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How Homeopathy Healed a Disabled Rescue Dog

Written by Grace DaSilva-Hill

Homeopath Grace Dasilva-Hill presents the case of Millie, a rescued dog.

Millie is a rescued dog from Romania, who came to live with us in March 2016.  She started her life on the streets, then lived in a Romanian council animal shelter. She was rescued from Romania by a UK charity called Balkan Underdogs and came to the UK at the beginning of 2016. She is now approximately 8 years old.

Millie had suffered with distemper at some point in her life and was left substantially disabled as a result. She had a severe continuous twitching of the left front shoulder; her left front paw was very weak and she dragged it on the ground as she attempted to walk – this meant that she often fell over. She was unable to run in the park, or climb stairs. She was subdued and submissive. She had no social skills and didn’t know what to do with a ball or a wooden stick. She had digestive problems too, and often vomited her food. We cook for Millie, she does not eat processed food; even then she needed to eat grass almost every day. She suffered also with car sickness. We felt very distressed watching her shoulder twitching almost continuously, and wondered how we would manage our own emotional distress.

We took Millie to see Tim Couzens – a well known and respected Homeopathic Vet. in East Oathly – Sussex – UK.  Millie started homeopathic treatment with the following remedies: Distemperinum nosode 30c twice daily for 5 days, followed one week later by Strychnine 30c twice daily for one month.  When Millie visited Tim again 6 weeks later, her left front paw was stronger, she was walking more steadily and falling over much less. The twitching was still present, although we weren’t sure if it was as pronounced or not.  Distemperinum was repeated in the 200c potency,  twice daily for 3 days, followed one week later by Strychnine 30c again twice daily for another month.

Millie continued to improve steadily. Her front paw became stronger, she could now run in the park; she began learning to play with a ball and fetching a stick. She was so excited when she first managed to climb the stairs in our house and explore upstairs. Her digestion improved and she no longer needed to eat grass every day during her walks. The car sickness stopped – she can now travel in the car with a full stomach without any problems.  The best of all was when one day we suddenly looked at her and noticed that her left shoulder was no longer twitching. This had been such a slow and gradual improvement that we only noticed the changes when it was no longer there.

Over a period of three months Millie became more confident in herself, funny and cheeky, much more steady in walking, running and climbing stairs. She is also more assertive in asking to go out, she plays more, she enjoys chasing a ball in the garden and her digestion has settled. One other aspect that has been noticed is that Millie used to shed a lot of fur, all year round. It was quite excessive. Since the treatment, the amount of hair shedding has considerably reduced too. It has been such a transformation; we are very pleased that we took Millie to see a homeopathic Vet. Her quality of life has improved dramatically.

Editor’s note:   Millie the dog became known to the homeopathic community last Monday, Jan. 15th, when she marched with humans and several other dogs to the RCVS to submit a 15.000 signature petition, and to protest against their decision to ban homeopathy from veterinary practice in the UK.

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Grace DaSilva-Hill

Grace Dasilva-Hill has been a professional homeopath since 1997, with a clinic in Charing (Kent) and international on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp video. She practises Sensation Homeopathy as refined by Drs Joshis (Mumbai), and Homeopathic Detox Therapy as developed by Dr Ton Jensen. She is also a practitioner of EFT-Tapping.

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