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Homeopathy for Skeptics

You may be skeptical, but if you have an open mind and are willing to know the facts, read on…

Dear Friends,

There are many people who are skeptical about homeopathy because of its use of specific dilution methods. Homeopathy being a young growing science, many of its facets are clinically documented and tested by homeopaths but still need to be tested extensively using scientific parameters.

This could make some of the criticism look valid but most of the criticism comes from people who either do not understand the philosophy of science or have not delved deep into the research evidence available so far. They read ‘opinions’ on some blogs and then start posting their own ‘opinions’ as ‘truths’ – that is not a good way for scientifically oriented brains to work.

Hence, we decided to provide such people with a broad overview of the state of homeopathy and related research evidence. We sincerely hope that an objective and unprejudiced investigation of facts and studies will make a significant proportion of skeptics more open to the possibilities that homeopathy offers.

We have put together an extensive homeopathy research section at The section provides information about new theories being proposed to explain the action of homeopathic remedies, clinical research studies and other relevant information. In the coming few months, we are going to make this section even more exhaustive by providing details of nearly every homeopathic research published ever.

It would be more fun then but even now it is exhaustive enough to provide you with some food for thought. Please visit our Homeopathy Research section for more details.

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Dr. Manish Bhatia

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