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Traumatic Head Injury in a Doberman Puppy

Written by Valerian Mendonca

Homeopath Valerian Mendonca shares a case of traumatic head injury in a Doberman puppy. Convulsions after injuries and involuntary urination during convulsions were symptoms leading to curative remedies.

A month and a half old Doberman pup, Benzo, was accidentally bitten on the skull by a bigger dog on 25th December 2021. The veterinarian opined that the injury was superficial and prescribed a sedative hoping that the pup would recover with some rest. Benzo seemed to be fine until he developed seizures the next day and stopped eating. Towards the late evening on 27th Dec, the frequency of convulsions increased alarmingly.

My daughter felt the pain of her friend, the owner of Bonzo. She suggested he try homoeopathy. Her friend’s mother consented while adding ‘we don’t know if Bonzo will pull through the night, so there is no harm in trying homoeopathy’. 

It was late at night when help was sought. My son and daughter set out by bike to deliver the remedy. It was five pills of the indicated remedy dissolved in a 300 ml water bottle, with the instruction to administer 1 teaspoon every one hour or so.

The next morning (28th Dec.) I received the following WhatsApp message “Thank you for the medicated water. The pup is slightly better, as in, the duration between episodes has increased.”

Meanwhile, the surprised veterinarian wanted to know what homoeopathic remedy was given. And then suggested an anti-convulsive tablet which they did not administer.

This quick prescription in water dose was Cicuta Virosa 30C. (I would have opted for 200C if I had it in stock. The remedy was selected based on Phatak Rep: Convulsions, Injuries After: Cic; Hep; Hypr; Nat-s; Op; Rhus-t; Val and Boger

Synoptic Key.

I was tempted to consider Art-v as it is the only remedy in Phatak for Convulsion, Injuries, After, Head, to.

Phatak Repertory

I cross-referenced Boger Synoptic Key and that helped me reach the decision.

As it often happens, when the patient is a little better the relatives gather their composure to give you more important symptoms. I was told Bonzo bled a little from the nose when he was first injured, a sign that he suffered an internal haemorrhage.

They also said that he had involuntary urination and stools during convulsions.  This pointed to Arnica (Allen’s Key Note: Mechanical injuries, especially with stupor from concussion; involuntary faeces and urine.) Arnica 1M was sent forth. It was reported that the first dose brought on an immediate response for the better.

On 31st Dec. I get this beautiful message of gratitude from the family.

  “Thank you for the medicated water. The pup is slightly better, as in, the duration between episodes has increased.”

On 31st Dec. I get this beautiful WhatsApp message of gratitude from the family:

Dr. Mendonca,

The pup has recovered completely. We didn’t think he’d survive the night (27/12) and then from nowhere 2 angels, bearing homoeopathic gifts, appeared. Can’t thank all of you enough. But first things first. In all the chaos, I didn’t enquire about your consultation fee and the cost of the meds.

I responded:  “I am so happy to hear this. Our kids love animals. Seeing them upset, my wife suggested asking your son if you’d like my help. Many don’t believe that homoeopathy works in acute and serious emergencies and difficult pathologies.  If this has built the faith, then that’s the fee. Thank you”. 

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I answered:

Now fully-recovered Benzo


Most homoeopaths consider the remedy that worked as the best choice. I have been contemplating if Arnica should have been the first choice, considering the totality (although important facts came up the next day).

Would the frequent seizures have responded better or more completely to Arnica than to Cicuta V.? I invite your honest analysis and discussion on this topic.

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Valerian Mendonca

Valerian is an evangelist and proselytiser of natural health care practice, primarily homoeopathy, and an avid sci-fi lover. He advocates that homoeopathy should be the 'First Choice' and hence not be referred or considered as 'Alternative' or 'Complementary' medicine. He actively promotes the cause through his blogs Valerian studied naturopathy and homoeopathy initially with Fr. Joseph Britto a Jesuit Priest and then later on apprenticed with some of the well-known homoeopaths in India. He holds a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) license in Naturopathy, from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Calcutta. He has authored an e-book “The Future Was Always Here” which is about the possible health-care system on an alien planet. (website: ). Today, he devotes his skills towards treating the needy and his close friends ‘free of cost’.

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