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Gallus & Marie-Claire

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Interesting cases of a woman and her horse, both with different pathologies but needing the same remedy!

Two parallel clinical cases

I have often found it very interesting to work together with human doctors and to exchange our points of view when we share the same patients.

Marie-Claire & Gallus : 2 Pathologies, 1 remedy

Gallus has laminitis
This kind of laminitis is an acute diffuse and aseptic pododermatitis. In horses it is mostly a complex metabolic disease. Most of the time it hurts just on the anterior foot. The cause is often a too rich feeding. Prognosis is mostly poor : ‘No foot, no horse’ say the British horsemen.

Gallus is a French-bred saddle-horse, 2 ½ year old chestnut coloured gelding.
Possessive, exclusive, jealous, often alone, cheeky, he searches for contact and tries to overwhelm people. He behaves much better when his mistress is there. He then exhibits clinging, exuberance and cowardice, but attacks the other horses. He looks for puddles and splashes himself. He drinks like a fish and drenches his hay. He is frightened by an unexpected noise.

The symptoms

  1. Mind; P; DICTATORIAL (57)
  2. Mind; P; COMPANY; Aversion to, agg. (298)
  3. Mind; P; FEAR; Noise, from (57)
  4. Generalities; M; BATHING, washing; Amel. (165)
  5. Generalities; P; FOOD and drinks; Fat and rich food; agg. (116)
  6. Extremities; P; ORGASM of blood (29)
  7. Stomach; P; THIRST; Large quantities, for (86)

Repertorisation & Treatment

  • Extremities: Orgasm of blood (29)
  • Mind : Dictatorial (57)
  • Mind : Fear of noise (57)

Phosphorus C 30

Marie-Claire has a breakdown
Anamnesis by human doctor

  • Really friendly
  • Very sympathetic (suffered when she saw that her horse was bullied in the stable)
  • Likes to do service, to help and do good
  • Likes to laugh
  • Has a deep hidden grief (due to her delicacy)
  • Epistaxis in her childhood

Phosphorus C 30 shared with Gallus

Report from Marie-Claire

  • 21 December 2007
  • Now it’s about three weeks we have taken Phosphorus, Gallus and I.  It is enormous. His feet are no more congested, even his windgalls got smaller and he goes on with a terrific energy.
  • And I have recovered a terrific rhythm in my work, professional as well as in sport.
  • 7 January 2008
    • Gallus and Marie-Claire, really fit !

10 months later: Gallus

April 29 – 2008

  • Very good condition , hair silky. Feet : everything in best condition.
  • About 20 days ago he began coughing, deep and rather dry cough. Nothing special to hear on auscultation. No dyspnoea, except a little on the beginning and on the end of his work . ‘Work’ is a rather heavy word because he walks most of the time and doesn’t have much physical exercise.
  • Allopathic treatment : antibiotics, sulfamides and mucolytics : he gets a little better… He shows a good drug tolerance. … ;
  • KALI. CARB. 7 CH , prescribed by colleague is useless.
  • By phone, I advise to give again a single dose of Phosphorus 30 CH
  • Good result

10 months later: Marie-Claire

April 29 – 2008

Report of the Human doctor

  • Marie Claire was very affected by the health problems of Gallus (You have understood this … I know !!!)
  • Marie-Claire smokes a lot and the horse coughs!
  • Marie Claire doesn’t like her business any more (works in an insurance company). She would like to leave her place for younger people. I think she lives in a district with much youth unemployment) so … Gallus doesn’t have to work a lot!
  • I’ll try to help Marie-Claire to stop smoking…. This will be very difficult, at the moment not conceivable for her … I am not her official doctor, but this doesn’t matter very much.

9 January 2011 : Both partners still ok !

About the author

Jacques Millemann

Born April 27th, 1935, Jacques Millemann received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the National School for Veterinary Surgeons (Alfort, France) in 1960. He settled as a rural area veterinary surgeon in Soultz-sous-Forets (France), catering to pets and cattle. Disappointed in mainstream medicine he began experimenting with homeopathy and published his first clinical cases in 1976. Fluent in German and English, he became a tutor for the French Homoeopathy Society and joined the International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy. He tutored in Switzerland, Germany, Austria etc.
Jacques retired from practice in 2000 and now, as member of the IAVH, is coordinating the writing of the first International Veterinary Materia Medica, which includes clinical cases, using the research of internationally renowned veterinary practitioners. The first volume was published in France and Germany and the second in Germany. He also collaborated with Dr Philippe Osdoit in writing L"™homeoopathie Veoteorinaire-de la theoorie et de la pratique (Veterinary Homoeopathy "“ Theory and Practice), published by Marco Pieotteur in Belgium and Sonntag in Germany.

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