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Early signs of pregnancy

early signs of pregnancy, description of early six months including first and 2 weeks of pregnancy.

The benefits of early diagnosis of pregnancy are immeasurable. When pregnancy is desired, good prenatal can begin immediately, and efforts can be made to protect the vulnerable embryo from chemical and physical agents.

If the zygot does implant, most women experience many physical signs as very early signs of pregnancy that alert them to their pregnancy. Several symptoms often occur in the first six weeks of pregnancy. Most women begin to have symptoms two or three weeks after conception.

The most common early indicator is missing a period, this is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, although it is more important to note that there are many reasons for missed periods other than pregnancy.  Some women notice some ‘spotting” that occurs during the pregnancy (anything more than this is often referred to as irregular bleeding and may indicate a possible miscarriage).

Confirming a pregnancy involves a pregnancy test and a pelvic examination. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) a hormone specific to pregnancy, is easily detectable in blood and urine throughout the first three months of pregnancy.

Other physical early signs of pregnancy include breast tenderness, frequent urination, and morning sickness.

A large number of pregnant women experience some form of nausea, vomiting, or both, during pregnancy.  This sickness is due to increase in estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy. Which may irritate the stomach lining. It usually aggravates in the morning because there is no food in the stomach to counter its effects, although it can happen at any point during the day.

Some women also develop food aversions, the most common of which are to meat, fish, poultry, and eggs-all foods that can carry harmful bacteria.

In rare cases, pseudocyesis, or false pregnancy, occurs. This is a condition in which a women believes she is pregnant when she is not. Her belief is so strong that she begins to experience several of the signs of pregnancy.

Fatigue, slight elevation of body temperature, mood swings may also occur in some females as an early signs of pregnancy.

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