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“A well-chosen constitutional remedy or simillimum will produce a desirable result in the very first follow up.” This case was a classic example of it and I knew that I had struck the right cord. Not only did the remedy help the patient in the presenting complaint of molluscum but it was beneficial at other planes too.

  • At the level of the mind the patient was much more confident than before.
  • The chronic complaint of recurrent cold and cough settled with the very same medicine.
  • The menstrual abnormalities in this case- oligomenorrhoea, dysmenorhoea saw marked improvement.

I gave the same remedy but increased the potency at occasions

when the potency failed to act despite having helped earlier and

when there was a situation of acute stress leading to new

symptoms at a deeper level (mind- anxiety attack) to overcome the


In conclusion, I would like to say that Homoeopathy shows remarkable results in many such ailments that are limitations of modern medicine.


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Aanchal Parmar

Aanchal Parmar

Dr. Aanchal Bharat Parmar is a young homoeopathic physician practicing in Mumbai for two years after having acquired her .D. (homoeopathy) in the subject of Repertory. She is a Consulting Homeopathic Physician at: Bai Jerbai Wadia Children Hospital-Parel, Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital- Parel, Medichek Total Health Care – Opera House Dawood Nursing Home – Mumbai Central, Om Shanti (JDF & Lions Club of Churchgate) Medical Centre - Lalbaug, Bhai Joga Singh Charitable Homoeopathic Clinic – Sion and Senior Associate with Dr. Farokh Master at - K.E.M Hospital - Homoeopathic Health Centre.

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