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Treatment of seasonal allergy for an asthmatic

Treatment of seasonal allergy for an asthmatic

Posted by: anila

I have seasnal allergy.Once in january and once between may to sept.normally it starts with throat pain then running and somtimes stuffy nose.but this time in the end of sept ,it started with throat without any other symtoms.Then it converted into severe asthma.I am taking asthma medicines but for future iwant to take preventive measures .Because i believe that durring asthma homeo medicines agravated my asthma.please guide i am very worried.

Allergy is a complex issue, from a holistic point of view. It is a sign that the immune system is not well-balanced, responding to seemingly inoffensive substances. There is usually a constitutional element, but it is usually made worse by poor diet/lifestyle, weak bacterial flora (which are a big part of our immune system), and stress of abuse of drugs or exciting food like coffee or alcohol. The fact that you take asthma medication makes your case even more complicated because it is likely to contain some corticosteroid drugs, that further disrupt the immune system. While you should not stop your asthma drugs, you need to go and see a qualified homeopath or health practitioner and have your full case taken. It is likely that nutrition and your asthma will have to be addressed holistically before you see full cure of the hayfever.

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