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Gallus & Marie-Claire

Two parallel clinical cases

I have often found it very interesting to work together with human doctors and to exchange our points of view when we share the same patients.

Marie-Claire & Gallus : 2 Pathologies, 1 remedy

Gallus has laminitis
This kind of laminitis is an acute diffuse and aseptic pododermatitis. In horses it is mostly a complex metabolic disease. Most of the time it hurts just on the anterior foot. The cause is often a too rich feeding. Prognosis is mostly poor : ‘No foot, no horse’ say the British horsemen.

Gallus is a French-bred saddle-horse, 2 ½ year old chestnut coloured gelding.
Possessive, exclusive, jealous, often alone, cheeky, he searches for contact and tries to overwhelm people. He behaves much better when his mistress is there. He then exhibits clinging, exuberance and cowardice, but attacks the other horses. He looks for puddles and splashes himself. He drinks like a fish and drenches his hay. He is frightened by an unexpected noise.

The symptoms

  1. Mind; P; DICTATORIAL (57)
  2. Mind; P; COMPANY; Aversion to, agg. (298)
  3. Mind; P; FEAR; Noise, from (57)
  4. Generalities; M; BATHING, washing; Amel. (165)
  5. Generalities; P; FOOD and drinks; Fat and rich food; agg. (116)
  6. Extremities; P; ORGASM of blood (29)
  7. Stomach; P; THIRST; Large quantities, for (86)

Repertorisation & Treatment

Phosphorus C 30

Marie-Claire has a breakdown
Anamnesis by human doctor

Phosphorus C 30 shared with Gallus

Report from Marie-Claire

10 months later: Gallus

April 29 – 2008

10 months later: Marie-Claire

April 29 – 2008

Report of the Human doctor

9 January 2011 : Both partners still ok !