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Revisiting: Head Injury!

Revisiting: Head Injury!

Mother of 3 goes on a shopping trip, comes back with a goose egg! What’s the homeopathic remedy? Try and solve the quiz, the answer is at the bottom.

To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Head Injury!



Nat-sulph (7)

Belladonna (2)


Aconite (2)




And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  How did we do on last month’s quiz?  Looks like half of you weren’t fooled!  And here to start us off is Riitta Hietanen from Canada!
Hi, Elaine — I think you gave Nat-sulph for the case of injury to head with sensitivity to noise….
You are absolutely right–and you summed it up perfectly!


Who’s next?
OMG!  It’s my soul brother, Peter Dunseith, from Wales!
Hi Elaine,
This is Peter, your old friend from Wales –
Peter, where have you been?
I live in Tuscany, Italy now.
Ohhhhh….”My soul brother from Tuscany, Italy…”  (I’ll have to get used to saying that!)
New year’s greetings to you and Shana, and I’m looking forward to more trips down “Motown Memory Lane”.
This is what I like about you, Peter.  If I say 2 Funk Brothers died, generally no one knows what the heck I’m talking about!
In the case of your patient with the bump on her head, there are only two symptoms to consider:
Head pain after concussion/mechanical injury; and Head pain, noise aggravates.
On repertorising, the remedy that scores tops is Belladonna.  If the patient had also told you that her headache was pulsating, and she wanted to lie in a darkened room, that would have really clinched it.
Anyway, since it is not Arnica, my vote goes to Belladonna.
Ouch!  Well, Peter, here’s a very important lesson for you:
Headache after head injury–the rubric can be found in Murphy’s (3rd ed.) “Clinical” chapter as: “Concussion, brain, headaches after”–and the remedies are … Bellis perennis, Cicuta, Conium (2) and Nat-sulph (3).  Now, the “Head” chapter:
“Injury, head, ailments after”–the highest rated remedies are … Arnica (3), Helleborus (3) and Nat-sulph (4).
Look at how highly-rated Nat-sulph is!  Did you know that Nat-sulph is our main remedy for ailments after head injury?
Now, of these three remedies (Arnica, Helleborus and Nat-sulph), which one is likely to have a sensitivity to noise?  Not the dull Helleborus, and not the zoned-out, confused Arnica.  That leaves Nat-sulph.  And indeed, I did another Nat-sulph head injury quiz where the patient insisted that the car radio be turned off, even though John Lennon’s “Imagine” was playing–not exactly a “racket”–but, he couldn’t bear it!
So, I think we might have to think of this as a keynote for Nat-sulph:
Head pain or headache after head injury with aversion to (ordinary) noise!
(Make a note of that, everyone!)
So, yes, ailments after head injury, and you’ve already tried Arnica, think of Nat-sulph!
Thanks Peter!  Is anybody else here today?


Hi Elaine,
Hi Neil!
Two remedies i think of in head trauma are Arnica and Nat sulph.  Seeing as Arnica was ineffective and no bleeding, i think Nat sulph could be the remedy, but there is no sign of mental disturbance just yet.  The only symptom seems to be the feeling of faintness and  passing out so maybe Opium?  I just remembered Opium is very sensitive to noise.  I remember reading somewhere that their hearing is so acute they can hear a fly crawling up the wall!
You should have stuck with Nat-sulph!  They’re sensitive to noise too and it’s our main remedy for “ailments after head injury”.  Even though it’s true that Opium has acute hearing, think of the larger picture of Opium.  Here’s Opium from Murphy’s Materia Medica:
The effects of a poisonous dose of Opium are scarcely to be distinguished from a fully developed attack of a stroke. Absolute unconsciousness, complete muscular relaxation, pupils contracted to a pin point, turgid, bloated.
Very red or bluish face, stertorous breathing, pulse slow and full.
The effects of Opium as shown in the insensibility of the nervous system, the depression drowsy stupor, painlessness and torpor, the general sluggishness and lack of vital reaction, constitute the main indications for the drug when used homeopathically.  It affects the nerves, mind and senses.
All complaints are characterized by a stupor.  Complaints are  painless  and are accompanied by  heavy, deep sleep, stertorous breathing.  Sweaty skin.  Dark, mahogany-brown face.  Venous, passive congestion.  Strokes.
So…I think “stupor” would be the watch-word we’d be looking for in an Opium head injury, that and pin-point pupils.
Thanks for voting, Neil!  Hmm…I think I see Linda from the West Coast!


Hi Elaine,
My guess is Nat sulph because it’s the only remedy I know of for head injury.
You’re right, it is Nat-sulph!
I hope all is well at your end – but, then again, why wouldn’t it be?  You’re a homeopath!
Are you sure?  I’ll have to check that with Shana.  Meanwhile, Linda, here we are in the midst of a “government shut-down”!  (Donald Trump has shut down the government because he wants to build a border wall to keep Mexicans out and Nancy Pelosi won’t let him) and, have you noticed what all the news stories are all about?  Layed-off government workers who can’t afford their drugs!  It’s all about medical complaints!  “I can’t afford to buy my son’s asthma medicine!”  “I have two kids ‘on the spectrum’!”  And I’m like, OMG!  Everybody’s got a disease (that, ironically, the medical system has probably caused!)  And they have no idea!
I know, Elaine; I always tell people that homeopathy is the only medicine I’ve ever used for many years now!  And, by the way, I really enjoy reading your Quizzes even if I don’t always try to answer.  I also really enjoy Shana’s input on who died and who sang in what group and what they sang, etc.
Really?  Did you hear that, Shana????  That’s 4 people now!  Four people who actually read your announcements–Linda, Maria, Peter from Tuscany, Krista from Nebraska….  You have a following!!!!!  Yay!!!!
Have a great year, both of you!
We’ll try, but I ain’t promisin’ nothin’.  Oh!  Speaking of Krista from Nebraska…


Hi Elaine.
Hi, Krista.
I’m voting for Nat-sulph!
And you’re right!  Thanks for voting!


