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A Case of Gangrene

Written by Punit Sarpal

Dr. Punit Sarpal briefly describes a “hopeless” case of gangrene.

Rampal, M – 70 . He was suffering from gangrene of his left foot. His affected region was removed via operation by allopaths, to stop its growth, but it was all in vain.  The abscess continued to grow and started giving a stinking odor . He was re-operated and the doctor removed two toes of his left foot, but still his gangrene continued. He was operated on a third time and the whole foot was  removed.  His doctors then advised removing the left leg below the knee joint. This was the 4th time he was operated on, yet there were no hope of any promising relief.

There is a reason why, after removal of the affected area, the problem persists. The answer is that disease doesn’t enter from the surface of the skin , as in this case , it comes within the genetic constitution of an individual. Just removing the affected area doesn’t really solve the problem.

This patient then sought out Homeopathic treatment under my care. Within one month of his homeopathic treatment with a single dose of Antim Crude 200 the abscess reduced and the odor was remarkably reduced. The dose was repeated after 3 months with 30th potency, as progress had become sluggish. The stinking smell of gangrene (Homeopathy for Gangrene) faded completely. His abscess was also healed. Now he’s well, with no further signs of gangrene.

I chose Antimonium crudum for him because this person had mood swings and was usually in a negative mood. Now you might say that someone suffering from gangrene who is operated on with no relief would naturally be unhappy. However, he had mood swings and negative moods even before he was hit by the gangrene attack. Also, his pain and troubles were worse in the evening and he was quite sentimental.  He also had a past history of stomach complaints.

Antimonium Crudum did wonders for this case.

About the author

Punit Sarpal

Dr. Punit Sarpal has been practicing Homeopathy since 1980. He was a graduate of Yuvraj Pratap Singh Memorial Homeopathic Medical College, Alwar, Rajasthan and now practices in Bareilly. He has contributed to research and rural health and advisory services through lectures, articles, press conferences and publications. He has also sponsored and donated to health benefit programmes and events. He has been successful with serious chronic ailments such as kidney stones, Brain tumors, gangrene, diabetes, Dengue and Nephrotic syndrome. He also worked on infertility, PMS and Phobias.


  • Antimonium crudum seems to do wonders. The selection of this remedy by Dr.Punit sarpal is appreciated. This medicine is very useful in the treatment of warts and I have observed remarkable cure.

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