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homeopathy statusToday, the international homeopathic community is very large with homeopathy being a legally recognized system of medicine in most countries and medical doctors being allowed to train in and practice homeopathy in most of the European countries and Americas(1). In India it is so popular that they have a dedicated AYUSH ministry, 225 full-time medical colleges for homeopathy education, own research wing (CCRH), 3,00,000+ registered homeopathy medical doctors, 2 National Institutes of Homeopathy, Around 245 homeopathic hospitals with 9000 beds, 7000 government hospital OPD’s, millions of patients and 398 pharmaceutical companies(2). Such a large and growing international community needs a central repository of current information and updates. Hpathy.com is happy to serve the community to fulfill that need.

Hpathy.com is a community project where 1500+ medical doctors, homeopaths, veterinary doctors and scientists are contributing in-depth articles, case reports and research papers every month. It also publishes large number of historical texts and journals at its sister project homeopathybooks.in, which are used by the homeopathic community for research and reference. These texts are part of the biggest online library of homeopathic books. Hpathy is now a repository of 25,000+ modern and historical articles/texts/papers.

The monthly e-Journal ‘Homeopathy for Everyone‘, published by Hpathy.com since January 2004, is now read by over 65,000 people every month, from every corner of the world. It is a registered publication with ISSN 2581-5644.

Hpathy.com is managed by an international Editorial Board and Advisory Board, which include some of the leading homeopaths, medical doctors and scientists.

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