Help Hpathy Stay Alive!

Dear Friends of Homeopathy,, i.e., Homeopathy for Everyone was started in 2001 as an open community project for bringing together homeopaths globally and to curate and publish contemporary homeopathic literature.

Its sister project, a library for historical books and journals is also now more than a decade old.

I have kept these projects funded with my own resources or through advertisements all these years.

Unfortunately, due to the way Google now discriminates against alternative medicine like homeopathy and the way it monopolizes both search and online ad industry, our ad revenues have fallen to a level where we can’t sustain these projects without community participation and help.

Every month we spend lot of money on salaries, servers, mailing solutions, software licenses, graphic designing, image licensing, security and backup services and many other heads.

Our current revenue is falling short by 1200$ per month, that is nearly 15000 USD per year. We request you to please participate in this fundraiser which will help us keep these two major homeopathic resources alive and available.

Please click here to join the fundraiser

If you are in India, please click here to join the fundraiser.

This is our first fundraiser in the last 20 years. Please participate generously so that we can together keep serving homeopathy. 

You can also make a donation to our bank account directly too:

Bank Data:

Beneficiary address – L6132A, BLOCK 33, RANGOLI GARDENS, JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN
302034, INDIA
Bank name – AXIS BANK
Bank address – G-5, SAURAV TOWER, VAISHALI NAGAR, JAIPUR 302021,
Bank account number – 917020054056953
Ad code- 63603175000009
IFSC Code- UTIB0000311

Yours in Homeopathy,

Dr Manish Bhatia

Founder Director

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