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What does driving disease inward mean?

What does driving disease inward mean?

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Respected Sir,
What is meant by DRIVING DISEASE INWARD?Where is that IN? Anatomically, does it make sense to talk that way? Such common usage should be better explained in clear terms. Otherwise confusion will be the result. I think the confusion regarding Herings law(Rule?) of cure and the like has its origin in such popular usage of technical things.I feel masters of Homoeopathy should discuss such issues in international forums and define meanings of such terms so that newcomers are not led astray.I hope you would use your good offices to convene such forums and do the needful. Of course, it might generate more heat than Light. Even so it is preferable in order to protect Homoeopathy.

The vital force produces symptoms in an attempt to heal. If this attempt is blocked by suppression, then the blocked energy can move to more vital organs. This is what is meant by driving the disease inward. Ezcema which is thwarted by suppression, for instance, can lead to colitis or asthma. When the symptoms of colitis or asthma are treated homeopathically, the eczema returns briefly, as the body works it way back to the original expression. Alan V. Schmukler

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