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Ask the Holistic Vet – Dr. Deva Khalsa – March 2020

Written by Deva Khalsa

Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Deva Khalsa answers questions this month about a 16-year old Lhasa mix with a growth on her eye, a dog with glaucoma, a frightened feral cat, nosodes for dogs, a dog needing chiropractic, a border collie with cataracts, and an anxious Pug.

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Hello Dr Khalsa
I need your expert advice for my 16-year old Lhasa mix, Tessa. Over the last 3 years she has a growth on her eyelid that has become bigger and developed multiple lumps. The vet suspected cancer but couldn’t be sure. The vet tried to scrape the skin at the growth but it was too hard. He said she was too old to operate on. I would be very grateful if you could speculate on it. Her appetite is perfect as is her demeanor.

Thank you
Christine Syiemiong

Dr. Deva Khalsa:
That has become a rather big growth. There is such a thing as a fine needle aspirate and this is when a needle is inserted that is larger than 21 gauge and the tissue that comes into the needle when the syringe is pulled up is placed on a slide and sent to the lab for a pathologist to look at. Sometimes, it is a representative sample and they can tell exactly what kind of cancer it is and sometimes the needle does not pick up enough for the pathologist to tell. As we do not know what it is, I would recommend Dr. Ramaeker’s Professional Veterinary Immune for a few months. It is an oral chewable pill and the only place on the web you can buy it is at You need to use the professional bottle that is only available to veterinarians.

Dear Dr. Khalsa,

We very recently found out that our 10 1/2-year-old cockup had an eye issue and when we brought her to an ophthalmologist. He said she was blind in one eye and has glaucoma.  He recommended giving her medications (Dorzoloamide and prednisolone.)

He also said the pressure of her eye is high and bothering her and he recommended removing the eye. He said she would feel much better but she is blind and will not gain her sight back.  I have been holistically treating her and home cooking for her for years and I am very hesitant to give her the medications and surgery. However, I started the medication two days ago because I don’t want her to have pain. I want to know if we can holistically reduce the swelling so we would we not need to remove the eye.

Thank you,
Debbie Schwartz

Dr. Deva Khalsa:
Glaucoma is indeed very painful. And yes, she is blind in that eye anyway. If you do not do the surgery you have to go to the eye doctor over and over again to check pressure and adjust medications.  The surgery is a good solution. Dogs who cannot see get along very well with their acute sense of smell.  You can spray lavender on either side of doors about 6 inches up and they will always know the doorway is there. You can spray rose or another scent on furniture they might bump into and they will always know how far away that furniture is.  The main remedy for glaucoma is Phosphorus 6x or 6c or 30c but this is far advanced and I would not recommend this as the solution as, again, there is no need for her to be in constant pain.

Hello Dr. Khalsa

I have a kitten, about 7 months old who I can barely pet and she is constantly scared by strange noises. You can pet her briefly she would rather run away and is  very uncomfortable with human touch.  I spoke with a vet today and she stated that the kitten is feral. She would not allow you to pick her up. Other cats she loves, it’s just people who make her nervous.  She appeared in the summer (it is now February).  I was able to get her in the house and she befriended my neutered cat. She is getting spayed in a couple of weeks and I am concerned as to how to get her in the carrier and whether this will eliminate any progress we’ve made with trust.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
Rhonda Register

Dr. Deva Khalsa:
Natrum mur 200c in her drinking water or twice a day for one month is the remedy that I would use to open up her heart and balance her emotions. If this does not work as well as you would want, then go to Nat mur 1m two or three times a week for a few weeks.

Dear Dr. Khalsa,

I am interested in canine homeopathic nosodes to replace pharmaceutic vaccines. I live in Chester, West Virginia, but I cannot find a homeopathic vet experienced in the use of nosodes.  I am in desperate need of guidance.  Can you consult on this? Are there nosodes to replace any of the most common vaccines? What is the protocol for using nosodes? What age is the best age to give them etc.  Is there a book you can recommend that spells out exactly and precisely how to use homeopathic nosodes (in place of all vaccines)?

Thank you,
Terri Swearingen

Dr. Deva Khalsa:
Oftentimes, nosodes are not even needed.  If a dog has had a Parvo or Distemper (the only diseases in the vaccine booster that are of any concern) after 16 weeks of age he or she is immune for life.  All the other vaccines are non-core vaccines per the AVMA, and holistically oriented people would not give them even if they were not Non- Core.

So if your dog has had a Parvo or Distemper, you are good to go and do not ever have to worry again. If you do not know, one positive titer test for each is also total evidence that they are good for life. My book, The Allergic Pet, spells this out in the vaccine chapter and in the Appendix on vaccines.

The basic message I have is, why worry about nosodes when they are good to go anyway? If you have a Polio vaccine as a child you are not running around looking for a doctor later on in life who will use nosodes with you to prevent Polio.

Dear Dr. Khalsa,

I have a seven-year-old Schnauzer who seems to be in good general health. Lately I’ve noticed that his legs tremble, but only when he is standing still. It doesn’t happen when he’s walking or when he sleeps. Is there something that would help this problem? Is it indicative of a deep-seated problem?

Thank you
Lisa Bennet

Dr. Deva Khalsa:
I do not know where you live but I would try to find a chiropractor who does dogs and have your dog’s back checked.  Dogs cannot talk but they can have a pinched nerve and it causes trembling when they stand or lie.  I do not know if it is all four legs or just the back or front legs from your letter.

Hello Dr. Khalsa,

My Border Collie at ten years old was just diagnosed with the very beginnings of cataract.  I want her to be able to see!  Is there anything I could try to regress the cataracts or at least slow it down?

Thank you

Dr. Deva Khalsa:
Oftentimes in dogs, cataracts spontaneously regress. Also, something called Nuclear Sclerosis, which may appear as a cataract with a whiteness at night in the center of the eye when light is shined on the eye, is mistaken for cataract.  Make sure it is really a cataract and not Nuclear Sclerosis. The latter is very common and the lens gets a little cloudy with old age but they see just fine. If it is truly a cataract, these drops have proven very effective in dogs:

Can-C™ Eye Drops – Applied for 6-months, (twice daily into the eye), in patients suffering from cataract, has generated good results.

Dear Dr Khalsa,

My Pug is scratching holes in walls. Could this be due to itchy paws or a dietary deficiency (pica?).  The holes are quite massive and this happens mostly at night.

Thank you,
Jean Doherty

Dr. Deva Khalsa:
Wow…. That is certainly unusual.  I am not sure if your Pug is anxious or nervous in general. You can try Shen Calmer Chinese Herb for one month to calm the Shen (which is the spirit) and relax him.

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