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Indiana, A LUCKY DOG!

Written by Shelley Epstein

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Indiana was running out of options. He had been suffering from severe bone destruction in his head as a result of an advanced and uncommon fungal infection, nasal aspergillosis. He was in extreme pain- even picking up a toy with his mouth was too painful. He had received the finest and most advanced care at the Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, including intranasal infusions of clotrimazole, CT scans, and endoscopy, but was not responding. After months of trying, his doctor had discussed euthanasia with his guardians.

The owners decided to come to me for a holistic opinion. At the time of the first consult, they were paying $800 a month for itraconazole, an antifungal drug, although their most recent purchase was reduced to $300 a month thanks to the discovery of a Canadian pharmacy! Indiana was not responding to this medication or to the numerous other antibiotics that were prescribed for the secondary bacterial infections.

At the first visit, I discussed how homeopathy could help. I asked them to stop all of the medications and begin probiotics for a couple weeks until the homeopathy consult could be scheduled.

Two weeks later, at the homeopathy consult, Indiana was starting to feel a little better. The side effects of the drugs had probably been causing some of his depression and malaise. I then prescribed the homeopathic remedy Aurum metallicum 30c based on his symptoms of bone necrosis including facial bone necrosis, head pain, ulcerated nostrils, yellow and malodorous nasal discharge, exostosis of the facial bones, and aggravation from cold weather. (In Murphy’s Repertory, in the Bones Chapter, Bones: decay, face, inAurum is the only remedy!) In addition, Aurum metallicum has been known to successfully treat certain ailments arising after experiencing the effects of grief, and this dog had had a series of “griefs” preceding his nasal infection.

Indiana never looked back! Over the course of the next few months, with occasional redosing of the remedy and an increase to 200c potency, all of his symptoms resolved: his depression, facial pain, nasal discharge, erosion of his planum nasale (the black “nose” on the dog), and destruction of the bones in his head. After the first homeopathic prescription, Indiana began to play with other dogs, readily using his mouth for the first time in months! Over one year later, Indiana remains a normal dog, with some scarring in his left nostril as the only sign that something had been wrong with him.


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  • How do you administer Aurum metallicum for nasal aspergillosis? Through the nose or is oral? I need help and I want to help my dog!!

    • Hello,

      My German Shepard has had aspergillosis going on 5 months now, but we only realized what it was 2 months ago. All the vets we took her to could not diagnose her, I diagnosed her myself after researching on my own laptop and she had all the symptoms. We have started her on the colostrum, aurum metallicum and the vapor at night. In response to your question regarding the aurum metallicum, we have only found it in pellet form (30cc), so I put 5 pellets in a teaspoon and fill it with colloidal silver (regular water is fine though, this is just so the pellets can move down her throat easier) and pour it down her throat so she can’t chew them or spit them out. I do this 3 times a day, and then give her 500mg of colostrum in powder form. Once the 30cc runs out, I will begin 200cc, but bring the dosage down a bit. If you have any other questions, please email me. So far, she is getting a little better every day and we hope for a full recovery eventually.

      • Hi,
        We are treating our border collie with 30cc, where can one get the 200cc arum metallicum?
        Thank you for your reply,

        • Aurum is a very deep and long acting remedy, so please only use this in 200 if you are skilled. I have rarely needed more than a 30c in treating animals. Having said that:
          One place is Natural Health Supply -888 689 1608.
          Another is Hahnemann Laboratories – 1-888-427-6422

      • Hello,

        Our Golden Retriever was diagnosed with nasal aspergillosis in August 2012 and has gone through clotrimazole oral treatment for 3 months. About a month after the end of the treatment we noticed a slight nasal discharge again and his energy level is low again. Seems like the fungus is back. We would like to try aurum treatment, but not sure about the dosage. Would you please give some feedback with regards to how much to give? Did your dog have a full recovery? Thanks.

      • Please I need advise. I only found aurum metallicum in 200C form (micro size , wich all are in a one dosis tube 2g in total). I gave her 5 pellets a week ago. The bleeding and sneezing stoped but she still has a lot of nasal discharge (and the nose area is white-yellow) . I am completelly lost on when I should repeat the dosis or if I should try to change to Autum Met 30C (which I have to find first, and I can not buy from Amazon as I am in another country). There are not veterinarian treating with homeopathy where I live (south of Chile) ?

