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Choupette – My First Case of Parvovirus in a Dog

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A case of parvovirus in a dog, solved through careful repertorization.

The Case

On a winter evening in 1980, Mrs R. presents me her doggy Choupette, a 2 year old black dwarfschnauzer bitch, which has a bloody diarrhoea. Usually she is fearful and irritable. Now she is completely prostrated.


Choupette stays in her basket and doesnt move. She vomits black and stinking stuff and remains as in another world. Her belly is distended and sensitive to touch. She drinks very often, just a few sips of water and vomits immediately. Her stool is frequent, liquid, black mucous and very offensive, sometimes bloody. Her rectal temperature is 36,7 º C, which means Hypothermia in a dog. Her look is really strange, because her pupils are very unequal.

Treatment and results

Remedy X, C 5, 3 granules twice a day. We were lucky: the drug-store had it.

In the other morning Choupette was again the usual growling guard dog behind the door. She lived 16 years, but kept a certain intestinal irritability and therefore couldnt eat too much fat nor have too quick changes of diet. At the end of her life she got a little fastidious; didn’t like change in her habits and needed one dose Arsenicum album for another diarrhoea.

Which was remedy X?

Lets have a look at the symptoms: Some were very usual, but two of them fit §153 of the Organon, because they were really rare, queer and unusual :

1. Pupils unequal (Kent p. 263) (15 remedies)

2. Vomits, drinking after, immediately after (Kent p. 533) (10 remedies)

A single remedy covers both rubrics.

A third rubric confirms the choice of Cadmium sulphuratum;

Stomach; VOMITING; black: Arsenicum, Cadm-s., Nux-v., Phosphorus, Veratrum, arg-n., calc., chin., chin-ar., con., crot-h., hyos., ip., lach., lyc., nat-s., petr., plb., sec., sulph., acon., alum., ant-t., camph., carb-ac., card-m., cur., dor., hell., hydr-ac., kali-i., kali-n., kali-ox., lat-m., laur., manc., med., merc-c., nit-ac., op., ox-ac., phyt., puls., raph., sil., sul-ac., zinc.

Confirmation in Voisin’s Materia Medica

Among the described syndromes, one can read ;Cholera-like Gastro-enteritis

Essential for the prescription :

Prostration, fearful, wants to be quiet and not to move.

Hypothermia with icy sensation throughout the body

Violent nausea

Vomiting black or fecaloïd

Great thirst for cold water

Pulse rapid and weak

<< : by least motion, by cold; >> : motionless

That’s why

Cadmium sulfuricum 5 C was given twice a day

Allopathie logic … homeopathic mistake

Seeing such a wonderful resolution in a deadly acute viral sickness, I bought immediately 10 tubes of Cadm-sulph … which naturally I never got to use afterwards!


Kents Repertorium is



Not complete for Cadm-s : hypothermia; prostration should figure in it

To find the “small remedies” you need to work with very few but well chosen symptoms (§ 153). They are often worth a trial.

In such a case allopathic treatment would have lasted at least a fortnight, with

rehydratation, bowel protecting dressing etc and a bundle of effective prayers.

About the author

Jacques Millemann

Born April 27th, 1935, Jacques Millemann received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the National School for Veterinary Surgeons (Alfort, France) in 1960. He settled as a rural area veterinary surgeon in Soultz-sous-Forets (France), catering to pets and cattle. Disappointed in mainstream medicine he began experimenting with homeopathy and published his first clinical cases in 1976. Fluent in German and English, he became a tutor for the French Homoeopathy Society and joined the International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy. He tutored in Switzerland, Germany, Austria etc.
Jacques retired from practice in 2000 and now, as member of the IAVH, is coordinating the writing of the first International Veterinary Materia Medica, which includes clinical cases, using the research of internationally renowned veterinary practitioners. The first volume was published in France and Germany and the second in Germany. He also collaborated with Dr Philippe Osdoit in writing L"™homeoopathie Veoteorinaire-de la theoorie et de la pratique (Veterinary Homoeopathy "“ Theory and Practice), published by Marco Pieotteur in Belgium and Sonntag in Germany.


  • I had a litter of Labradors which developed parvo virus (laboratory confirmation) after their vaccinations at 8 weeks. i consulted a homeopath and from the symptoms, she recommended MAG. CARB. I also used Arsenicum alb, Phos, china, merc sol, and parvo nosode at different stages of their symptoms. I worked with this wonderful homeopathic vet and all puppies were treated in my kitchen and all recovered without normal veterinary intervention. I am so grateful and feel empowered that parvo virus is not a death sentence in puppies. They also got Activated charchol, and slippery elm which was an important part of the treatment

  • Annette, how marvelous you were able to heal your litter through the path of homeopathy. Are you able to give the name of your homeopath?? Location and such. I would love the information for the future should I need it.
    I am located in Monterey, CA. Will she consult by phone??? Thank you, Rae

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