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Surprising Vet Cures with Homeopathy – A Dog with Broken Pelvic Bone and One with a Warty Mouth

Homeopath Vatsala Sperling achieves success in treating a dog with a broken pelvic bone and one with multiple warts in its mouth.

Case 1: Mancha: The dog with the broken pelvic bone and nipped tail

In our family, we had raised three German Shepherd male dogs over the course of 25 years and we were determined not to get another dog in Costa Rica.  However, our resolve was tested during a construction project in March 2018. In the middle of a dark and stormy, rainy night, someone abandoned a pregnant dog at the construction site.

Next morning when the construction crew arrived for work, there were six puppies latched onto a mother dog who was a very loving and devoted but absolutely emaciated bundle of just skin and bones. The crew took charge of feeding the mother dog so she could nurse her pups. Within the next six weeks the pups had become adorable and knew to follow people around. They needed homes.

We did bring home two sister pups, Mancha and Princy. They were spayed, vaccinated, and we would have them as outdoor dogs, we decided. These pups quickly learned the rules around the house, and obeyed basic commands like come, stay, go, no. With their friendliness, cheery playfulness, and calm disposition, they soon won our hearts. 

Then the accident happened. A speeding car did not care to slow down for Mancha who was sniffing a dead bird smack in the middle of the road. We heard the speeding car and then we heard Mancha’s bloodcurdling yelp. We ran to see what had happened. In the meantime, Mancha was howling in pain, dragging her rear foot and limping towards the house. Her rear-side was injured and the tip of her tail was snipped off in the accident. She was less than a year old.

A visit to the vet:

We took the puppy to the local veterinary doctor. He ordered an Xray. He said that nothing could be done about the snipped end of the tail. It had to heal on its own. If it got infected, he would amputate the tail.  The Xray showed that a pelvic bone had broken clean into two parts.

According to the vet, “Fractures of the pelvic bone are repaired using a plate and screws1.  If untreated, the broken pelvic bone will heal in an abnormal position which could collapse the pelvic canal and may compress the colon, resulting in chronic constipation. Dog may have an altered, abnormal gait and persistent pain.”

What to do?

The veterinary surgical facilities are located in the capital city of San Jose, three hour’s drive from our residence in rural Costa Rica. The thought of making the pup travel to the capital city while it was in pain, and then subjecting it to general anesthesia for surgery was a hard choice because in the past, we had lost one of our German Shepherd dogs in similar situations – he had died from anaphylactic shock on receiving the anesthetic injection, even before the surgeon could start the procedure.

Our return flight to Vermont was booked several months ago and we were to fly on the weekend, barely two days after the puppy’s accident. We were in a bind – should we go for surgery, should we cancel our flight, should we put the dog down, should we do nothing and let nature take its course….it was pure agony of facing hard choices.   

What about Homeopathy?

The X-ray was explicit – it showed a broken pelvic bone. There was really no need to repertorize. Broken bones and Symphytum go back a long way. Symphytum (Comfrey) is also known as Knit-bone, bone-set). We decided to go with homeopathy and see what would happen.

I prepared a dropper bottle with Symphytum 200c and Arnica 30c2,3 pills and trained Fabricio, our grounds caretaker’s 12 years-old son about how to give the drops. He would give two drops in the morning, two at midday and 2 at night, by gently pulling the puppy’s lower lips away from the mouth and dropping two drops of the remedy without contaminating the dropper tip.

I also instructed him to make sure the pup had a clean blanket to lay on, had access to fresh water, and was given chicken broth and eggs if the dog showed any appetite.

Leaving the puppy in Fabricio’s care, we did fly back to Vermont in late August 2018.

Three months later:

We returned to Costa Rica in December 2018, three months after the pup’s accident. What we saw blew our mind. Puppy, Mancha, was TOTALLY FINE. Her nipped tail had completely healed. She had a normal gait. She was pain-free. The spot where the pubic bone had fractured was smooth to touch – no bumps, or lumpy scar tissue that could be felt. Mancha was as playful, cheery and friendly as ever, with no trace of any trauma from her accident three months ago.

Fabricio’s account:

Mancha was given the drops as per instructions. Within a week she was ready to go to the yard and spend time outside and she began eating her normal food. Within a month, she was playing endlessly with her sister Princy, and romping around tirelessly all over the grassy meadows on the property.

Symphytum and Arnica combo drops worked, right?

Apparently, yes. In the absence of all other interventions in the form of pain killer meds, steroids, and antibiotics, the pet was given homeopathic remedy drops only. Symphytum was chosen for reunion of broken bones, and Arnica for helping heal the injury, shock, pain and so on.


In the wild, animals do have accidents. They either die from their injuries or recover and live – either totally well or in a reduced capacity, depending on the extent of their injury.

However, when homeopathic remedies are available, and the injured animals are given the remedies as per indications given in our materia medica, the speed and extent of healing is totally mind-blowing, as we experienced with Mancha the pup, and her broken pubic bone and nipped tail.

Case 2: Elvis and his warts

Elvis, a 4 year old neutered male, is one of the three of our Canadian neighbor’s dogs of unknown breed. Elvis developed papilloma warts – a whole bunch of them in his mouth. Warts of varying sizes were popping up in the lips, gums, cheek and tongue.