      • My Mischka began sneezing a year ago and I
        practice kinesiology and kept getting is was bot
        allergy related . Unfortunately it was a year later
        when there was a warning on the news concerning
        fungus . That was a positive . I went to a vet and three
        visits later he mostly told me how expensive all the
        treatments and tests would be . Frankly I do usually
        do not visit doctors or vets and use herbs and homeopathic remedies and it is worked for 30 years
        so I read this post belatedly and hope the Aurum Metallicum Tallicum works . I could not get any advice as to how many times the dose should
        be repeated so I guess I will have to rely on MT or call
        DR Tobin whose homeopathic nosodes have prevented my dogs from getting Lyme disease
        for fifteen or more years despite having hundreds
        of ticks .
        Well …..Wish me luck ! She has been on a raw meat
        and veggie diet for 4 months in an attempt tp starve
        the fungus which is the only cure for Valley Fever
        in Arizona which is a fungal nasal infection.


  • My dog has been dx with nasal aspergillosis, and I have been researching the use of Aurum. What is the proper dosage? I have read conflicting information. Thanks!

  • My dog was also diagnosed with nasal aspergillus. What is the recommended dose of aurum? I’ve read 5 30c capsules both 2 and 3 times per day. Thanks.

  • My dog (I am convinced) has nasal aspergillosis although I am still waiting for blood titer results for fungi. Her nose has been oozing from one nostril and the other had 4 growths protrude and then 3 of them broke off after drying up. I was treating the growths with antifungal solution and each time it kept it in check for a while but then it would re-grow. The last time I didn’t apply anything and the growth was cut off, biopsied for cancer (which 3 vets believe it was) and it came back negative, with only some bacteria. Antibiotics had no affect on the growths, on the fungicidal lotion and colloidal silver. After cauterizing, the growth never re-appeared but the ooze, stringy mucus tinged with blood poured endlessly. She first developed these large bumps running down her spine to her tailbone, within a 24h period. These were investigated and the biopsies, punctures and a large gouge sample are open wounds, puss and oozing blood and scabby and will not close or heal at all. She’s a Sheltie (10 yrs), loved her food, and now becoming anorexic; she will only eat raw pork and chicken – no beef or cooked and very little in veggies. Her mouth’s palate has a bulge into her oral cavity and eating is painful along with all the mucus accumulating down her throat and in her stomach. I dosed her with three 200C A. metallicum today, it was all I could find. She seems a bit more interactive in the last few hours. I would like to know how often I should dose her. She is drinking Willard’s water exclusively which I believe keeps up her strength. Feedback would be tremendously appreciated as I’m finding, Vets don’t even want to consider natural alternatives and don’t even know what Catalyst Altered Water is. Please help!!! Thank you kindly.

  • I hope someone can respond to this. Aurum Metallicum has been a miracle. My old dog has been suffering with a runny nose for months. I brought him to the vets several times and came home with antibiotics.

    After 2 doses of the Aurum Met his nose has cleared up!

    I did find mold in his food one day which started me on a search of mold in dogs and came across this article. I bought the Aurum from amazon and after finishing his antibiotics (which did nothing for the thick snot coming out his nose) started him on it and what a HUGE difference. Last night was the first night I didn’t hear him struggling to breath! He does have a growth on his heart/lungs but he sounded so good last night, I actually slept!

    He has also been on Mucinex. Should I continue giving him Mucinex while on the Aurum Met?

    Is there any benefit to using both? The Mucinex did seem to help his symptoms somewhat.

    I am just totally amazed by this Aurum Metallicum. How long should he take it? I am currently giving him 5 pills 3x a day as per directions on the label.

    • While not a practitioner, I am a long term student of homeopathy. It is unwise to follow the directions on the vials as animals and people are individuals and respond differently to doses. The directions are there to sell more vials. There are certain stipulations re remedies such as — if you see a significant improvement or an aggravation in your dog with treatment, stop or, at least, slow down on giving the remedy. If possible, consult a professional homeopath re frequency of repeating the remedy as to give too often or for too long can actually arrest the good that the remedy is doing right now and eventually aggravate the symptoms you want to get rid of. Homeopathy is an energetic catalyst to strengthen the vital force and often less is more.

