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Live Right For Your Remedy Type

Live Right for your Remedy Type by Gabrielle Traub is reviewed by Dr Kavitha Kukunoor.

Paper back

ISBN 979898564210

Pages – 480

Publishers – Wise Women Book Collective / Narayana Verlag

This book can help you to develop a holistic approach and deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships and your children through homeopathy and lifestyle.

Besides homeopathy, Gabrielle shares a keen interest in nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, ayurveda, acupuncture, supplements, and herbs. As a homoeopath, she saw that there is so much more we can do for our patients apart from just giving them a remedy.

Gabrielle discovered that for each patient we can provide an individualized, integrative lifestyle plan based on their remedy type. This book does a deep dive into subjects such as diet, exercise, lifestyle, supplements, and even relationship and parenting advice, all individualized for one’s remedy type.

From over 250 years of clinical experiences and observations from homoeopaths all around the world, we collectively have a vast wealth of information that is extremely useful for our patients. As a simple example, many of our Pulsatilla patients are thirstless. But how often do we advise them about proper hydration, which would reduce their risks of urinary tract infections?

We also know that many of them have difficulty digesting fats, and that healthy fats are critical for hormonal regulation. Something as simple as taking digestive enzymes, together with encouragement to drink more water can significantly help to support their health.

This book is novel, but the information makes sense and is consolidated and packaged in a way that is easy for the patient to understand and apply. At times we don’t take care of our health and have the notion that we will get better by just taking a homoeopathic medicine.

However, Dr. Hahnemann wrote in ‘Organon of Medicine’ the importance of diet, lifestyle, stress, and environment, and how these can be obstacles to cure. Making small changes in one’s lifestyle better health.  It is very important to understand that each of us is completely unique and may require something different, which is beautifully illustrated in this book.

The book provides a clear picture of 21 remedies covered in 480 pages. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Thank you Gabrielle for gifting this book to Humanity!

The remedies are:

  1. Anacardium orientale​
  2. Arsenicum album​
  3. Belladonna​
  4. Calcarea carbonica​
  5. Carcinosum
  6. Causticum
  7. Ignatia amara
  8. Lachesis muta ​
  9. Lycopodium clavatum
  10. Medorrhinum​
  11. Natrum muriaticum
  12. Nux vomica​
  13. Phosphorous​
  14. Pulsatilla nigricans​
  15. Sepia sucuss
  16. Silicea​
  17. Staphysagria​
  18. Sulphur
  19. Tarentula hispanica​
  20. Thuja occidentalis​
  21. Tuberculinum bovinum​

I’m sharing the book review interview link we did with Gabrielle through our KHA Homeopathy Study Group platform:  https://youtu.be/zmFuyAf8ds0

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Live Right For Your Remedy Type can be found on Amazon and Homeopathic Educational Services.

It is currently being translated into Spanish and will soon be available in German published by Narayana Verlag.

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