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Right heel painand plantar fasciitis. Want homeopathic help.

Right heel painand plantar fasciitis. Want homeopathic help.

Posted by: Manoj Kumar Verma

I have Right Heel Pain (Homeopathy for Heel Pain). When I get up in the morning, it is difficult to put my foot down but as the day goes pain becomes less. The Diagnosis for this is Planter Fasciitis. Pls. tell me the treatment.

If left untreated, plantar fasciitis could lead to development of a calcaneal spur (a bony outgrowth at the base of the bone of the heel). Homeopathy has good remedies for the symptoms of plantar fasciitis and spurs. Pulsatilla, Saccharum officinalis, Ammonium carb are some of the remedies listed but the right remedy for you needs to be individualised for you, based on your detailed symptoms. Please consult a homeopath in your area for the same.

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Dr. Firuzi Mehta

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