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A Case of Vertigo

Written by A. Kannan

A case of vertigo treated with Pulsatilla.

This is the case of one of my friend’s housemaid.

Name: Miss S
Age: 20 yrs
Sex: Female
Occupation: Housemaid
Address: Chennai (Madras)

Chief Complaint:

Miss S came with the complaints of vertigo since 6 months on 31/1/03.

H/O presenting illness:

She has vertigo especially in the morning and has to lie down for at least ½ an hr.
No other significant modalities could be elicited.

Family History:

Father: Diabetic

Patient as a person:

Thirst: Decreased, drinks only 2 glasses of water a day.

Desires: Boiled eggs

Aversion: Milk

Menses: scanty since last 5 cycles.

Life space: She hails from a small village in Tamilnadu & has come to work as a house maid at Chennai (Madras) 8 months back. She says that all her complaints started after coming to this new environment.

General Physical Examination:

Pallor: + +

Tongue: white coated, dry

Homeopathy Treatment for Vertigo:

As I had not carried any medicine with me I promised to send it after reaching back to my place.

Taking the following rubrics, the case was repertorised using complete repertory.

[Female Genitalia] Menses: Scanty

[Stomach] Thirstlessness

[Generalities] Food and drinks: Eggs: Desires: Soft boiled

[Generalities] Food and drinks: Milk: Aversion

[Vertigo] Morning: Lie down, compelled to

One dose of Pulsatilla 200 was sent & placebo for 2 weeks.

Investigation advised: blood routine.

Follow up:

Patient called on 16/2/03

Vertigo was slightly better for first 4 days, but again came back.

Hb on 1/2/03 was 8gm%

One dose of Puls 200 was sent & placebo for 2 weeks.

Patient called on 02/03/03

Vertigo same, no change after taking this medicine.

Before giving a higher potency I thought of confirming one of the main symptoms which was left out in the repertorisation.

i.e., Ailments from coming to the city. As the simplest tool I used quick repertory of Hompath. The words used were ‘city’ & ‘girl’.

It was really interesting to know that Knerr repertory had the rubric we were looking for.

Rubric: “Knerr Repertory [Stages of Life and Constitution] Occupation: Servants, girls from the country become chlorotic in the city

This beautiful description let me give one dose of Puls 1M and placebo for a month.

Patient called on 06/04/03

No episode for last one month.

Placebo for 2 months was given.

Patient called on 06/07/03

No attacks till now. Hb is 12.4 gm%

Menses become normal.

This case was an inspiration to learn more about the Knerr’s repertory. So I thought of sharing it with you.

About the author

A. Kannan

Dr. A. Kannan is the Chief Consultant of Homoeopathic Care, Trivandrum, Kerala, India


  • I am quite impressed by reading the article.I wish a for good progress to Dr.Kannan.I am also suferring from vertigo for 4years.I want to answer the queries by him if he agrees to give suggestion please.Thanks—R S Yadav

  • Vertigo/jerks/dizziness, when head or eyes moves from left to right or right to left.
    Sometimes even with noises.
    Also, rapid/jerky movement of eyes appears with every movement.
    Duration of spell 2-3 seconds.
    Worst with mental & physical excertion
    Very Weak/sensitive brain.

    History Includes:

    Blood Pressure

    Age:42 M

    Test: Brain MRI: Clear.

    Any treatment recomended

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