not touched food yet, even when I offered him raw meat, which he would eat in great quantities when he was ok. It was very strange, because normally he had a RAVENOUS APPETITE. What struck me was his constantly looking out of the window with a desperate expression, and suddenly I thought it might be a question of grief, of love disappointed, of vexation due to the attack of other stronger cats. Androgens are still present in great quantities a certain time after castration and they are also produced through suprarenal bodies, and this explains the persistent desire for females.

Using MacRepertory in the rubric Mind:

MIND love-sick

love exalted

ailments from love disappointed

ecstasy amorous

discomfort with sexual desire

amorous disposition

ailments from grief, vexation

You can see that the only remedy is Antimonium Crudum. It was a surprise for me because I did not know this remedy under this aspect.

Antimonium Crudum 30 CH, a few granules dissolved in water. Two administrations one hour apart. In the evening he was eating his loved raw meat.

Of course, after this experience, I went deeply into the study of Antimonium Crudum and I found other very interesting symptoms in the MIND Rubric of Roger Van Zandvoort’s Reference Works :

SENTIMENTAL in young persons

SENTIMENTAL moonlight in ecstatic love

Sadness , melancholy in puberty

Hysteria at puberty

Exaltation of fancies

Desires nothing


Disoriented, dissatisfied

Sighing in paroxysm


Menelik is a beautiful, long black hair cat today and he always has his ravenous appetite which is a very peculiar symptom of Antimonium Crudum.

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