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Gleet, Gonorrhea

Homeopathic remedies and homeopathy treatment for Gleet or Gonorrhoea.

Gleet is a thin morbid discharge from urethra, as from a wound or especially chronic gonorrhea.

A transparent mucous discharge from the membrane of the
urethra, commonly an effect of gonorrhea. –Hoblyn.

Gonorrhea – Homeopathic Medicines & Treatment

#Sulphur. [Sulph]
Gleet in catarrhal subjects will scarcely get well without this remedy. It is especially useful in maltreated cases where there is much irritation, soreness and burning of the parts. There is always a general depressed state of the health when this remedy is well indicated. The Nosode Medorrhinum is of importance here.

#Sepia. [Sep]
This remedy is useful in intractable cases where the discharge is milky and greenish and especially scanty, perhaps appearing only in the morning. Sepia is highly recommended by Jahr in this affection. Mercurius has greenish-yellow discharges, worse at night.

#Pulsatilla. [Puls]
This remedy suits gleet in phlegmatic and scrofulous constitutions, with a thick yellow or yellowish-green and bland discharge. Hydrastis. This remedy is required when there is a want of tone or debility of the mucous membrane with persistent discharge and no pain. The discharge is thick and somewhat tenacious.

#Natrum muriaticum. [Nat-m]
Chronic gonorrhoea or gleet, brought on by the abuse of nitrate of silver injections; the discharge is clear; this is a common condition and the remedy is most useful. One lasting persisting drop and cutting pain on urination are good symptoms. Kali iodatum. Franklin recommends this remedy in gleet, advising the 3X potency. Thuja corresponds especially to lingering cases of prostatic gleet with a thin yellow or greenish discharge. Nitric acid follows Thuja in these cases, especially where there are darting pains and condylomata. Nux vomica. Gleet in the characteristic Nux constitution, or where the complaint has been aggravated by excesses in diet and drink.

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