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Hpathy.com is the world’s No.1 Homeopathy Portal. With the largest number of unique services and content, millions of users, tens of millions of page-views – Hpathy.com is the undisputed king of homeopathy in the cyber-world! Hpathy is online since 2001 and develops free, professional content and services for the homeopathic community. Every month Hpathy.com shares its world of Homeopathy with more than 500,000 people and serves millions of pages about homeopathy each year. The free monthly e-Journal ‘Homeopathy 4 Everyone‘, published by Hpathy.com is now read by over 65,000 people every month, from every corner of the world.

But there is more to Hpathy….

Manish Bhatia

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Hpathy.com is a dreama global movement started by a young Indian homeopath, Dr. Manish Bhatia, fondly known as Dr. B! It is an open International project in which people from across the globe are participating. The motto is – ‘for the people, of the people, by thepeople‘.  The mission is ‘Homeopathy 4 Everyone‘. Hpathy.com develops free, professional content and services for the homeopathic community. You too can take part in this endeavor.

Hpathy.com is the world’s largest Homeopathy portal being developed on an ‘OPEN’ platform. The ‘open’ approach means that the readers help develop the content and participate in its further development.  Readers can suggest changes, new content and services along with our team.

The basic idea behind this portal is that that the more people contributing to its development, the greater will be its benefit to all. TheHpathy community itself works for the further development and betterment of the community. In this process Homeopathy, homeopaths, students, patients – all are going to benefit.

An Open Invitation

If you are a homeopath or homeopathy student and passionate about homeopathy, and want homeopathy to reach every corner of the worldwe invite you to join hands with us. Be a part of the Hpathy movement by contributing your cases and articles to Hpathy. Use Hpathy to share your knowledge and experience with the world. The more each of us shares, the more we will grow collectively. The time has come to take homeopathy to the masses and YOUR contribution is necessary to fulfill that dream. To share your ideas, comments, information, articles, cases, reviews or anything else, just write to us at mail@hpathy.com

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FAQ About Hpathy

Q. Is Hpathy an ‘organization’?

A. Hpathy is not a registered organization but it is an international community project which works like an organization.

Q. Is it a non-commercial/non-profit website/organization?

A. For the first 3+ years of this project we tried to keep it entirely non-commercial. Dr. Bhatia funded it from his own pocket and we kept the donation route open. But as the portal grew, the expenses also shot up. The very infrequent and limited donations we received were not enough even to sustain this project. That’s when it was decided to introduce commercial revenue streams at Hpathy. Today Hpathy supports itself through advertisement and commercial services like an online shop. But we stick to our basic philosophy even with the commercial activities. The content and non-commercial services will always remain free at Hpathy. Even the commercial services are heavily subsidized. Most of the money that we make from this portal is pumped back into homeopathy.

Q. Do I get paid for participating in the development of Hpathy?

A. No! All Hpathy-Team members contribute to this project voluntarily. No financial rewards are given to any volunteer team members. We are all working for homeopathy and the basic motto of Hpathy is ‘of the people, by the people, for the people‘. But there are indirect incentives like getting to work at an international level with some of the best homeopaths in the world, satisfaction that you are contributing to the development of homeopathy and recognition!

Ownership Statement

The ownership of the domain Hpathy.com and this website lies with Dr. Manish Bhatia of Jaipur, India.

All related domains like hpathy.org, hpathy.net, hpathy.com, hpathy.de, hpathy.eu, hpathy.in, hpathy.co.in etc. are part of this project and are owned by Dr. Manish Bhatia. ‘HPATHY’ is a registered trademark.

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