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Ailments from a Fall…. A Case of Lyssin

Homeopath Patricia Hatherly shares a case of Lyssin in a young girl wo had bouts of vomiting. Rage and aggravation looking at water were among the clues to the simillimum.

“Nora” [DoB: 13/9/2007] came under my care in her early teens [2020] (menarche: 2019 age 12) for an unusual disposition to vomit violently. A striking feature of the episodes is that they strike at night, waking her, lasting for many hours, and episodes have become more frequent since menarche.

She’s the eldest of four girls and the tendency to vomit began after a series of “tummy bugs” after she turned 12 months.

This tendency really escalated after she suffered a severe concussion (luckily no fracture) when she was 3 [2010] when the family’s puppy knocked her over and her head hit a brick wall. That incident resulted in a sustained and frequent vomiting episode which lasted for three hours before her father obtained Arnica 10M from the family homœopath and took it to the A&E as the 200C they’d used didn’t help at all.

She then had several months of extreme car sickness and random vomiting following that event. It was responsive to Nat Sulph; (given with her head injury in mind). However, it had to be given somewhat frequently.

What is both interesting and perhaps relevant to the case, is that Nora has always been a lover of dogs. And, although she was very small at the time, the family used to have a Kangal dog which is an ancient Turkish breed that is very wolf-like in many ways.

They are huge and intelligent and will independently guard their flocks of sheep as a pack, including attacking wolves and bears as a pack. The family unfortunately had to re-home her to another farm because she was insistent that the neighbour’s terrier was a threat and she would hunt him specifically, even on the neighbour’s property. When she attacked, she would lunge for and bite his chest clamping down and then rolling him, thus crushing his ribs, and leaving deep puncture wounds in the chest.

Interestingly, the wolf hunts in the same way, and the following rubric from the Lac Lupinum proving is associated with this instinctive behaviour and it often crops up in cases. In this instance it does so in the drawings done by Nora as she responded to the homœopathic treatment.

CHEST: Pain, cutting; sternum; s/if someone took a knife to my sternum: Lac Lupinum

Of additional relevant interest from an energetic perspective, is the fact that Nora’s subsequent and much-loved dog had to be put down following a huge aggravation from his second rabies vaccine.

He was a Pharaoh Hound, and the breed is known to be very sensitive to the whole “schedule”. His breeder told the family to get him his puppy shots then do titres until antibodies fell.

His rabies shot lasted seven years before he had to get another one, but within a couple of weeks, he unfortunately started showing mental derangement. He attacked their Boston Terrier and broke/dislocated his leg. Then he developed a brain tumour that broke through the sinus wall a couple of months later.

So, he had to be put to sleep in the Spring of 2020 just as things started intensifying for Nora. She was distraught over his death and very possessive of the mourning; no one was allowed to be as upset as her or care as much as she did.

Nora drew this thought-provoking Cerebos-like “portrait” of the three dogs in her life as a way of working through her grief.

So, apart from the aetiology of A/F a fall, there seemed to be an association with dogs and rabies in her Timeline, so I probed for anything else that we’d associate with Lyssin.  According to her mother, Nora has always had rage issues. Apparently, when she was very small, she would kick small dogs pretty much whenever she walked by. And, whenever she was angry as a small person, she would bite; her cousin in particular!

Anger; Impatient; Rude; Abusive; Bites and strikes are all Lyssin keynote rubrics. Duly noted!

Jealousy is another Lyssin rubric, and Nora HATED becoming a big sister at the age of 5. That was complicated by the fact that her mother disappeared out of her life for what the family thought would be a couple of weeks, but it turned out to be two months which she spent with her grandparents. And then she came home to a distraught mother desperately trying to establish breastfeeding for two very premature babies after a disastrous birth scenario which landed her in ICU for a couple of days. Understandably, she totally resented the whole situation and was very jealous!

Other important aspects of the timeline, include the fact that she is very vocal about not tolerating the sun and preferring cool weather.


