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The Story of Sphinxi

Homeopath Kieran Linnane sharess the case of her cat Sphinxi whose life she saved with a well chosen remedy.

black-catOn Saturday 2nd May 2015 my beloved 11 year old black cat Sphinxi (named by his previous owner because he would often take up a sitting posture of legs and paws straight out giving him the appearance of an Egyptian sphinx) suddenly became ill. He had stopped eating and drinking and lay listlessly on a kitchen chair. This was most unusual as he was an extremely robust chap, was usually very greedy for food and had never had a day’s illness in his life… up until now.

I monitored him over the next two days but there was no shift in him. No discharges. Nothing. Just very lethargic, with no appetite or thirst. I felt concerned enough to take him to the vet’s on Monday morning. She said he was dehydrated and had a temperature. She gave him a shot of antibiotics and sub-cutaneous water and then sent me home with syringes and electrolytes to monitor him over the next day or so. She also did blood tests for feline AIDS amongst other things, but the blood tests were inconclusive. I brought him home and he continued to go downhill after this. I gave him China 200c after which he produced a small watery stool but no relief in himself. By this stage I was very worried and brought him back to the vet’s who examined him again and found him severely dehydrated in spite of my best efforts and advised that he be taken into their care to be put on an IV drip and they would do further tests.

In the meantime I phoned a psychic friend of mine and she picked up that he had been poisoned by something. This was corroborated by a clairvoyant patient of mine who happened to ring up that day.

By Wednesday he was now producing bloody diarrhoeic stools and vomiting up blood. They were now considering Parvo virus but the results were negative for this. I talked to the vet about possible poisoning but she said that Sphinxi’s symptoms did not totally correlate with poisoning as a causation. I was none the wiser. They kept him in. Whilst visiting him on the Wednesday evening I decided to administer Arsenicum album 200c while the nurse was out of the room, going on the theory that there had maybe been some kind of poisoning, as the tests were producing no further information.

However, over night he still was producing bloody stools and bloody vomit. On Thursday evening I again visited him. He came out of his cage and lay on my tummy whilst I lay on the floor of the ward and we lay like this for about 20 minutes. I sensed that his vital force was gaining strength in spite of the bloody evacuations and had some hope of his recovery.

On Friday morning he seemed to be doing much better and they thought that I might be able to collect him in the evening. I was positive that I could get him home and that I could nurse him and he would recover. However, when I arrived on the Friday evening they told me that he had vomited up blood four times and they were still very concerned about his welfare.

I came home very depressed and dispirited as I felt that Sphinxi’s state was now critical and that he might die if we didn’t get some kind of remedy to help him. Still the tests were inconclusive and the vets were considering further testing for pancreatitis and deeper pathologies.

I decided to phone a friend of mine who is part of a healing group and she said she would put out a request to the rest of the group to pray for Sphinxi and that she would meditate on him.

I lay down on my bed and suddenly the remedy Phosphorus appeared in my consciousness. I felt very sure that this was the correct remedy for him as it fitted his personality completely – he was a sociable cat, very empathic, loved people and adored being stroked and petted. I sometimes did reiki sessions with patients and he would often jump up on the table and “assist” me with healings. I felt that the remedy was shown to me at this moment as it didn’t really come from my mind but “appeared”.

Suddenly I was flooded with a new feeling of power and certainty and I quickly made up Phosphorus 200c in a dropper bottle and rushed to the vets. It was 9pm and the vet was closed, so I went to the back door where the wards are. I banged on the door and after a few moments one of the vets opened the door with a little dog in her arms. I announced, “I have come to give Sphinxi a homeopathic remedy!” She let me in without question and I entered the ward where Sphinxi was being cared for. The lovely veterinary nurse was also there. At first they were a bit concerned that the remedy might affect the blood tests they were going to do the following morning but I reassured them that the remedy was energetic and not material. I administered a few drops of the remedy onto Sphinxi’s tongue and then I asked the nurse whether they had a particular brand of cat food which a friend had recommended and indeed they had. As soon as the nurse brought the box of cat food into the room Sphinxi started to show a marked interest, as if to say, “Open that thing up quickly, I’m starving!” We opened the pouch into a saucer and he started to lap up the juice. I thought, well this is a good sign.

I asked the nurse whether I could return at midnight to give him another dose and she replied, “That’s okay, Kieran, I can give it to him,” so I showed her how to succuss the bottle and give the remedy. I found out later that she had to wake him from sleep to give him the second dose and he was rather grumpy about this!

I phoned the vet’s the following morning and for the first time in days he had produced no bloody stools or vomit and had eaten 50 little biscuits. They were feeling hopeful that I could collect him later on that day which I duly did.

When I got Sphinxi home he was a bit woozy. He lay on my lap for about an hour and I felt a chill pass through me like the sensation of death. My mind said “He’s going to die” and yet I knew he wasn’t going to die – which was very strange. I felt thoroughly depressed and sad which was very odd, in view of the fact that the cat was going to be alright.I gave him another dose of Phosphorus at this point.

By the following day Sphinxi started to make a full recovery and by Sunday evening he was totally back to normal, as if nothing untoward had happened to him. He showed no evidence of trauma at all which is not what I can say about myself!

What have I learned from this episode? Never give up hope. Get everyone on board to pray for the patient. If we open ourselves up to higher powers sometimes miracles occur and we are given the correct information and guidance. And also, of course, gratitude to my vets because if they hadn’t initially put Sphinxi on an IV drip, I don’t think he would have made it, and it gave me time to find the right remedy for him.

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Kieran Linnane

Kieran Linnane, LCH, RSHom graduated from the London School of Homeopathy in 1988 and has been practising ever since. She practised in London alongside Charles Wansbrough for 7 years where they used Biolumanetic technology in their homeopathic practice. She moved to Penzance in Cornwall 7 years ago when she also started to study the Mumbai Sensation method which she has incorporated into her practice. Her teachers have been Dr Sankaran, Dr Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi. Jan Scholten has also been a major influence.

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