Homeopathy Potency Selection Expert System

Homeopathy Posology Pro is an online software and expert system designed and developed by Dr. Manish Bhatia. It is meant to help homeopaths select potency and dose, learn case management and followup prescriptions.

It has three modules: Potency Selection Module helps one to select the initial potency and dose for a case. It gives recommendations based on 4th, 5th and 6th editions of Organon of Medicine, as well as from the Chronic Diseases. You also get expert recommendations from Dr. Bhatia himself.

The Case Management Module allows you to select the potency and dose on a followup visit of a patient.

The Sensitivity Meter is a tool that allows you to ascertain the level of your patient's sensitivity, which in turn is used in the potency selection and case management modules.

This software comes with extensive pop-up help and it is a great learning tool for every homeopathy student, to master the art of homeopathy posology!

Homeopathy Potency Selection Module

Potency Selection Module
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The 'Potency Selection Module' of Homeopathy Posology Pro helps you determine the first potency for a case, its dose and repetition. The software takes into account a variety of factors to measure the sensitivity and vitality of the patient. It then combines it with other deciding factors to suggest potency and dose as per the 4th, 5th and 6th editions of Organon of Medicine. It also provides Dr. Manish Bhatia's expert analysis for each case.

If you have already given a remedy to your patient and want to assess its response or need help in managing the case, please use the Case Management Module of Homeopathy Posology Pro.

Please select the following information about your case to begin the potency selection analysis:

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Age of Patient:

Measuring Sensitivity:
Is the patient allergic to anything:
Does the patient have any food sensitivity:
Thermal Reaction:
Temperament/Nature of Patient:
Intelligence & Creativity:
Measuring Vitality:
What are the energy levels of the patient? Does the patient feel full of energy, is active or sluggish and dull, always tired?
Select Energy Levels: 
Does the patient fall ill often? Does he get acutes many times a year or has had one or other problem bothering him/her continuously since long time?

Select Medical History:

Case Type:       

Remedy Source:  

in crude state

Desired Result:

Hahnemann Speaks!

Guidelines by Dr. Hahnemann on potency & dose, with comments by Dr. Manish Bhatia.

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