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Ask the Holistic Vet – Dr. Deva Khalsa – April 2015

Written by Deva Khalsa

Holistic veterinarian Dr. Khalsa answers about Styes & Warts on dog, Arthritis in rabbits, Carsickness in dogs, fleas in dogs and cats,

Each month Dr. Deva Khalsa V.M.D. answers selected questions on veterinary issues. Dr. Khalsa is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a Fellow and Professor of the British Institute of Homeopathy and has lectured both nationally and internationally. She is the co-author of Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies and Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog.


Dr. Deva,

I have an 11 year old dog who has a jagged growth on the upper edge of her eyelid. In the last year it has gotten larger and is about a quarter inch around and sometimes it grows to a “point” about a quarter inch long or more. I gave her Thuja occidentalis recently and the end of it dried up and fell off but the base stays. I have given her 5 pellets 3 times a day for about 3-4 days. I don’t know what else to do to get rid of it. She can’t close her eye completely and I’m sure it bothers her-her eye is usually blood shot. Any information you can give me I would appreciate.

Thank you

Bonnie Repine 

Dr. Khalsa :   Hi Bonnie. You could try Aloe vera cut from the core of the live plant 3x a day on the cyst. Aloe stays good for three days in the fridge after you cut it, so just cut what you need. Also the remedy Staphisagria 6c once a day for two

Hi Dr. Khalsa,

Do you have any holistic advice for a rabbit that has arthritis and spondylosis?   And another rabbit that has cataracts? The arthritic symptoms are in my rabbit’s hind and front legs and spondylsis is in his spine according to x-rays recently taken.   He is having some trouble getting up from a laying position, especially if he lays for a long time.  He is still hopping around without much problem but when he is really excited (for a treat) he can knock himself over from the excitement or trying to jump to get to the treat (like he did in his younger days).  The other rabbit has cataracts in both eyes.  The last one just developed about 3 weeks ago.

I was wondering if there is anything holistically I could do for either one of them.


Pamela Packman

Dr. Khalsa:  I would give the rabbit with spondylosis two remedies.  (1) Hypericum 6x or 6c once or twice a day giving it for a week on and then a week off to help with the nerve damage from the changes in the spinal bone. Also Silicea 6c once  a day, with a month on and a month off.  For the cataracts you can try Nat mur 6c once a day for two months but cataracts can be tricky.



Dear Dr. Khalsa,

My five year old Collie gets carsick whenever we travel with her. Is there anything that will prevent this?  She drools and pants and is very uncomfortable.

Thank you


Dr. Khalsa:  Easy. First try Cocculus 6x every 15 minutes for an hour before the trip and occasionally during a long trip. To desensitize you can give a dose of Cocculus and then go up and down the drive. The next day give a dose and go around the block. If all goes well with that trip then drive around for 5 minutes after a dose of the remedy. If the Cocculus does not work then try Tabacum, giving it the same way and you can also try both given together if you’re in a pinch.

Hi Dr. Khalsa,

What is the best way to prevent and also treat fleas in dogs and cats?


Leah and Bob Bennet

Dr. Khalsa:  Deserving Pet’s “Ticked Off” is all natural and works like a miracle to treat fleas.  For  preventing fleas you can give fresh garlic, and cut up is best and do it every day. Here’s an article on garlic by Dr. Khalsa which appeared in Dog’s Naturally magazine :

Hi Dr. Khalsa,

My puppy (mongrel) has a stye.  It doesn’t seem to bother her, so I don’t think it’s painful, but I’d like to treat it.  Is there a remedy (s) that would help?

Thanks very much


Dr. Khalsa:  Hi Lana.  Aloe vera from the plant right on the stye and also a few doses of Staphasagria 30c may help.


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Deva Khalsa

Dr. Deva Khalsa V.M.D. is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a Fellow and Professor of the British Institute of Homeopathy and has lectured both nationally and internationally. She is the co-author of ‘Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies’ and Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog‘. Her practice includes homeopathy acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, nutrition, N.A.E.T, J.M.T. and other modalities. Her philosophy is to use whatever it takes to restore health. Dr. Khalsa’s practice is in New Zealand but she consults by internet and phone with pet owners from the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe and the UK.


  • Dear Dr. Deva,

    We have a week-old calf, born backwards and unable to suck, who took a day and carbo veg 1m three times before she could nurse from her mother. We tubed her twice with colostrum…now she is ok but seems a little lethargic. I will give her Arnsenicum Album today as a scour preventive but is there something that will boost her immune system and help stave off scour. Thank you.

  • One of my free range hens was suffering for weeks with a white discharge from her vent. She refused to let roosters mount her and was not laying eggs. When one aggressive young rooster tried to mount her she would not lift her tail, no mattter how hard he bit her neck and dug his claws into her back. Instead of going in the coop at night she was hiding in our foyer to get away from the roosters. From the internet description, I diagnosed her with “vent gleet”, which is a candida infection. I started giving her yogurt every morning, which she loves, which seemed to lessen the discharge somewhat. Then I decided to give her homeopathy. Based on her symptoms: white vaginal discharge, yeast infection, fear of men (roosters), aversion to sex, painful sex, I gave her Sepia 200c in her water. The next day I gave her Candida 30x. Two days later she laid an egg, and another one the next day (today). She still has a bit of discharge and is afraid of roosters, but apparently her reproductive system is functioning. Any other suggestions?

  • Hi Dr Deva,

    My 13 year old Jack Russel cross bred female started scratching herself severely, everywhere, but concentrated on the right butt and around the tail (which are now hairless). This started a few weeks after a tick bite. I took her to the vet who said she has an allergy to something or other and prescribed cortisone. It has helped, but the treatment is winding down now and the scratching is starting up again. Please can you give me some advice? Thanks.

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