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Acne in a Woman of 24

Dr. Ranjana Pavan Terdal shares a case of acne in a woman of 24.  Oversensitivity and constipation were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

This is a 24-year-old female patient who attended OPD for complaints of pimples on face for one year. It was marked by itching, burning after scratching, comedones. After unsatisfactory outcome from allopathic medicine and ayurvedic treatment, patient turned to homoeopathy.


Acne, comedones, homoeopathic mother tincture, homoeopathy medicine. Abbreviation: OPD [Outdoor Patient Department]

Case Report

Date of Intake :7/8/2021

Primary Data

24-year-old female patient, chief complaints of :

– pimple on the face in the past 1 year

-Itching ++

-Amel by scratching

-Burning after scratching

-Comedons +++

-Constipation alternate for 2 days

-Agg spicy food

-Sour blenching

-Greasy face

-Backache agg sitting amel by lying down  Past


Chikungunya 5 year back

Chickenpox at age of 4 year

Family History

Mother: Have Hypertension

Father: Healthy

Younger brother has same complaints as of her

Analysis and evaluation of symptoms:

  • Mental general: Grade 1
  • Irritation due to loud noise or sound
  • Superiority
  • Wants to be alone
  • Consolation Aggravation
  • Fastidious ++
  • Physical generals: Grade 2
  • Pallor
  • Dryness tongue
  • Febrile
  • Appetite diminished
  • Thirst small quantity of water in large interval
  • Constipation with hard stool with 2days alternate
  • Particulars: grade 3:
  • Pimples on face since 1year
  • Itching
  • Burning after scratching
  • Comedones +++
  • Constipation alternates for 2 days
  • Hyperacidity with sour eructation
  • Agg spicy
  • Sour blenching
  • Greasy face
  • Backache agg sitting amel by lying down Totality of symptoms:
  • Face discolouration: pale
  • Face burning pimple burning when touched
  • Pimple menses before agg
  • Face eruption pimple red
  • Abdomen fullness constipation during
  • Constipation inactivity
  • Hyperacidity
  • Sleepiness face, pallor with weakness mental exertion after
  • Weakness lumbar region exertion after
  • Mind superiority
  • Sensitive noise to
  • Mind consolation agg
  • Fastidious

Repertorisation Sheet:

Acne, Anaemia with constipation. Final diagnosis of chronic progressive disease. Dynamic partially developed, reversible, medical psoro – sycotic manifestation of acne with anaemia with constipation. Photograph of the acne 1st visit



 1]Nux vomica 200 x4 pills OD x 3days

2]Placebo x 4pills BDx7days


According to repertorisation Nux vomica, Arsenicum album, Natrum muriaticum, Sepia succus, Silicea, Nitricum acidum, Platinum metallicum, Cinchona officinalis, Opium, Belladonna. are remedies that might apply. Here Nux vomica is given according to symptom similarity, in 200 potency because of high susceptibility, In Nux vomica, patient is very irritable, sensitive to all impressions

.Cannot bear noise, odors, light, patient lifestyle is sedentary, during constipation abdomen has feeling of fullness, constipation feels like no activity of rectum. Patient feels sleepiness all the time, and weakness after mental exertion.  Tired feeling in spine after exertion. Duration of action of Nux vomica is for 1 -7 days, so repetition of medicine is given on basis improvement of symptoms in each follow up.

Follow up  – 14/8/21

C/o: -Pimples on face

-Hyperacidity ++

-Constipation with hard stool 2days alternate

-Pain in back agg sitting amel lying down

-Fever since 8 days

-Burning in eyes

Rx: 1] Nux vomica 200 x 4pills OD x 3days

2]Placebo X 4pills BD x7days

 Photographs in 2nd visit


C/o:- Decreased pimples

-Hyperacidity decreased  –

Constipation decreased

Burning in eyes decreased

Rx :1] Nux.vomica 200 x 4pills OD x3days   –  2] placebo x4pills BD x7days

Photographs In 3rd visit


C/o: eruption increased

Itching ++

Hyperacidity decreased

Constipation better now alternate day

Sleep better

Rx :1] Placebo x 4pills BD x7days

Photographs on 4th visit


C/o eruption decreased

Itching better

Hyperacidity better

Constipation alternate day

Rx: 1] Nux vomica 200 x 4pills OD x3days

2] Placebo x4pills BD x7days

Photographs on 5th visit

C/o eruption better by 80%

Itching better

Hyperactivity better

Constipation now much regular

Rx:1] Nux.vomica 200 x4pills OD x3days

2]placebo x4 pills BD x15days

Photographs On 6th visit


C/o eruption on face is better by 90%

No itching

No complaints of hyperacidity

Bowel is normal now

Rx 1] Placebo  X4 pills BD x15 days

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