      • Please I need advise. I only found aurum metallicum in 200C form (micro size , wich all are in a one dosis tube 2g in total). I gave her 5 pellets a week ago. The bleeding and sneezing stoped but she still has a lot of nasal discharge (and the nose area is white-yellow) . I am completelly lost on when I should repeat the dosis or if I should try to change to Autum Met 30C (which I have to find first, and I can not buy from Amazon as I am in another country). There are not veterinarian treating with homeopathy where I live (south of Chile) 🙁

  • hi, i have a 30kg lurcher with aspergillosis, what is the dose of aurum metallicum i should be giving him? for how long?any help gratefully received from a desperate uk owner

  • What would the dosage of Aurum metallicum be for a 95 pound lab? Two and half years ago she was treated for aspergillus in her sinus cavity. Two very expensive treatments. This past week I’ve noticed signs of a aspergillus again! I can’t put her that treatment again, I’m hoping to dose her with aurum metallicum and bovine colostrum. I’m having trouble finding information on the dosage and form of aurum metallicum to give her. Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

    PS: one other question, I’ve been treating her with turmeric due to the removal of a potentially cancerous lump and several intact fatty tumor type lumps….do you think the turmeric could causing a worsening of her aspergillus symptoms.

  • Looking at this section, you can see that Dr. Epstein doesn’t check this article any longer; so, you should try to contact her directly instead of posting your questions here, or…we have a vet here at our site, Dr. Deva Khalsa, who answers questions every month so you could put your questions to her. Just sign up to receive the hpathy ezine (“homeopathy 4 everyone”) and check out Dr. Khalsa’s column.

  • Dear shelly,
    Our part mini doxie got sick after 3 doses of enzyme miracle which we were told was purified aspergillus niger. She had light nasal discharge and then rash on underbelly. She had low grade fever. I dont know what to do for her. Am considering garlic and will begin detox tomorrow which has herbs for kidney and liver support. Prayer and faith we believe is our best option. We trust the Lord for healing. If you have suggestions feel free to please email. We had not heard of aurum metillica before now. God bless and thank you.

  • What an absolutely wonderful and beautiful story. It’s so good to see the change in not only his condition but the look in his eyes.
    This story has prompted me to try this in a case that I have, that also hasn’t responded to any type of allopathic treatment.
    Thank you, this is a life saver.

  • My dog Charlie is in remission. He was diagnosed with nasal cancer 2 years ago. He underwent radiation therapy and then in year two had a chemotherapy protocol. His last CT scan shows no tumor. He has had a very runny nose with yellowish mucous for two weeks now. He went thru a full prescription of antibiotics but nothing has changed. I’d like to try the Aurum Metallicum homeopathic remedy but don’t know what the proper dose is.
    Charlie is a poodle weighing 12lbs he is 12 years old.
    Can you point me into the direction for dosing instructions? Thank you Tamara and Charlie

  • i was fed up with sinusitis and allopaths, luck favored me consulted one dr sp mondal a retired principal of homeo college,resident of ishapore west bengal india.he gave me ars iod30 od for six days,next kalibich200 total 3 doses one dose every third day,finished the case with causticum200 total 3 doses this also every third day.this gave me total relief,this doctor did not charge any fee being working for basic miasm is tubercular, such subjects prone to nose bleeds or asthmatic type plus showy of their talent, their vest will get mostly yellow colored by perspiration.aurum met is great remedy for those who retire from high status jobs,high level business failures with illusion that they have fallen into a well.aurum is gold when in high status position everybody salutes him,when other side of coin is tilted, even a dog does not offer ear salute.aurum is fluoxetine prevents going into suicidal thoughts plus of course bone inflammation pains etc.for severe bone pain stillingia they say works better.being engineer by profession with interest in homeopathy,take comments with pinch of salt.usa homeo doctor i am fond of reading her articles is joette calabrese,she follows indian bengali doctor banerjea protocol.

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