Veterinary Homeopathy

A Dog with Chronic Skin Problems

Written by Szecsődi Ferenc

Homeopathic Veterinarian Ferenc Szecsődi presents a chronic skin problem in a 5 yr old dog.

                                                                       § 2

“The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.”

Samuel Hahnemann: Organon, 6th edition.

This case is an illustration of the aphorism above.


Dog, Stella, Female, 4.5 years old. The owner made an appointment with a veterinarian homeopath, because Stella had a skin lesion on her tail, which hasn’t improved in over a month.

Clinical examination: On the end of tail in the region of the last and next to the last vertebra there is a lesion. The skin is wounded, but the color of the skin is normal. On the surface of 3×2 cm, there are two openings, one bigger than the other. The openings are covered by a dry, blackish substrate. I removed that substrate and pressed the openings. On the surface of the skin a yellow- dirty-bloody discharge appeared. The dog behaved normally, because my examination of the tail was not painful. (Picture No1.)


The owner: The problem started a month ago. It was the end of September. I noticed, that on the tail there is a wound. The wound was red, moist and purulent. I took my dog to the veterinarian. The pet doctor examined it and said that was a “Hot spot”. The dog received antibiotics. After taking antibiotics for 8 days and corticosteroid unguent, the problem was nearly solved. But it was an opening with purulent discharge. After 15 days, it seemed that the problem on the tail was over. But after 5 days the problem returned. I took my dog again to the pet doctor. The dog received antibiotics again, for 8 days. Six days ago the therapy with antibiotics was ended. The wound seemed to be healed.

Today, in the morning 3-4 dark spots appeared on the tail under the skin. The bleeding started in these spots. The phenomena started as a small boil. After those boils opened. They began bleeding. The blood has got dark color. I took my dog to the veterinary faculty. The doctor, who was there, suggested that we cut the tail. I didn`t agree with the doctor. My sister suggested we look for a veterinarian homeopath. I really hope, that you can help my dog.


The problem is on physical level and has a local character. Thus I focused on the appearance and on the modalities of symptoms. The repertorisation was done. (Schroyens F. Syntesis 9.0)


GENERALS-HISTORY- personal-boils, of recurrent

Arsenicum was selected.

Phatak, Materia Medica:

“Generalities- Haemorrhages, black, offensive

Skin-Ulcers, chronic, with burning, with cutting pain and bloody discharge.”

Therapy: Arsenicum C12

First day twice a day, second and third day once a day. Controlled after 3 days.

After three days (5.10.2015) the owner sent the picture. (Picture No 2.) The openings are covered by crusts, which are dry. Around one of the openings the skin is still red. The skin has a natural color, meaning that the inflammation process is decreasing.


Plan: Arsenicum C12.

After 8 days (10.10.2015) the owner sent the picture again. (Picture No 3.) The process on the tail is solid. There is no redness and the openings are covered by strong and healthy crusts.


Comment and plan: The healing of the wound is going in the right direction. Waiting.

After 18 days (18.10.2015) the owner sent the picture again. (Picture No 4). The process on the tail is solid and doesn’t need any further care.


After 6 weeks: The dog is well and happy. The fur begins to grow on the tail. (Picture No 5.)



About the author

Szecsődi Ferenc

Szecsődi Ferenc (DVM) was born in 1963 in Becej, Serbia. He graduated in 1989 from the Veterinary Faculty at Belgrade University. In 2002 he started to study alternative methods of healing. He is schooled in chiropractic, hypnosis, the Silva mind control method and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). In 2008 he graduated Veterinary Homeopathy in Budapest, Hungary and is a member of IAVH. In 2011 he graduated from the four year Homeopathic School “Hahnemann” in Novi Sad. Serbia. In 2015 graduated from the Master Level course in Novi Sad that was organized in collaboration with the “Other song academy” from Mumbai, India. Szecsődi is a lecturer at the Veterinary Homeopathic School in Budapest and also at the “Hahnemann” School in Novi Sad. He has been leading the Veterinary Homeopathic School in Belgrade, Serbia, since 2012. He applies the Sensation method in both his human and animal cases. Szecsődi studies the writings of Indian homeopaths, such as Rajan Sankaran, Jayes Shah, Dinesh Chauchan and Mahesh Gandi. He lives and works in Becej, Serbia.

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