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A Case of Panic Attacks and Ménière’s Disease Treated by Classical Homeopathy

A Case of Panic Attacks and Ménière's Disease Treated by Classical Homeopathy
Written by Cristina Georgescu

Dr. Cristina Georgescu presents a case of panic attacks and Ménière’sdisease in a woman of 37, following the death of her husband. Progressive paralysis of lower limbs and suppressed sexual impulses helped point to the simillimum.

Case Presentation (07-10-2016): A woman 37 years old from Romania, asked for help for two main complaints: panic attacks and pain in her calves, followed by paresis. It happened when she was studying for her final exams (second Diploma, at Law University). She is a widow since September 2013, with 2 children (2 boys, 8 ½ and 4 years old) and without any help since her husband passed away suddenly at 46 from catastrophic bleeding from a gastric tumor.

Personal medical historyVaccination according to national scheme at the time,very healthy, only influenza from time-to-time (no medication taken for them) and chickenpox in her childhood; cholecystitis episodes in adolescence. In 2008, after cesarean delivery of her first child, she developed deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in her lower limbs, treated with Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH) for 2 months. She received again LMWH in prophylactic doses for 6 weeks before the second cesarean delivery.

Family medical history: Father – healthy. Mother – Diabetes Mellitus insulin dependent, high BP, renal insufficiency.

History of presenting complaints:

Sep. 2013 – her husband passed away (she received Ignatia 200CH at that moment). Sadness and grief for the next year.

Sep. 2014 – First episode of vertigo when she was turning in bed, accompanied by panic attack (What if I die as well.What will my boys do?). She received Betahistin for vertigo (for 1 year) and Xanax for anxiety (she took Xanax for only one week, low doses, because she doesn’t believe it can help). She had vertigo together with panic attacks for one year which slowly subsided. Allopathic diagnosis: Ménière’s disease and anxiety.

Sep 2015 – Sinusitis with pus encapsulated which was surgically treated in Feb 2016 when she took 1 month of antibiotics. No fever. At that time, vertigo episodes receded.

Jul – Aug 2015 – Lower limbs pain, with paresis in calves; Venous Doppler Ultrasound was made to see if it was another deep vein thrombosis episode: no significant modifications


  • Panic attacks every time she remembers how her husband died. She recollects every step of the event and is re-living it day after day, like a ritual, believing she will follow him. Panic attacks at every 2-3 days
  • Progressive paralysis of lower limbs every time she was sitting for study, starting from her ankles and going up
  • Photophobia because she was reading a lot for her final exams
  • Because she loved her husband a lot, she suppressed her sexual desire, believing that nobody else will do for her and her mission in life will be to raise their children
  • Sleepless nights

Prescription: Conium maculatum 200CH, one dose daily for 3 days.

Analysis of the case:

If we consider the case in the light of her level of health, we see that she is from a higher group of health level, group B, despite the fact that she slipped down one level with allopathic treatment. Clinically it is a case for a prescription strategy based on totality of symptoms. Also, in this case, we can expect good recovery and eventual cure.

Because everything took place gradually, starting with the moment she lost her husband and she suffers with a gradually progressing weakness and paresis of lower limbs, together with vertigo and photophobia, Conium maculatum was selected as the remedy.


06-11-2016: After the remedy, she slept for one week at 10-14 hours daily. She had a copious menses and vertigo reappeared. No more pain in her lower limbs. Panic attacks less frequent (only one last week). Photophobia is better. Prescription: wait.

11-04-2017: She came back for acute cholecystitis episode (no fever, nausea, vomiting, with pain in right side of the abdomen, with vertigo when turning in bed and photophobia). No more panic attacks, nor pain in her legs. She still suppresses her sexual desire, missing her husband.

Prescription:Coniummaculatum 200CH one dose.

18-04-2017: She has a very good level of energy, no more panic attacks for a year now, no more vertigo or photophobia. Now she accepted her loss and she is ready to move on with her life. No prescription this time.


This case could have easily ended badly if she wasn’t treated with homeopathy. Being on upper level of Group B, if no other trauma will occur, she has a very good prognosis


I acknowledge the co-operation of the patient in allowing me to publish this case.


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Cristina Georgescu

Cristina Georgescu, MD, Bucharest - Romania - graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Bucharest in 1996, and in her last years as a student she learned for the first time about Classical Homeopathy. After graduating from the Public Relations and Communication Faculty, she returned to her real calling. She graduated from the homeopathy course organized by the Bucharest Center of Excellence and e-Learning Course from International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH), and nowadays she is practicing as a general practitioner and homeopath in Bucharest.

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  • Buna ziua d na doctor. Am fost impresionată de caz, oarecum seamănă la unele manifestări clinice cu mine. Mi-ar fi plăcut să vă cunosc, dar este prea departe Bucureștiul pentru a ne întâlni și trata cazul meu medical. Se pot oferi eventual consultații prin telefon sau orice altă comunicare on-line? Eu sunt cu tratament specific sindromului Meniere, de un an de zile, consecutiv. Am făcut 5 crize urâte de de vertij, toate tratate sub spitalizare la Clinica de Neurologie, Cluj.

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