Elvis did not make a fuss about the warts at all, perhaps because they were not itchy, oozing or painful. He was eating but a little. He was a bit less playful and enthusiastic about hanging out with his two dog buddies. As the warts grew substantially in number, our neighbor got concerned about his other dogs developing warts too. He also worried about the awful warty appearance of his favorite dog, Elvis, but admitted to being unable to hide the dog from viewers and their nasty comments.

Over the years I had known this neighbor, who was on the fence about and openly doubted homeopathy. He preferred every other healing modality including mainstream medicine, but he never even showed any curiosity about homeopathy, up until now.

“If medical authorities call it a sham, it must be a sham. But what I hear from many of our mutual friends is something different. They say, they got better after taking your homeopathic remedies. May be, they like you, you give them sugar pills, spray them with water, and they get better.”

“I do not know what to make of it. But I am interested in trying homeopathy for my Elvis. Elvis does not seem to be getting better. His vet says he cannot do anything about it as there are no treatments unless I consider interferon and freezing 4. Both these approaches are not promising, he says, because the warts can come back. I do not want my other dogs getting it as well. The internet says dog papilloma virus is not transmissible to humans. But what if the virus mutates, crosses animal-human barrier and gets to us? When Coronavirus can do that, I do not see why a papilloma virus cannot use the same trick. Just once, for Elvis, I do want to try Homeopathy. Will you take on Elvis?” my neighbor asked me.

In his request, I heard these:

Doubt and mistrust



Desire to hide the dog

Fear of contagion


One last ditch effort

There were all these in association with an impressive crop of canine papilloma expression in his pet dog who has lost some appetite and had become quite lazy.

I said, “I do want you to know that I am not a veterinarian. If you wish, I will try to work with your Elvis, but I am not making any promises. You are encouraged to follow the medical route as necessary.”

While researching canine papilloma, I came across a paper that caught my attention5. The simplicity of this paper was astonishing. And the result the researchers had obtained were convincing enough that I was encouraged to try it for Elvis.

What did Elvis get?

Based on the research paper5, I made a liquid preparation of Thuja 30c, Sulphur 30c, Graphites 30c and Psorinum 30c. The neighbor was instructed to give half a dropper of the mix, twice daily.

And then what happened?

Within two weeks, there was over 80% reduction in the number of warts. In another week, the mouth – lips, tongue, cheeks, gums – were all looking perfectly normal. Here were no traces of warts.

Did the neighbor convert to homeopathy?

“I am still not sure the remedies were the true cause for relief that Elvis received. But by the process of elimination, I can say, the remedies helped. Elvis had not received anything else by way of intervention, except what you gave him. I did not take him to cryosurgery and interferon treatments. My other dogs did not get any wart. And the warts began to come off on their own as if Elvis’s body was no longer interested in holding on to these yukky warts. Now my Elvis is as healthy as ever. His appetite has returned. His coat looks fabulous. He is playful and fun again, not lazy as before. So, I guess, I can give some credit to homeopathy, and say, it worked for my pet, and it saved me a ton of money too. Now I do not have to hide him from anyone” the neighbor said.


All is well that ends well. The beauty of treating animals with homeopathy is that the animals are not into the placebo effect. Either the remedy works for them or not. If it works, they get better and their symptoms go away. If it does not work, they carry on with the presenting symptoms till their vital force can resolve it in due course.

Both Mancha and Elvis showed remarkable recovery with liquid preparations of remedies that were indicated:

Symphytum is known since Hahnemann’s time for helping with broken bones.

Arnica is also known for helping with injuries. These remedies appear in the oldest of our materia medica. Mancha received these and recovered from her broken bone beautifully.

Thuja, Graphites, Sulphur and Psorinum – all are well-known remedies from the oldest of our materia medica, the tenets of classical Kentian homeopathy require extreme individualization and use of one remedy at a time and a long gap between doses so that the remedy can exert its full effect.

However, taking a few remedies at a time has been strongly advocated by the Calcutta based school of homeopathy where five generations of homeopaths have garnered sufficient clinical evidence that enable them to give a few remedies at a time for helping with hundreds of pathological conditions  6, 7.

The researchers who worked with canine papillomatosis 5 did successfully use four highly indicated remedies together and achieved good results. And in my work with Elvis, I have experienced that the approach taken by that group of researchers5 was verified, albeit on just one dog.

End notes

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Vatsala Sperling, RSHom (NA), CCH, MS, PhD, PDHom was the Chief of Clinical Microbiology services at a children’s hospital in Chennai, India, when she published extensively and conducted research with WHO, Denmark. On moving to the USA, Vatsala pursued a 4½ year course in Homeopathy at Misha Norland’s school. She has authored twelve books including her latest, Colubrid Snake Remedies and Their Indication in Homeopathy Practice. Journals from US and abroad frequently publish Vatsala’s writings on spirituality, health, and homeopathy. Vatsala continues to study with several teachers and practices classical homeopathy. She has served on the board of directors of NASH and currently she serves as a volunteer with NCH. She can be reached via her website (

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