Materia Medica Course on Shameless Remedies with Dr Manish Bhatia

Author - Robert Medhurst

More Research on Homeopathy

Robert Medhurst shares more in-vitro and in-vivo research related to homeopathy. read these research summaries to remain updated about homeopathic clinical and lab research.

More Research on Homeopathy #54

Homeopath Robert Medhurst describes a sampling of the relentless attacks on homeopathy, including those from the governments of Australia, UK, USA, France, Belgium and Germany. He then presents number 54 in his updates on...

Validating Homeopathy with Research

Homeopath and author Robert Medhurst summaries recent research in homeopathy, including research on humans, animals, plants and in vitro. Sepia for managing menopausal symptoms was among the studies reported.