Oh look, a new-comer (who hopefully will become a regular part of our family)!
Hi mam,
The remedy is  ‘ Natrum sulphuricum’.
You are correct!!!!
Dr. Sureka Eswari


And now for the lovely and powerful, Dr. Salma Afroz!
Hi Elaine and Shana,
I guess Miss Rosetta Stone needs Natrum sulph.
You’re right!!!!!


And look, it’s Maria from Greece!
Hi Elaine and Shana and happy new year!
Same to you, Maria!
I missed Bart Simpson’s quiz but I read the revisiting and I must say I wouldn’t have guessed Medorrhinum.
No way!  I guess I should probably do a Tidbits on Medorrhinum since so many people didn’t get it.
Great quiz, though.  For this month’s quiz I vote for natrum sulphuricum.  If I am wrong I will try again.
You’re not wrong, so don’t try again!


Oh look, the gang from Slovakia is here!
Hello, Elaine and Shana,
Hi Miroslav and Jitka!
here are our answers to the January quiz:
OK, I can’t wait to see!  What’s the verdict?
Miroslav votes: Spigelia
Another interesting case .  At first I was thinking  about a routine remedy used in a head injury – Nat-sulph. But it is more aimed for vertigo and epileptic seizures
It is?
and also I thought, that would be too easy …
Really?  OMG!  I don’t pick quizzes based on how hard they are….  To me, they’re all hard!  Well, actually, “Attacked By Almonds” was pretty easy.
Anyway, never think that the obvious remedy can’t be it!
I was more attracted with the symptom – headache aggravated by noise
Hearing, sensitive to sounds, headache agg, neuralgic: Spigelia.
First of all, since you seem to be picking remedies based on “insights” or “intuition”…you should have surmised that there is no way your average patient has Spigelia!  We’re lucky if our patients have Arnica!
Jitka votes: Belladona
At first I also pondered upon the remedy Nat sulph, but it is more indicated on persistent emotional and personality changes.
It is?
So I selected two rubrics which, by my way, correspond to the patient’s condition the most and I selected remedies that were in both rubrics – Bell., Nat sulph and Phos.  I decided for Belladona, because I think it is most sensitive remedy to the senses in acute condition.
Listen, everybody, this is a Head Injury case.  Not a Headache case.  Even though she HAS a headache; but what’s the etiology?  Head Injury/Concussion!  We need a Head Injury/Concussion Remedy.  I see Belladonna is only in plain-type under “Concussion”.  I don’t see it under any of the sub-rubrics.  I wonder if you might have confused “Bell” with “Bell-p” (Bellis Perennis) because that’s in the rubric “headaches after concussion”, but not Belladonna.  “Concussion, headaches after” would be a perfect rubric for this case.
                                                                        bell  nat-s  phos
First aid, headache, head, injury, after    2          3          2
Mind, sensitive, noise, least noise            2          1           2
But see, it wasn’t the least noise, it was people talking.  And unless she says, “People were whispering and I told them to be quiet,” we have to assume they were talking in their normal voices; so, that’s not the “least” noise.  So what you’re left with is “Headache after Head Injury” and Nat-sulph scores highest there.
I want everybody to remember this:
In “Head Injury”, and “Ailments after Head Injury”, Nat-sulph scores the highest, even sometimes higher than Arnica!!!!  If you don’t already have Nat-sulph, thinking Arnica should be enough, you better buy it!  Because here, what this case shows, is that Arnica was not enough!
Go to the Head chapter, and scroll down to “injuries”, and note that in all the subrubrics, Nat-sulph is either in BOLD or in Bold/underlined, with only one exception — “epilepsy, after” in which it’s a 2 but there are no 3’s in that rubric.
So, “head injury”, “concussion” and “ailments after head injury” are all super-keynotes for Nat-sulph;  never forget that.
Thanks, Miroslav and Jitka!


Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!!
Hi  Elaine,
Wishing you a Happy New Year 2019.  Hope you’re doing well.
I missed answering the last quiz.
Head Injury and headache following a head injury. Mental troubles arising out of a head injury point out to NATRUM SULPH.
Please let me know your valuable comments.
You’re right!  It is Nat-sulph!  Yes, headache after head injury, and the sensitivity to ordinary noise.  Very good!


I think we may have time for one last quiz answer…
hi mam
I opted for aconite….because of
There was no fear of death reported.  Go to the Head chapter.  “Head: injuries, head, mental functionings altered” (her intolerance for noise)–six remedies listed, only one in BOLD–Nat-sulph.  In fact, Nat-sulph should be the first remedy we think of after Arnica for head injuries, especially depression after head injury and headache after head injury.
eager to know whether im lucky or not…
I think “HEARING LOUD” has to do with remedy..but I couldn’t find a rubric in repertory related to it……
“Mind: sensitive, over-sensitive, noise, to”–Nat-sulph is there as a 2.


OK!  Well, first of all, thanks to everyone who voted!  And now we need to give the gold-star to all our winners:
Congratulations go to…(envelope please!)
Dr.Sureka Eswari
Riitta Hietanen
Revisiting: Head Injury! 1


Now, before we go, in honor of Yvonne Staples who died in 2018 at the age of 80, here are the Staple Singers singing, “If You’re Ready, Come Go With Me”.  See lyrics below  (from left to right: Pops, Cleo, Yvonne and Mavis).

Here are the lyrics:

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