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Three Brief Veterinary Cases

Three brief veterinary cases from the renowned Christina Chambreau.


Isis, a 7 year old female spayed Bengal cat, presented with Asthma. She had chronic coughing since 6 weeks of age that was non-responsive to conventional treatment, yet in the face of this ill health her vaccines were continued. Six hours after getting her annual boosters at age 5, including the first of two FIP vaccines (an indoor cat never exposed to other cats), she had to be admitted to the hospital for oxygen with a severe asthma attack. She had blue, swollen lips. With conventional treatment of 3-4 medications, she continued having asthmatic respiration with occasional hospitalizations for the next 2 years. Homeopathic Thuja occidentalis, given carefully while she was withdrawn from drugs over one month, resolved the asthma problem and she had no conventional drugs, no asthmatic breathing and less coughing until she died at age 18. She was treated every 6 months or so to work at permanently curing her cough and a few minor skin issues. At age 10 her elderly guardian had to move into a nursing home. She lived alone in the house for a month while the neighbor fed her, then the neighbor’s mother (with several cats and dogs) adopted her. She managed that stress with no major problems. She had a rodent ulcer appear and disappear twice (Nitric acid), then some skin issues (Sulphur), as the body worked through different levels of energetic imbalance.



Dudley presented as a 15 year old neutered male Yorkie with kidney problems. In June of 2001 he had diarrhea and vomiting every 2 hours while at the same time drinking tons of water. The emergency hospital administered IV fluids and antibiotic shots. Blood values: were Creatinine 1.77, BUN 36.9, Phos 10.36. He was discharged on “senior” dog food and no other treatment. During the next few months he worsened: drinking tons of water, urinating very often, not eating, losing 2 pounds, becoming very incontinent during the night, eyes watery, shivering early in the morning and sometimes early p.m., good energy on dog walks, overall did not feel well, and had a dark black lumpy mole under right arm.  An initial prescription of Natrum muriaticum resolved the incontinence but nothing else.  Bryonia, repeated when needed at increasing potencies, resolved all this dog’s problems. Tinkle Tonic (herbal renal support) was used daily for the first few months, then discontinued.  The owner switched to a fresh food diet, did not vaccinate and learned how to not worry so much. As of June 2002, he was eating well, eyes are clear for the most part, mole is basically gone, drinking and urinating are normal, good energy every day, sleeps well, not restless, no tummy aches and his blood values are back to normal. He lived another 4 years with no problems and died in his sleep at age 20.



Heidi presented September 2000 as a 14 year old spayed female with a growth on her right eye that looked red and angry (local vet said “cancerous”.) It was attached to the third eyelid and covered half of the eye. It bled easily when rubbed or even touched gently. It was very sensitive to touch, causing this nice dog to growl. There were 2 firm growths on the right paw and in the middle of the chest. The owner gave Thuja 200c in July when it was first noticed and there was no change. She repeated Thuja 200c in August to no avail. She then gave Thuja 1M and the next day the tumor was more swollen and dripping blood. She had been deaf since1998. I prescribed Nitric acid 200c on September 8, 2000. From 9/14 to 9/18 she had normal hearing which convinced the very skeptical husband that there was something to this homeopathy.  By 9/24 there was no blood when touching the tumor and it was smaller, though varied in size and shape, and she was back to normal energy and appetite. An LM potency of Nitric acid was given every 1 to 4 days for the next 3 months, then a single dose of 10M Nitric acid was given. By April 2001, she was behaving like a young dog (Almost knocked the husband over which she has not done in years), woofing and pesky and pushy and sitting and bouncing up and down. She was going on 4 mile walks with running, leading and being adventuresome. The tumor was completely gone, there was no eye discharge, the ears were clear, there was no snoring and her appetite was fine. She was kicked by a horse a year later and died instantly.

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