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Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn

Founder, President, and Chief Pharmacist of Hahnemann Laboratories

With deep regret we must announce that Michael Quinn, 57, died Wednesday, January 28th at 12:30 PM Hawaii time, after suffering a sudden, massive stroke. His integrity and total dedication to his craft were well known and appreciated by everyone. Michael graduated from the Pharmacy School at Oregon State University in 1979. He started Hahnemann Laboratories as a retail pharmacy, in 1985. Dissatisified with the quality of remedies available at that time, he began preparing the medicines himself. With the help of an engineer he constructed a potentizer which simulated remedies made by hand.This was the first machine in the USA to actually make remedies with dilution and succession, as specified in the HPUS. He prepared many of the remedies himself on this machine. Demand for the remedies grew until, in 1997, he opened an FDA licensed homeopathic pharmaceutical laboratory.

Michael Quinn was involved in promoting homeopathy around the world, often donating remedies to worthy causes. Unafraid of controversy, he was glad to debate with homeopathy’s critics. Always on the cutting edge of his science, Michael produced many exotic, custom made remedies, which were sold worldwide. He was on the board of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia.
Michael is survived by his wife April Eya, his daughter Allison and his son Mikio.

The staff at Hahnemann Laboratories is committed to maintaining Michael’s legacy of precision manufacturing and high quality remedies.

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