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The 'Case Management Module' of Homeopathy Posology Pro, helps you to judge the progress of your case after a remedy is given. It helps in making a correct second prescription and in managing the case homeopathically.

If you have not yet given any remedy to your patient or if you need help in potency and dose selection for the first prescription, please use the Potency Selection Module of Homeopathy Posology Pro.

Please select the following information about your case to begin the case management analysis:

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Age of Patient:

Sensitivity: If you are not sure of patient sensitivity, use our Sensitivity plugin to measure it.
Case Type: 


Did the patient stop taking the remedy after there was any amelioration or aggravation?

Repetition Days Number of days for which the remedy was given/repeated:

Followup Days How many days have passed between the last dose taken and the followup visit:

Reaction: What happened after you gave the medicine? What did the patient say on the follow up visit? How the symptoms changed after taking the remedy? Please select the most appropriate option:




Hahnemann Speaks!

Guidelines by Dr. Hahnemann on potency & dose, with comments by Dr. Manish Bhatia.

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