Her mother has also had to get on her case for randomly spitting when outside. Apparently, she seemed quite shocked that that was something nice girls don’t do!

MIND: Spit; desire to: lyssin

Water issues have also, interestingly, been a consistent theme.

MIND: Water is intolerable; thinking of fluids of any kind (even blood) brings on convulsions: lyssin

Apparently, she would scream and yell and get angry whenever her mother tried to wash her hair as a baby and then, as she got older, she would refuse to bathe. Even now, she only bathes when her hair looks greasy, and it does get very greasy with lots of thick grease around the scalp, which she is happy to ignore.

She’s terrified of joining in the family fun activity of water-tube boarding behind their speedboat. And two of her most significant rage-associated incidents have been associated with running water… the family pool has a rock waterfall as a built-in aspect of the filtration system.

Incident #1 occurred when she [age 6 ½] was asked by her mother to watch over the twin toddlers as they wanted to do some climbing on the backyard play equipment and she had to duck inside to get dinner started.

We had just returned from a family outing, and it was close to dinner time. The twins really wanted to play outside on their playground equipment that was on the side of the yard opposite the pool (we had an acre of land at that house with the pool directly in front of the floor-to-ceiling wall of windows into the kitchen and the play equipment off to the side but also in the backyard).

I asked Nora to play with them on the equipment with a stern warning to stay away from the pool for the couple of minutes it would take me to get dinner started. She didn’t want to do it and was mad that I had asked her to!

She initially played on the equipment with them; and followed them to the side of the pool when they got bored with it. As she later confessed, she then pushed E… in from behind and turned around and sat down beside the house, with her back towards her, while she was performing her self-rescue technique in the pool while L…. cried from the side.

When I looked up and saw the babies in/by the pool and ran out, Nora was singing loudly to herself at the far corner of the yard.”

As this was such a significant incident, I brought it up with Nora during our initial consultation, and her summing up of the situation was explained thus: “I hurt people and I feel good when I do bad things to people.

MIND: Violent temper; impelled to do reckless things, such as throwing a child through a window: lyssin

Water incident #2 occurred around that same age. She was asked to pick up dog poo from the backyard quite near the pool waterfall. She was given plastic gloves, a shovel, and a bag. As she was reluctant to carry out the task, she got so angry and frothing mad that she vomited.

MIND: …fluids of any kind… brings on convulsions: lyssin

Her father witnessed it and the term “frothing” seemed to sum it up for him and there are several Lyssin mouth symptoms which can be linked. They include: Constant spitting; Frothing at the mouth; Saliva tough, ropy, viscid, frothy and Tongue coated with foam.

Nora, according to her mother, isn’t overly social and much prefers to have a close “bestie” rather than hang out in groups. When I chatted to her about this, she affirmed that going out and about is not something she likes to do, and she’d much prefer to hole up in her bedroom which she referred to as her “lair”!

Because of this exclusivity with respect to friendships, it’s interesting that episodes of prolonged vomiting have begun to coincide with social disappointment when plans associated with a sleepover or outing with her bestie, haven’t worked out as anticipated.

MIND: emotions and bad news agg: lyssin

Her most recent episode occurred a few nights before I took the case. It came upon her at 2am when she woke suddenly (and immediately began to vomit for six hours) from what she described as “a terrible dream where a giant spaghetti was eating me alive, and I was being taken over by a dark force and couldn’t wake up. I felt suffocated as if a fungus was growing over my nose and mouth and someone had stabbed a fork in my gut and was eating my intestines like pasta; they felt ripped to shreds.”

Repertorisation is below and Lyssin was the only remedy covering all rubrics, so was prescribed in descending potencies [10M; 1M; 200C] in November 2021.

However, since this is not a good picture to have in her timeline, I recommended that the 200C could be repeated for random vomiting episodes as it’s my experience that you can shift the Lyssin picture but its quick to slip back in a female due to monthly oestrogen surges which lift copper.

So, I instructed the mother to give zinc aggressively in the second half of her cycle and have regular expert osteopathy treatments to make sure that the neck and upper back are all in alignment.

She had a good initial response to the remedy, but asked for another dose mid-cycle as her rage tendency ramped up and she felt a familiar and unnerving dark presence around her.

So, her mother repeated one dose of the 10M, and then she was good for several months having some insightful healing dreams about the future (Lac Lupinum); and making new friends at the art classes she enrolled in.

She got a part-time job and showed an inclination over the following months to face-time her friends and produced some interesting healing drawings; some reflecting the wolf’s vulnerability in the chest area with respect to attack.

However. she had another episode three months later after a disappointment when her best friend who was coming to visit had a last-minute cancellation.                                                         Nux vomica fitted the picture this time and I found that interesting as it’s the acute of Lycopodium …  ”the wolf’s paw”… and heralded a shift. Any vomiting episodes subsequently tended to be in the daytime and mostly associated with some sort of digestive upset which responded well to more Nux-vomica and some Morgan Gaertner.


As the shift has gone from the CNS to the GIT, its good “Law of Cure” progress and the activity of making a set of wolf paws as an assignment for her art class, literally emphasised this movement in a healing direction.

Her menses began to synch with the new moon, and she developed an increased desire to eat meat. So, with a shift towards the more noble canid essence emerging, a NMN dose of Lac Lupinum 1M was given at the full moon in mid-March 2022 [18/3/22] and she had a significant dream that night “of being with some friends and others in a big mansion which was very flashy and royal…. and we ran into a princess.”

DREAM: important people; royalty: Lac Humanum

She subsequently had another Lac Humanum dream where she was driving to get away from a policeman who was hassling her. And another of running up a mountain to a school looking for her brother, (the theme of connecting with masculinity featured in several dreams) accessed by unstable rope bridges.

Her artistic talents were recognised by the teachers at the art school, so she was asked to paint the back-drop mural for the annual onstage production.

When we chatted about it at her next follow-up four months later, in August 2022, she said that, even though painting is usually calming for her, this big project was stressful and, if she was to do it again, it’d be strictly on her terms. Her terms being that it was NOT to be covered up straight after the production!

She was VERY indignant about it! So, on knowing that expressing her desire that her needs should prevail over those of “the group/others,” is a quintessential Lac Humanum keynote, I note it; and, on recalling that “cousin” was mentioned in the initial case-taking, I ascertained that the most crucial layer in the case was emerging!

She’s now enjoying being with others at her workplace; especially those her own age. Although there’s no “bestie” developing, with this shift in her disposition and her age, there is talk of her attending classes outside the home with a future career in mind.

She still likes meat but is currently LOVING creamy/milky foods, and macaroni cheese has become a favourite go-to when she’s at work. However, her vomiting has settled, and any tummy upset now simply results in diarrhoea.

She also confessed to finding it difficult to concentrate in class.

So, with all of this in mind, two weeks on Lac Humanum 7C am and Morgan Pure 30C pm were prescribed.

As her mother was still breastfeeding her fourth child, the Lac Humanum was prepared from her milk. Nora then did this self-portrait which is a clear “statement” with the open stance and delineation of her fingerprints, that she no longer feels vulnerable to attack and has a strong sense of her own self and her place in the World.

She can now confidently and sure-footedly walk alone without feeling lonely. She’s thereby laying down a solid foundation for making the best of opportunities that come her way in this lifetime, seeking “the higher purpose of her existence”.

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Patricia Hatherly

Patricia Hatherly BA DipEd, BHSc (Hom), is a clinician based in Brisbane and a well known speaker both in Australia and overseas. She is the author of The Homœopathic Physician’s Guide to Lactation (2004) and The Lacs A Materia Medica & Repertory (2010). Since sharing knowledge is her passion, she developed an e-Newsletter Milk Matters, so that colleagues and students coould share the insights that she has gained from working with mothers and babies for nearly 40 years. Patricia had conducted and published several provings and is a regular contributor to journals both national and international. Her work (provings, conference papers and journal articles) is available for perusal at:

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